Saturday, June 09, 2007

Good 'Ole Bedrest...Welcome to My Life

I start by saying, don't ever leave a BORED pregnant woman on bedrest alone with a camera...You never know what you will get! ha!

"Bedrest...not all its cracked up to be..."

"...but at least I'm at home! It's better than being in the hospital!"

"hmmm...I'm going to practice trying to hide my triple chin! (OK Suz, lift chin when taking pics..if all else fails, rest your chin nonchalantly on the palm of your hand!)"

The number one reason why going on hospital bedrest will be SOOOO hard for me...this little gem. Every day she lies in her bed, right beside me on the couch. She is no doubt, therapy for me! This is a pick of Shi baby right after a ton of company left my house! She was pooped out! PRECIOUS!

One of the not-so-bad perks of pregnancy?...Well, for some reason, my lips are SO puffy and huge! I like to refer to them as my "Angelina Jolie" lips...I know, I know I'm the spitting image of her, you don't have to tell me! Ha! (wink, wink)

My sweet boy...waiting on me hand and foot...doing laundry, cleaning the entire house, doing yard work, making me breakfast, doing almost every single thing for me!

Thank God for my mom and aunt! They are taking such a huge weight off of Joe! What a blessing...they are the most self-less women I know and are always there to take care of those in need! Aren't they adorable??? Jany on the left (mom) and Aunt Judy on the right.


Jamie's Crew said...

Hey there! What an adorable post! Want to hear something funny? In the shot of your whole body laying on the couch with the laptop - you can not see your belly! Enjoy your weekend! Talk with you soon! Jamie

Carole said...

You are just too cute! I love reading your blog! You don't know me, but my kids in San Antonio are close friends of the Morelands. So, I guess y'all have mutual friends.
I've been lurking ever since you discovered you were pregnant and your spirit just makes my day. My hubby and all our kids, and I are ACU folk, but have lots of Harding friends as well. And you've just gotta love those Aggies! Your babies will be very blessed to have you and Joe as parents. I, too, remember to pray for y'all everyday!

Quilao Triplets said...

Too funny! we have an Angelina and Shiloh in the house....when does Brad Pitt make an appearance?


Deanna said...
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Deanna said...

You look like you are handling bed rest very well. It is much better to be at home then at the hospital. But when the day comes rest assured that the nurses at Harris are AWESOME!! And they love to have quad moms on the floor, they don't see too many of us. I am glad you are doing so well. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.


Woman Lost said...

Hang in there. Thinking of you and those babes. Bedrest sucks but it is a necessary evil!

laura said...

Wow, you look gorgeous! Seriously, you look amazing. I love love love your positive attitude and faith throughout this journey. I love the lip pic--I can only hope that mine will get bigger during pregnancy. What a hoot! We are praying for more time at home, more weeks for the babes, and excellent health for all 6 of you, including your sweet, supportive husband. Keep laughing and enjoying--not too much longer!

The Pittman's said...

I stumbled upon your blog and have been reading for several weeks. Your story is amazing and you are in my prayers!! I pray that the Lord blesses you, Joe, and the babies and keeps you all safe and healthy. God Bless you!
Grace & Peace-
Ashley Pittman

Anonymous said...

Girl, you are too precious for words... this cracks me up!! Glad to hear everything is well, as always.

My "baby" (rat terrier), Abby, was my bed rest therapist. Her payment was me having my hiney in bed at all times, cuddled up next to her-- maximized her attention!

-Amber S.

SG said...

You crack me up! So glad you have the computer and camera to play with. Praying that you stay home at least another 2 or 3 weeks (OR EVEN LONGER)and have lots of bedrest pics to play with and to document your prego time! :)

Jody and Janell said...

Hey Suzanne~
I am an HU grad (class of 98). My husband and I just recently (4-3-07) had twins. Please know that we are praying for you daily.

You CAN do it!

~It is O.K. to be GRUMPY or CRANKY any time. YOU ARE CARRYING QUADS!
~It's o.k. to ask for help.
~It's o.k to think at times how unfair this is.... just being honest. (I am an honest person as
well ; ))

I only spent 7 weeks on bedrest and it was tough. Two of those weeks were in the hospital before I delivered. They came 6 weeks early. IT WAS WORTH IT!!!

We live in the area and would love to help in any way that we can. It is so great that you have an amazing husband! I do as well, and it is a huge blessing. We wish you guys the VERY best and are praying for you during this CRAZY time. HE is faithful.

God bless you~
Janell (Brown) Bunt

Kelly said...

Well, you look like you are having fun. :o)

Amanda's News said...

Hey at least you are entertaining yourself:) I'm glad that Joe, your mom, and Aunt are taking such good care of you.

thekirnancrib said...

wow, just found your blog... I am in awe of you! Not just the fact that you are carying 4 babies, but your attitude rocks! What a testimony of God's grace you are! Can't wait for updates, you and your family will be in my prayers... will you be able to update in the hospital?

Jody said...

Just stumbled on your Blog tonight and had to tell you that you, Joe and the quads will be on the TIP TOP of my prayer list.

I looked back to your first month of posts and noticed that you were in Houston at the time and stressin' over Rita as well. Rita was the inspiration for my first post. It took me awhile to get hooked on blogging. (Course I don't have 4 babies growing inside me and a million people hanging on every word I type!)
But I'm sure that the blogosphere is a tremendous place to share your concerns and to receive support. You've got mine - in the form of prayers.

MDM said...

You are so fun keeping your sense of humor and being silly! Praying for ya...

lauren said...

Love the pictures! I'm working on organizing all of my pictures right now, and today I enjoyed seeing pictures of us from church camp, mission trip, spend the night parties, college, europe, my wedding, your wedding, and my pregnancy! Wow! We've been through a LOT together!! I love you and can't wait to go through this together with you, too!

Brittany said...

You are way prettier than Angelina Jolie... absolutely no doubt!!!

Audrey T said...

He! He! He! You make it look like so much fun.

I can send you some of my data to analyze if you're real bored. It's guaranteed to be engaging and exciting...riiiiight!

Anonymous said...


I work at CB&T with your dad. He told me about your page. Believe me, I understand your pain when it comes to bedrest. It is NOT all it is cracked up to be that is for sure!! My wonderful husband, Brian, had to do all the work too and I felt so bad that I couldn't do things for myself. It makes you feel useless sometimes. BUT, don't forget you are doing the most important work of all. You are helping God develop His wonderful creation!! You do show a positive outlook, but I know that positivity can run thin sometimes. Hang in there and know that our family is praying for you too. I can't wait to see your dad with his proud grandpa pictures, but I CAN wait until those babies have finished their development time. :)

Renee' Lewis

SG said...

Someone once told me that when you are pregnant and "growing a baby" your body exerts the same amount of energy it would use to climb a mountain EVERYDAY. (To bad no one tells our abs, thighs and butts that!) So even though you are just vertical on the couch, your body is climbing FOUR mountains everyday! WOW! No wonder you are on bedrest! Just thought I would share that with you.

As I dropped my kids off at MDO today I thought "It's Tuesday. Suzanne goes to the doctor on Tuesdays." Pretty funny since I don't think we have ever met! Hope your doc appoinment went great and you are back home resting while your body contiues the hike. :)

Carol said...

fun pics!

I'm enjoying my fuller lips too - it's nice to not have skinny lips for once in my life!

Karina said...


any thoughts on the recent births of the Morrison & Masche sextuplets? Glad to see you're doing so well, you look great! Keep up the good work : )

Anonymous said...

Hi, Suzanne! It's Ashley (Hagelstein) Sanders. You may not be interested in this, but I have an email for a close family friend of David's, who is the mother of quintuplets. They are the only quintuplets born in Amarillo!

I don't know her personally, but I am very good friends with her sister-in-law. She said she would love to talk to you about life with multiples, scheduling volunteers, etc. Her email is:

If you want to talk to me first about my friend, Leah, feel free to contact me, too!

Good luck!

R Buckle said...

Best of luck on the bedrest. Had it with my last 2 pregnancies. I got real organized with my scrapbooking and started making cards!
Did you ever work at Mem NWest?

I am a surgeon in Houston.

suzanne said...

ashley- thank you so much!! sounds like a great resource!!

r buckle- as a matter of fact, Memorial Hermann NW is where i did my OR internship and worked there for several years as a mainly orthopedic circulator in the main OR (for Dr. Small, Nixon, Kendrick, etc). Thanks for stopping by! did we ever work together?

Rosemary said...

we may husband is you remember him? He is a sales rep in ortho.
Had dinner with Dr. Nixon tonight. Wish you very well.

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