Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I was "tagged"


First Memory:
Going to Sesame Street World/Land..I think it was in Louisiana? I can't remember...but I thought it was heaven! I had a cute little big bird swimsuit on.

First Kiss:
David McCall- 9th grade

First Concert:
Reba McEntire (gag, right?) I was in 6th grade.

First Love:
I think high school was "infatuation", I'd have to go with Paul White (in college)

First lust: Hmm....I remember having a crush on some of my older brother's friends when I was in in particular, but I can't remember his name!

First thing you think in the morning:

First book you remember loving:
I LOVED the "picture Bible" parents used to read and read to me and I loved the illustrated stories

First pet: Max (Miniature Schnauzer)

First question you'll ask in Heaven:
What happened to the dinosaurs?

First thing you think of when you hear the word vacation:
the ocean/beach/a cool breeze/sunshine.....Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

First best friend:
Adriane Ellis :) seriously--from birth!

Last time you dressed up:
last Friday night-- we went out with Joe's parents and brothers for his dad's and youngest brother's b-days in Austin

Last thing you ate:
Little Pappasitos mexican food! (soooo tasty)

Last CD you bought:
I don't really buy CD's anymore...but the last song I downloaded off of itunes was....(embarrassed to say): Ricky Martin's new single: "I don't care"....I saw him perform it on Oprah and LOVED it! check it out.

Last time you cried:
watching Grey's Anatomy...(incredible show BTW)

Last time you told someone you loved them:
Just a second ago, to my girl! :)

Last really fun thing you did:
This past in the hot tub with my hubby and brother-in-law and then sat outside on the patio in front of the fireplace (it was so nice and chilly that we made a fire outside!!) and talked with the Steeces until the wee hours of the morning

Last thing you watched on TV:
watching the ASTROS in the playoffs!!!! (GO stros!)

Last Halloween costume:
Joe and I were OR nurses...yes....un-original...but we procrastinated and didn't feel like spending money on I stole some scrubs and medical supplies! :)

Last Concert attended:
Dave Matthews Band in September

Now for the fun part...I tag the following:
any of my friends/family who read my blog site and haven't created their own yet! ;)


lauren said...

Very interesting!! Even though I know so much about you, it's always fun to read! I love Grey's Anatomy, too!!

Kristen said...

I love Grey's Anatomy too.

But my curiousity is peaked -- I want to know the crush you had on your brother's friend! I would have loved to know who that was...ha!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne...I miss you! I love reading about you.Sometimes I feel like I know so much about you...then I read your blog and think, "Oh, I didn't know that about her!" Miss ya!
Oh, BTW, everyone knows that your first two best friends were me and Lar...hahaha

Anonymous said...

That last comment was mine by the way--

suzanne said...

Marcy! too cute...I knew it was you! Miss you too!! Start a blog!! Come 'on..I finally gave in.. ;)

Kristen, it was Daniel something? He was good friends with Blake Petty. Loooong time ago..he moved away. He went to Waco Chrisitan. He's just the first guy I remember!

Kristen said...

I KNOW Daniel -- we went to prom together my senior year at Midway. He lived in Oklahoma City at the time...I met him when he was visiting Blake one time. We dated on/off our entire senior year (I even went to prom in OKC with him!). His last name is Walters and it is a small world. That you had a crush on him made me laugh!

suzanne said...

that is toooo funny! yes, Daniel Walters..He was sooooo cute!!! soooo funny! you go girl! ;)

Anonymous said...

Last Halloween costume:
Joe and I were OR nurses...yes....un-original...but we procrastinated and didn't feel like spending money on I stole some scrubs and medical supplies! :)

You know if any of your work peeps read this you can get fired. Just my .02


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