Friday, January 20, 2006

Some things about me you might not have known...

(This is a take on several of my "blogger buddies" blogs)

1. I can't fall asleep cuddling & I am a very light sleeper...once I wake up, I'm up for good!

2. I hate mushrooms & tomatoes

3. I love sushi (the cooked stuff) & edamame (soy beans)

4. The first place I gain weight is in my face (the one place you can't really hide it!)

5. I absolutely HATE working out...HATE it...but make myself do it at least 3-4 times a week (we're talkin' weights AND cardio....YUCK!)

6. I am crazy about saving money. We have 2 separate savings accounts, investment accounts, etc....I read books on saving! It's fun to me! (nerd)

7. Nursing school was the absolute hardest thing I've ever gone through in my life! (Thanks, Harding U)

8. I was a member of the Waco Girls Choir for a couple of years (Alto)

9. My brother used to put live green locust and hard, crunchy, brown locust shells in my long hair when I was younger....I am afraid of them to this day

10. Pet Peeves: fake people, PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE people, work politics, church politics

11. I tore my ACL on our church skiing trip when I was a senior in high school, the MDs told me it was just a bad sprain, I went on to college where I played extremely competitive sports in flag football, basketball, etc. I re-injured it doing a toe-touch for spring-sing--which is when I found out it was an old tear. I took off my semester right before nursing school to come back home to Waco, have surgery, and be a youth intern for a semester...(which I absolutely LOVED!)

12. I LOVE roller coasters & roller skating

13. I've never had a cavity in my life

14. I never wear shorts, unless working out...I hate shorts/love skirts

15. I never watch the news or the weather...I have no idea what is going on from day to day unless people are talking about it at work (Dad is so disappointed! ;) )

16. I can play the piano by ear, no lessons--I would love to take them now

17. I am thrilled that Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams are a couple! It makes me all warm and fuzzy inside ;)
18. I absolutely LOVE to cook, the Food Channel, and Paula Deen 19. I am a Surgical Registered Nurse who can see gory, bloody, nasty, bone crushing surgeries...but cannot take it when patients throw up...I start gagging and must leave the room...same thing w/ "code browns" (when someone soils themselves) and I must clean it up...I am physically GAGGING! I also HATE throwing up..I fear it.

20. I love manicures & pedicures--I get them once a week

21. I kill any plant/flower after about 2-3 Days...i'm terrible

22. The only books I like to read are true stories (like the one about Aaron Ralston, the climber who cut off his arm to survive and hiked his way down a mountain!) 23. I am BAD at keeping up long-distance relationships and HATE talking on the phone

24. It takes a LOT to hurt my feelings...I've got a hard shell (you have to when you work with doctors all day long! ha)

25. We want 3 kids (of course we just want them to be healthy...but I'd also really like a girl and Joe would really like a boy!)

26. When me or my brother eat anything with garlic in it, we will reek it out of our pores for about 24 is SO weird (no matter how many showers I take or how many times I brush my teeth and gargle w/ mouthwash)--needless to say, I stay away from it! ;)

27. I was a virgin up until the day I got married! ;)

28. I'm a very loyal friend to have & I'm extremely protective of my friends

29. I almost drowned when I was 5 years old in Concan, Texas on the Frio River: family reunion, everyone was watching my granny go down the rapids and laughing, then my mom accidentally got caught in the current and went down the rapids w/ no innertube and everyone was looking at her and one saw me going down the rapids w/out an innertube, 5- years old,- head down- sinking down into a drop off...but my uncle saw me and dived in and saved me! and its all on tape!

30. I am the go-2 gal for anything computer related at work (my bro is a computer genius)

31. I'm almost 5'8 and wear a 6.5 shoe (its ridiculous!)

32. My weakness: chips & queso...& pizza

33. My entire life people have said I look like Kimmy Gibbler from Full House (in high school AND in college)...thanks alot!

34. I was a cheerleader from 4th to 12th grade (also at some point played basketball, softball, track, and flag football)

35. I was Valedictorian of high school & graduated Magna Cum Laude of nursing school, yet am TERRIBLE at simple math AND still count on my fingers! (embarrassing)

36. I am borderline diabetic (my dad is, and my brother became diabetic in his early twenties) my last fasting blood sugar was 122! (its supposed to be between 60-100)..yikes...henceforth, the working out...

37. My grandfather, father, bro, and myself all have the same initials: "SCH"

38. My middle name is "Claire", named after my grandmother, "Clara"

39. I would die if I had to live anywhere cold (my in-laws are from Minnesota)

40. My favorite verse is: John 16:33
"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have PEACE. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD!" (-Jesus) ;)


TMK said...

You are too funny! How can your little feet hold up your tall body? I am 5'8 and wear a 9 (clod-hoppers). I was gasping reading about your drowning exp. Poor little girl. I love these posts. Thanks! OH, by the way...MDM and I love your baby G watch and we accidentally got them too. :) Hope you don't mind~ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! Have a good day!

suzanne said...

awesome!!! so glad you got the baby G! isn't it the greatest? you can store like up to 7 phone numbers in it? who does that??!enjoy! and of course i don't mind! i think everyone should have one! thanks for stoppin' by! ;)

Nicki W. said...

Aaron Ralston is

lauren said...

Yeah!! I love learning more even about my friends that I've known most of my life!
This is going to be a long comment.
Things I didn't know about you...
2,3,4(have heard you say that, but never noticed),6,9,15,16,21,22,25,28(jk!),37,40
Things I have in common with you...2,3(like sushi, LOVE edamame...have been craving that lately),4,6(Josh made me this way), 10,12,13(jk again!),14,17!!!!(in LOVE with them),20(but don't get them 1/week),21,27,28,29(not in Concan, in Cape Cod),30,32(chips and queso).

BTW, I totally forgot about Kimmie Gibbler and laughed when I saw that! I loved your post. You are ptm (remember that?...precious to me! Haven't said that in a long time!)

MDM said...

That was a fun read! Paula rocks.

Amanda Ware said...

So intersting! I love Paula, she is my DVR friend, where is that picture from? Great post!

suzanne said...

lar, PTM! wow, i laughed out loud when i read that, AND got all warm & fuzzy at the same time! ;)

mdm & amanda! yes, paula DOES rock! when her latest cookbook came out last year, she had a book signing at williams-sonoma right across the street from where i live...i left work for like 3 hours, just to meet her and get her to sign some books for me and my mom! then i suprized my mom with it for mother's day! (paula is her absolute favorite as well!) it was too cool! she is so down to earth and how you see her on TV! i'll post pics sometime about it.

Kristen said...

Loved this list -- may have to do this on my blog this week.

I got to see your mom and dad this weekend at church at was great seeing them and hearing how they are.

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