Monday, January 09, 2006

Pictures from my weekend in Waco

It was so nice to see my sweet little pregnant friend, Lar! James is getting so big inside her little belly!

can't wait!!!

Me and my sweet mommy!
My little baby girl is smiling!

Me and my pops!

sweet Shi, flashing the world... (this is how she always sits)

Everytime I go home on a random weekend, holiday, whatever...we always take pictures outside! Life is too short, ya know? Its just something our family has been doing for a very long time! :)


lauren said...

I was soooo good to see you!!! I laughed when I saw the picture thinking about what Josh was doing on the other side. Thank you for not posting that picture!! I still am depressed that you said I look like I've gained weight! I try to cut back, but my stomach just gets bigger and bigger! Maybe I'll go on a starvation diet or get gastric bypass... Then maybe one day I'll look like you...

suzanne said...

ha! you crazy woman! let's clarify to everyone that i was JOKING when i said sarcastically, "lar, looks like you've got a beer gut...go easy on the alcohol!" ;)

i just HOPE i can look as good as you when i get pregnant!! (or anytime, for that matter!) ;)

Amanda Ware said...

Suzanne that is so gut! HAHA! Lauren you look beautiful! I love those pics, I love those dogs! What a fun weekend! I bet it was needed by all!

Anonymous said...

hi I don't know you ....but did you go to church with 2 girls from there that went to tall and one short and they were roommates too--can't remember their names!
I was a counselor at Iron Springs for years! I know Tammmie

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