Tuesday, April 25, 2006


...not your typical Tuesday at work!

Cliff divers at La Quebrada would jump 150 feet off a cliff at 55 mph into water only 13 feet deep at most. They would wait for the tide and time their jump so that they would land in at least 13 feet of water. INCREDIBLE!!

Great view with our friends Pam and Trey, while watching the cliff divers

View from our hotel room...i LOVE going to sleep with the doors open, listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore...nothing like it...

That's my hubby in front of the waterfalls in one of the FIVE pools! (ridiculous)

Just can't seem to get away from work...even in Mexico!

Can you float on top of the water with your hands behind your head and your legs crossed? Try it!

Standing behind the waterfall that was in the previous picture with Joe

Standing on a bridge that went across the "saltwater pool"...yes, a saltwater pool...have you ever heard of such a thing??

...almost decided to stay in Acapulco...maybe start my own surgery center?...

These are my two favorite pics! Can you believe the sunset???

Ever get tired of taking the same 'ole boring pictures??? WE DO!!!

Acapulco was fun and all.....but we were SOOOOOO ready to get back in the states! These were our faces as we drove out of the airport parking lot!!!

...(yes, i know....somewhat scary...) :)


lauren said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous...everything from you guys to the scenery!!! You make me sick how get your golden brown tan in just a few days! You have always done that!

Texose said...

So how much was this place like where you honeymooned? I have to honestly say that I have not ever been to any place but the states...HOWEVER I will agree. There is nothing like the states once you have been out...MEXICO...BORDER HOPPED...

Kimberly said...

That place looks amazing! I am soo jealous!

MDM said...

You guys are just too cute!! Nothing like a little R&R, huh??

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