Monday, September 26, 2005

Houston Refugees Return!

Well...first of all, we are SO incredibly blessed that Rita missed Houston (for the most part). It took us 5 hours to get to College Station last Wednesday and we were exhausted when we finally reached my cousin's house:

However, we had so much fun while on our "time off" (it was nice having a 4 day weekend!) We even tailgated at the aTm game last Thursday night.
We left EARLY on Saturday morning after the storm and beat everyone back into has been SOOOO crazy here during the last week. It's nice that things are slowly getting back to normal. Thanks for your prayers!!


lauren said...

I love that picture of you two! You should frame it! ;)

suzanne said...

ha! thanks! that was at like 4:00am and we were delirious! we were laughing so hard! we took some other really stupid "refugee" pictures to mark the occasion.

Susan B said...

Okay, so I am reading your old post to catch up on your blog. I was on my honeymoon during Rita. And, part of our honeymoon was the A&M we were there enjoying the win. It was so weird how College Station felt liek a ghost town on Friday, though. We headed back to Dallas to catch our flight home Friday...we tied gas cans to our trunk and proudly sported our Aggie tees and hats while we drove the back roads.

My husband is class of '03. And if you need anything, please let me know-I am a new mom to 10 mo Jacob-and new to Fort Worth.

Have a blessed day!

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