Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break Tour of Texas~ 1st Grade Edition

Every spring break, I load up the kids and we drive all over Texas to visit the grands and great-grands. Some call me crazy, I say it is super fun! We miss our family.
First stop: Waco! (Papa & Granna)

Next stop: San Antonio to eat at my FAVORITE Chinese food place~ Golden Wok

And of course, our FAVORITE bakery in Castroville, TX: Haby's Bakery! Make the trip---it is SO worth it.

Benny Boo showing some love...

Next stop was Brackettville, TX to love on our Auntie JuJu and Uncle Stoney. We visited Judy at school! 

It might be Spring Break, but my kiddos sure loved the extra school work!

Working over the computer centers...

I had never taken them to our family's gravesite. It was so special to pay our respects to our loved ones.

We slept at Fort Clark Springs in their officers' quarters. My sleeping partner is on the left...if THAT tells you anything about how comfy I slept. 

Next stop: Uvalde, TX (GrandPapa & Sugar) So thankful that my kiddos get to love on their great grandparents! 

My Papa has these massive trees in his beautiful backyard. It was fun watching the kids climb around like I used to as a little girl.

Savi~ my fearless wonder. Ethan was terrified (on the left). Ben and Drew held on pretty tightly. heh, heh...

Next stop on the trip: Lakeway/Austin, TX (Grampy & Grammy).

Loving on our G's while eating some yummy Mexican food...

The boys got some much needed haircuts! I thought this pic was hilarious. The twinkies- staring at some bball games, standing the same way.

Grammy treated us to a movie!!!

The boys weren't too excited about the choice of movies... (but they secretly ended up LOVING Cinderella!)

We caught up with Grampy at the golf course for one last hug before heading home. 
(Ben, Ethan, Andrew)

And one LONG drive home. Mama- hitting up some coffee for the last leg of the drive...

My traveling companions... (any surprise that the princess got an entire row to herself???)

We had a WONDERFUL week, loving on our family and friends...
...'til next year's Spring Break Tour of Texas!
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They grow so fast! really cute

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