Friday, May 12, 2006


I had a good time on my birthday, this past Monday (May 8)! I truly LOVE the people I work with...they are amazing! We are like a little family!

Some of my best friends joined me in eating sushi that night (a favorite indulgence of mine!) We had a great time!
(me, Terreva, Dr. Small, Aracely, Lori, and Shannon)
Joe had a scavenger hunt set up for me when I got home and gave me different clues to find where he stashed my presents! It was so cute! :)

I'm leaving in about an hour for one of our good friends' wedding in Dallas this weekend! I'm's one of those weddings you REALLY want to go to, with all your friends...just like one big party all weekend long! Katie and Adam (Sheedy) are wonderful friends that we've known for years and we are so excited for them!

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Amanda's News said...

When did you start eating sushi? I have tried it but can't quite get use to it. Happy late birthday! Suz, I can't believe how time flys by. Just 6 years ago this summer we were in Nice,France laying out on the beach. Crazy huh?

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