Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Make-up Line selling for only $1 on the internet!

Okay, so I got this email, thinking it was a phony forward. But then I checked out the site and ordered a ton of make-up for nearly nothin! Check it out and see what you think! ELF products have been advertised in many different women's magazines and Eva Longoria has been photographed picking out her favorites.

Here was the email:
Bloomingdales is launching their own makeup line called ELF, and they are selling everything online right now for $1.00 each! Go to to order... I just ordered a bunch last night! You have to order at least $25 worth of stuff to get the free shipping (plug in "shipit" into the coupon box at checkout). Hope you all have as much fun shopping as I did! Yea for fun, new makeup!


Kimberly said...

I'm not sure if its a gimick or not but I went on Bloomingdales website (
and it said this:
Some of our customers have received emails regarding the website. We want you to know that Bloomingdale's and Bloomingdale's by Mail are not affiliated with or the e.l.f product line, nor with any email regarding the website or product line, and we do not sell e.l.f. products. We are investigating the e-mails, which appear to have been the product of a party unrelated to either Eyes Lips Face Corp. or Bloomingdale's."
Let me know if you get your makeup because I'd love to get some for only $1 but I'm a little worried my credit card info would be stolen or something???

suzanne said...

yeah, they aren't associated with bloomingdales, but e.l.f. is a legit company run by two guys and the products are always priced at $1.00. (i researched some more on CNN). i'll let you when/if i receive my make-up! ;)

aWare said...

Let me know how it goes, I am always game for ne makeup!

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