Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Great Weekend

I had a WONDERFUL time this past weekend in Waco...I finally was able to meet baby James! (one of my best friends, Lauren Satterfield, welcomed her little boy into the world on Easter Sunday!!) It was so exciting! He is just beautiful!

I'm so proud of my girlfriends like Lar and Amanda (and soon, Kim & MO!) who are growing into extraordinary, young Christian mothers. You are all so amazing...hopefully I'll join your ranks one day! ;)

It's fun going down to Waco by myself sometimes...I love to hang out with my parents! Joe was in Austin for a golf tournament (no thanks!). We celebrated my birthday (it's not until next Monday, the 8th) with an awesome Great American Cookie Cake! (my fav!!)

We also saw the movie, United 93....AWESOME. However, let me throw in a mom and I got serious motion sickness from the herky jerky photography. I felt like Blair Witch Project all over again: blood rushed to my face, got hot, sweating, was seconds away from hurling onto the person in front of, BEWARE!! (but a must see)


Amanda's News said...

I was wondering about that movie! Good to know that it causes motion sickness. I had to leave Blair witch b/c I got so sick.
I wish I could have been there in Waco with you and Lar. I love the pics of you in Acapulco. It looks like an awesome place to vacation. You look great! I wish I new your secrets:)

lauren said...

I loved seeing you, too! James loved meeting you and says thank you for coming! He wants you to come back and visit often!

Kimberly said...

I can't wait for you to join the sisterhood of mommys, one day, too! Right now we are on a roll to fill HU's class of 2024! If they will let my children in after all the trouble I got in there :)
Was United 93 a tearjerker big time? I don't know if I am stable enough to handle it right may make me go on medication! But I'd really like to see it.

suzanne said...

you guys should see me around babies, it's hilarious b/c i'm so awkward!..don't really know how to hold them! poor james, he was like, "who IS this person??" ha! ;)

lauren said... were just fine! I'm the same way around other people's babies. Even though I have nieces and nephews, you forget how to hold babies as soon as they're out of that stage.

Kimberly said...

I love the pictures!! James is almost as tan as you are! Yes, I'm aware its the jaundice (sp?) but it sure makes babies have a pretty complection! Yes, I'm weird. Anyways Happy Early Birthday!

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