Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Will Miss My Shannon

Our scheduler, Shannon, just spent her last day with us at 1st Street Surgical yesterday...I'm going to miss her like crazy! As the charge nurse, Shannon and I would work extremely close together and had the best working relationship! She is too fun!

Things I'm going to miss about her:

- the way she would bob up and down when her favorite song came on the radio (which i HATED: the pussycat dolls-dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me) ahh...hate that song! but makes me laugh thinkin bout Shannon bouncing up and down

- her evil little laugh when she was up to no good

- our 8:00am breakfasts together, and 11:00am lunches

- throwing her under the bus when a doc would complain about the schedule! (ha, jk)

- our daily little 30 minute chats about life, marriage, friends, work politics, when i should have been working

- her "hoochie mama" outfits ;)

- "Suz please call extension 231...SUZANNE, 231" --said in a bold, brash, "i'm freakin' out" tone of voice ;)

- most of all, her sweet smile and loving of the most loyal friends i have ever met...good luck at your new job, Shan...miss you already!! ;)

p.s. check out the picture on Shannon's going away shirt and look what Shannon and I were stupid!
We wrapped Shannon's going away shirt in like 5 different boxes (wrapped with sterile cloth and surgical kerlix for the bow--made by yours truly) and wouldn't let her use scissors to cut the tape, by this time, she was getting tired and her face was all red! too funny...

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