Friday, September 23, 2005

The Calm Before the Storm

well...last time i will post before the storm...please continue to pray. it is an eerie feeling: clear blue skies, beautiful day, winds have picked up...none of us know exactly what will happen, but i do know this: i will not sleep a wink tonight. regardless of where the middle of the storm hits, houston will flood...and it will not be pretty. i have NO idea of when i will make it back to the city. such a weird feeling. so much many friends stranded in the storm's path...all we can do is pray...

love you all so much!

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lauren said...

I have that eerie feeling right now, too! The sunset was very eerie and the winds have picked up out of the blue. I'm just so sad that so much of Texas is just about to be so badly hit! I will keep praying for your friends and everyone else! I'm glad you're safe and sound!!

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