Friday, May 18, 2007


This has been one craaazy week! The doc decided at my appointment on Wednesday to go ahead and put me on STRICT bedrest (yes, he emphasized the word "STRICT" several times). Bathroom privileges only, and he didn't seem too keen on the idea of me taking a shower every day! He frowned and said, "if you have to take a shower, get in and get 20 minute standing up showers"! Needless to say, I wasn't really ready to come home, sit on the couch, and not get up but to use the restroom. I knew bedrest was coming and I am in my 20th week of pregnancy (like he said I would be when I start BR)..I just didn't have anything in place yet.

I didn't realize how debilitating it is to sit in one spot alllllllllllllll day loooooong! You should try it! It is completely frustrating! Sure it might be fun for 2 hours while you watch a movie...but not for the whole day and night! I am currently using an old, crummy laptop that is persnickety...sometimes letting me get on the internet, but for the majority of the time, no bueno...which is SUPER frustrating! I feel so disconnected from the world! I haven't been able to read any of your blogs b/c all of my "favorites" are stored upstairs on our main computer. (also, where our scanner is and all of our pictures)..So, these posts might be a little boring until I can teach Joe how to download pictures for me.

All I can say is THANK GOD FOR MY SIS-IN-LAW, ASHLEY!!! She was actually able to go to my last doctor's appointment with me this past Wednesday (she starts her new job on Monday). She was able to see her nephews and niece bounce around and show off for her during the sonogram! It was awesome...I got so many great pics of the babies! I'll try to get Joe to scan some in later. Poor Savannah is all squished on the bottom of the pile. We saw her getting kicked in the head by her brothers, but you know what? she can definitely hold her own! she was stretching out and fighting back! It was hilarious! We also got a precious picture of one of the identical twins reaching out and touching his brother's chest. SO COOL! But Thank God Ashley was there! Joe was out of town in Las Vegas for some conference for a couple of Ashley was able to come home with me and take care of me until Joe got home!

So the babies still look great, heartbeats were great. My cervix is shorter than my doctor would like (henceforth, the immediate strict bedrest), so hopefully by me laying down all the time, my cervix will stay put! We aren't in the danger zone yet, but a cervical cerclage might be in order in the coming weeks. I'm not dilating at all...just shortening. These babies are getting bigger and heavier and are putting pressure on my cervix. So, hopefully the bedrest will help. I am at war against gravity right now! I go back to the doctor with Joe next Tuesday please keep praying.

I'd love to hear from any of you who had to have a cerclage. How far along were you? What was your cervix measuring, etc...


Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for the update. i've been worrying how your doctor visit went, then no immediate again, thanks! glad to hear all is well, but sorry to hear you are down for the count. i can just imagine how frustrating it must be. do you like to read? i'm sure you'll adjust in no time, and learn to relax and rest. you are going to need it sister!!! you take care now, stay put, and keep updating all of us ok????
love you, and praying always, pam richardson, waco, texas

Kristin Goree said...

I hope you have a subcription to Netflix or blockbuster, and a TiVo. Good luck w/ the bed rest, we are praying for you out here in CA!

Quilao Triplets said...

Hi Suzanne,

Hang in there...I know how hard it is to do nothing all day long when you feel like there is so much to do. I had a cerclage put in right around 20 weeks because my cervix was shortening and starting to funnel from the inside when the dr put pressure on my tummy. Unfortunately, I didn't write down what my measurement was, but it had shortened pretty dramatically within a 2 wk time period. Around 15 weeks, I was told how gorgeous my cervix looked (seriously!) and then 2 weeks later it was a concern. One of my girls was right on top of my cervix so I had alot of pressure which didn't help the situation. Hopefully, being off of your feet will help things:)
I was also put on Indocin and Nifedipine to stop pre-term contractions around that time.
I fought the boredom by watching alot of Discovery Health Baby shows, which they seem to have specials on multiples quite a bit. If you haven't seen Jon & Kate plus 8 yet, you have to check it out! It's on TLC and Discovery Health. You will be in my prayers and keep us posted as best as you can.


Tracy said...

Maybe we should take up a contribution and get you a better laptop! I was on bedrest with Chloe and clearly remember how tough that was. Cry, moan, and be miserable and honest with us. We'll do what we can for ya.

lauren said...

I couldn't click on the link, but my sister-in-law had hers sewn shut (or something along those lines) bc hers was faulty. Not sure if that's the same thing. I'll ask her. I'm praying for you and will call you later to hopefully break up the day a little! :)

tleaf10 said...

I don't usually write on here but I read often ... I read the article about cerclage and thought it was funny that they called it "an incompetent cervix". Maybe you can use some of your bedrest time to convince the medical dictionary people that nothing about you is incompetent - or you could take up knitting :)

Amanda's News said...

I'm glad Ashley was able to go with you to your appt. That is such a blessing that they moved there and will be a huge support for you guys:)
About the computer issue: If it doesn't completely bug you then keep what you have, but is there anyway you could borrow a laptop from someone you know?
I really don't know anything about cervical cerclage but I will be praying for you and for those babies to stay in there as long as possible!
Bedrest: You could start renting or borrowing seasons of Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Smallville, etc. That may make the time pass quicker.

Dallas said...

Do you have a good stack of books to read? I hope so! That always helps me. I have big ideas that I am going to cross stitch every person in our family a stocking. So far, I have only done Matthew's (my husband) and am only about 1/8 of the way done with mine. Maybe you could start a project like that. Cross stitching is super easy and requires little movement. I will be praying for you!

pughcrewMom said...

Hey Suzanne,It is Jamie from McMoms. Sorry about the LONG bedrest! Be sure to lay down on your sides when you can, rather than sitting. Otherwise, gravity is still your enemy! Did you call Amber yet? I feel your pain about being cut off from the world! We didnt have a computer of any type at all when I did my 6 weeks of bedrest! I got really tired of Emeril! It sounds so cliche, but enjoy resting now because you will definitely have your hands full very soon! Let me know if you need something!


angie said...

I feel your pain with the computer. While I was on 10 weeks of bedrest in the hospital I only had dial up and it almost killed me! I'm also glad to hear that you have such a great support system. Keeping my fingers crossed that your cervix likes being less taxed and will stay put. One of the things I regreted not doing while on bedrest was knitting....just a thought.....I read lots, and lots and lots of books!

Anonymous said...

Hi! A friend of mine showed me your blog and thought maybe I could tell you about my cerclage experiences. I've been on bedrest with 2 pregnancies so far - 10wks and 8wks - and it's is hard to deal with but well worth it. If you'd like to, email me at Take care ~A

Anonymous said...

Hey--I found your blog through another one and I love keeping up with what's going on with the babies. I am NOT a mom to multiples (god bless you), but I had to have a rescue cerclage put in at 24 weeks pregnant b/c my cervix basically opened up one day and I was dilated to nearly 8 upon arrival at the hospital. My water broke the day after the cerclage I held my baby boy inside for 12 days (without getting up out of bed for ANY reason) and he was finally born at 26 weeks gestation.

I'm telling you that I would have laid in that bed for the entire 9 months if it would have kept him from going through all he went through. Stay strong and remember what you're fighting for--the lives of your children!! Every day counts!!

By the way, I don't know how they will do your cerclage (if you need it), but I was put under general anethesia. It didn't hurt and they took the stitches out without ANY sedation! It is a blessing if you do need it, though. Good luck to you.

Brent said...

we are all rooting for ya! hang in there! let me know if you need some movie ideas to rent...i love movies and see them all! just tell me what kind of mood your in!

love ya!

Ashley said...

Hey Suzanne. One of my Harding friends had a link to your site and I am intrigued that you have FOUR in there. I am also 20 weeks along but it's "just one". What an awesome bonding experience they are having right now and how fun that by the time you meet them they will all be best friends. Hang in there! It sounds difficult but they will all 4 be here before you know it!! Oh! I'm a Harding girl that married an Aggie, too. Don't think there are many of us around :)

Audrey T said...

Shiloh won't believe how fun it is to have you with her all day long! I'm glad the 4 cooperated for their picture taking session - Samuel did not.

Do you do Suduko? If not, you might start - that'll eat up some time.

Sunni Len said...

When I was Prego with Kody they told me I could no longer go to football games when I had 4 weeks left. I thought that was hard I am so sorry if you need anything I am home most days with the boys just let me know.

Matt, Jen, and Grace said...

Hi Suzanne,
Are there any Bible studies you have been wanting to do? My good friend just moved from Denver to Austin and we are both doing a Beth Moore study and then talking weekly on the phone about what the Lord showed us through His Word and the study. Maybe you could do that with a friend.
I also agree with Audrey and think Sudoku would be fun while you are on bedrest. Those puzzles are so ADDICTIVE!
Finally, I heard that you should try not to mix up your days and nights too much. As hard as it is, you shouldn't nap too much during the day so that you will sleep well at night.
Hope some of that helps...

Lindsey said...

Hey Suzanne - we just watched 2 movies (Catch and Release, Employee of the Month)...I have no idea what kind of movies you like but Catch and Release was SOOO good...a romance - Employee of the Month was pretty stupid but made me laugh out loud a few times. Hope those help you pass the time a little... :)

laura said...

You don't know me, but I am friends with Nicki and found your blog through her. We have been praying for your health, and will pray specifically for your cervix. We know someone who had quads, all 4 perfectly healthy, and if you ever need someone to call to relate to, let us know, b/c she is a godly woman and would love to encourage you! We'll be praying that the bed rest will be entertaining and even fun in the coming weeks!

Anonymous said...

I only had a single baby...but was on bedrest from 19 weeks 5 days until 35 weeks. I had my baby at 38 weeks. I was put on bedrest because I was 2 cm dilated. They did a rescue cerclage and hadn't given us great odds for it working. In fact after I had the baby she told me she essentially covered my cervix with a prayer. :) It worked!

Good luck with the bedrest. It is REALLY REALLY hard. Here's what allowed me to survie:

1) An egg crate mattress to lay on. I don't think my hips would have made it otherwise.

2) A laptop with wireless internet access. Seriously...I would NOT have made it without this laptop.

3) Straws. It's so hard to drink anything laying down. After spilling about 800 glasses of water, I finally got a cup with a lid that the straw could poke out through.

4) A cooler. My husband packed up my cooler with food and drinks before he left each morning. Usually I had everything eaten by about 11 am. :)

5) Metamucil. I don't think you need any more information...but I started buying it in the extra large container.

7) A credit card. :) I did a lot of online shopping. If you have the time you can find plenty of deals. I ordered diapers, wipes, clothes...just about anything you could imagine. If I didn't live in the sticks, I would have ordered groceries as well.

8) Visitors. Just seeing other humans was so don't realize how much you feel left out from the real world.

9) Patience...which I don't have. Sounds like you have a good attitude.

Bedrest is a weird thing. You hate it...but want it to last forever. :) You want to get up, but will do anything for your you stay laying down.

People told me how "proud" they were of me for making it...and I thought..." was for the health of my little girl...what choice did I have?" Good luck! And I hope you are on strict bedrest for months!!! :)

By the way...with my cerclage they put me under general anesthesia..and then kept me in the hospital for 2 days. I didn't have any pain other than my throat from when they intubated me.


suzanne said...

alyssa..i couldn't have said it better myself! you nailed it on the head!

thanks for everyone's bedrest advice! suprizingly, the days are going by pretty quickly...not easily...but quickly. i'm so thankful for each and every day i make it to while on BR. it's another day my babies can grow and develop!

Texose said...

I think if I was on bedrest I would go crazy! I would have to find something that could distract my mind from focusing on being trapped in my house and to just that one piece of furniture. I would problaby get my hubby to move the couch to a window were I could watch outside and still be able to watch TV and be on the internet. I might even attempt to make baby annoucements and a scrapbook, write my family and friends thru snailmail --I used to have penpals all over the USA and loved buying new stationery and keeping in touch(love getting good mail---not junk/bills). Like most I would probably watch all my fav. Networks, play internet games on like yahoo or what have you, knit/cross-stitch, write in my journal about my days, Organize my photos (actually take the time and input them in my albums and label each one--They are long over due), and definitely shop on the web. Just a thought, you might even think about getting on a audio book subsciption to get them delivered to your front door and visa verse. They might have some of your favorite authors and books or something you might like to read... they would be good to listen to when you are doing other things...It is amazing what is out there on the internet as for as shopping and information. You know you could read to your babies and play music, too. I know I did with my babies and they still love it..
I hear you are going to get company soon... I bet your MOMs can't hardly wait to join you at your temporary post. I only wish I could go with them and help out too. With all my love and prayers...
JOLee and Family


I never had to be on bedrest with my twins but I will pray for you....Remember, God says,He will not give you more than you can bear.Enjoy this time because it will pass quickly and then you will NEVER get to lay down!!!:)Suggestions on how to pass the your Bible,do crosswords,scrapbook,journal,play LOTS pf card games with your hubby!Learn to play's really fun!:)lifting you everyday before or Lord, Connie

SG said...


I'm usually just a lurker on this blog, but I had to comment on this. BEDREST IS SO HARD!

The hardest part for me was not being able to do all I wanted to do to get ready for the baby. All you can do is lay there! Bedrest was a huge mental challenge.

And yes, you will do whatever you have to do for those babies no matter how hard it is, but it is SOOO hard! You will have my thoughts and prayers!

A good laptop would help I think. Can you rent a super duper laptop with wireless internet and great video streaming to get through the next weeks/months? Buying a laptop is a big investment but renting might not be so bad.

I go to church w/your parents and know your Mom will probably visit you a lot as soon as school is out. That will be so great for both of you! Or should I say all 6 (you, 4 babies & your mom) or 7(Joe) of you ?!!

But in the meantime, get on the phone and call around about renting a laptop to get you through the boredom of laying down all day.

I also tried to write alot. I wrote letters to the baby, to my friends, to missionaries our church sponsered in Africa... and at one point I considered getting a prison pen-pal!!! :) Also try to catch up on all the "grown-up" books you care to read. As the mom of three, I can tell you it might be years before you get a chance to read grown-up books again!

Seriously, do whatever you can to keep your mind engaged, your body vertical, and your cervix closed! Lots of people, people you don't even know, are lifting you up in prayer to the Father daily! Hope you feel the blessings of that each and every day! Be strong!
Stephanie Grosz

angie said...

I just read the Murray's blog entry dedicated to you....I followed their story and became acquainted with them through cyber space since they had a monoamniotic pair as part of their quads and regularly visited a support group ( in which I moderate. Anyway, I wanted you to know that you and your babies will be in my prayers and I hope bedrest is going well and that you are really taking it easy. And, I took your advice and got some accessories as Target. Sadly, they don't look as cute as they do on you. You have a flare for it.

Anonymous said...

Prayers coming to you from Brownsburg, IN. My good friend just had quads and posted your need for prayer...believe me, after Brad and Jen's experience I'll never underestimate the power of prayer. Best wishes,

sarah reaves

Christianne said...

Hi! I'm a friend of the Murrays. I've been reading through the archives of your blog and feel like we're best friends now! :-)

I was on bedrest for six weeks with my daughter, and I know the combination of downright fear and absolute BOREDOM that you're going through! However, I also know that you would be willing to hang upside down with bamboo shoots shoved under your fingernails every minute for the next 12 weeks if that meant your babies would be born safe and healthy (so, it COULD be worse, right?). Just try to stay calm and learn how to view your little world sideways. :-)

God is good...all the time...and all the time...God is good.

Kimberly said...

I just came across your site from the murray quads site. I have triplet girls. I am praying for your family. If you get a chance, check out You can join the forum for free. We have quite a few quad family members there, who can help you with the coming months of bedrest.
Best of luck and keep those babies cooking.

Anonymous said...

I was linked to your site via the murray quads site. I just wanted you to know I'll be praying for you and your family! Hang in there, and God bless!

Jay said...


found your blog and just wanted to send some prayers your way. Just think of this bed rest as a way of preparing for all the energy you are going to need once all those babies are home in your arms. :)

Spend some of your time finding some blogs to read, I found it helpful in my last days of pregnancy with my daughter, and you get to meet some great people in the process!

Take care and will be checking up on you every so often.


Anonymous said...

I also am among the many that found your site through the Murray Blog. You and your darlings will be in my prayers! I will also begin praying for your daughter and how she will learn to grow up with THREE brothers!!! Glad to hear that she is holding her own!
God Bless,
Avon, IN

Anonymous said...

I also found you through the Murray Blog. I was on bedrest for the last 8 weeks of my pregnancy. We didn't have cable, but we sure did get it :)! You have some great suggestions as to what to do. I will be praying for you and your babies!
God Bless,
Eva, AL

Holly said...

Dear Suz - I can tell a proud Grandpa when I hear one. I was forwarded a prayer request from him this a.m. It sounds like the drearies have begun. We will continue to keep you in our prayers. I love your blog. It's such fun. Give my love to all and a special love tap to my up coming nephews and niece.

I am going to forward the forward from you Dad to Christopher in College Station. What year did Joe graduate?

With all God's blessing - Holly

Anonymous said...

suz, i read about you on jen and brad's website, just wanted to let you know we are thinking about you, and praying for you. may God bless!
my thoughts and prayers,
psalm 27 <><

Denise (Quad Mom) said...

Sorry to hear that you're already on bed rest. When I was pregnant w/ my twins, my water broke at 16 weeks and was on very strict bedrest like you. I did it for 10 weeks only getting up to go to the restroom and once a week dr. appt. You can do it! Then when I got pregnant with the quads my doctor did a addominal cerlage at 13 weeks pregnant, I honestly think that's what saved my pregnancy with the quads since I was never on bedrest and walked/waddled into the hospital to have my 3 boys and 1 girl @ 35 weeks. I think it's well worth it. I know that it's boring staying down, but you have to do it for your babies! They are so much better off inside you then anywhere else at this point. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I'm a friend of the Murray's and wanted you to that we'll be praying for you. Hang in there- I can't imagine how difficult bedrest and all the emotional ups and downs must be, but God can help you through it!

Carol said...

Sorry to hear you're on bed rest, but I hope you're managing it ok. I'll be interested to hear what you're finding to do to keep yourself occupied. hang in there -it's for a good cause!

Rachelle said...

Hi Fellow Bedrestee--

I have been on strict bedrest for about three weeks now, and it really is not fun. However, one week of that was spent in the hospital, and I can tell you that being on bedrest at home is about a thousand times better than being on bedrest at the hospital!!!

Have you seen Lost? I had never watched it before, but I have really gotten into it since I have been on bedrest. I am partway into the second season.

I had my cerclage when I was nearly 21 weeks. My cervix had gone from 4 cm to .7 cm in two weeks. I am 24 weeks now and so far it is holding great. If you have to have one, don't worry too much about it. The procedure is simple and I didn't have any pain from it afterwards.

--Rachelle (future quint mom)

Anonymous said...

I too had a cerclage placed at 20 weeks. My cervix had funneled to 1.9Cm. The surgery lengthened it to 2.2 cm and it has remained the same for about 10 more weeks. At my 30 week appoitntment, my peri told me that my cervix had shortened but that it was to be expected and that the stitch is still holding. At 32 weeks, she is no longer concerned about my cervix at all (which I found strange). I've been on bedrest since 20 weeks and I thought I was going to lose it for the first 2 or 3 weeks. It gets better I promise! As the weeks pass, you realize that your babies are that much closer to being healthy. Try to focus on a week by week goal instead of day by day. I tried that in the beginning crossing out each day that passed...bad idea. But it certainly feels great to cross out an entire week! You're in my prayers.

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