Thursday, June 07, 2007

New Sonogram Pics & Update from last appt.

Sorry I am so late to post after my doctors appointments. You cannot imagine how much they wear me out! Just getting off the couch, getting dressed, being driven to the hospital, waiting in the waiting room, taking vital signs, waiting for the doctor, getting the abdominal sonogram and transvaginal sonogram, getting re-dressed, getting back into the car, and being driven home....wears me out to the point where I sleep for the rest of the day. I barely manage to call my dad to let him know about the appt. and then I'm OUT for the count! So, bear with me!

Good News:
- Babies look great (heartbeats, movement, etc)
- Amniotic fluid levels looking good
- My blood pressure looks great
- No spotting/cramping/bleeding/contractions

Good and Bad News:
- I had LOST a pound this week! YIKES! I think it's because of the severe which he prescribed Reglan!
- Dr. Tabor said that I would not be pregnant right now, if we hadn't placed the cerclage a couple of weeks ago. SCARY to think about huh? The babies are right up against the cerclage, but it is holding well.
- As he walked out of the room, the doc told me that he has already reserved a bed for me over in the hospital...and he said it twice! So, I have a pretty good feeling that I'm about to take hospital residence for the long haul reeeeeeeeeal soon. :( (Maybe even as early as next week!)

Next Tuesday is my next appointment. Dr. Tabor will be doing an extensive diagnostic sonogram to look very specifically at each, I guess we will know if there are any abnormalities with the little ones. We'll also know how much they are weighing, etc. **We are still not out of the clear, folks! I need to be a full 24 weeks preggo before the babies stand a chance outside the womb! (and even then the odds are only like 25% survival). 28 weeks is a good number and anything after 30 weeks would be awesome! So get those knee pads on and keep those prayers coming!!

Onto the pics of my babies!

It is so extremely difficult to get a good pic of Savannah, seeing as how she is on the bottom of the dog-pile that resides in my uterus! So we were very excited to get this profile shot of her! BTW, she is going to be one of the most flexible kids you have ever met! She has no room, so her legs are constantly folded back toward her head and her knees are always at her nose! poor baby!

Ben, my sweet little active Ben...this man has PRIME real estate. He's sittin on top of the world! Because he is at the top of the pile, he has the most room to move around...and let me tell ya...HE MOVES! They could barely get a heartbeat on him because he was rolling back and forth doing 180's!

The identical twins are next! (We refer to Ethan and Andrew as "the twins" because we can't really name them now, there is no way to know who they will be grabbing out first) Baby C is on the bottom and Baby D is on the top. They are too cute and they already interact with each other all the time during the sonograms. Baby C is our "profile baby" and always gives us beautiful profile shots of him every week. Baby D is usually facing downward, but we got a good upward-facing profile pic of him this time! Also, the sonographer said that they are all getting little fat cheeks! So that's good!

I know this pregnancy is super high risk and very stressful and scary the majority of the time...but it does come with some perks! We are SO completely blessed to be able to see our babies EVERY week and get sonogram pics every week. It is amazing how much they grow from week to week. Sorry if these pics aren't the best telling when Joe will be able to scan them for me (since he is pretty much doing everything else you can imagine around the house!) so, I took pictures of them with my camera! I think they came out pretty good!


Kelly said...

Is it just me but no pix are coming up??

Kelly said...

Now they are coming up. Don't know what was going on...Now, go gain that pound back!!

Emily, Frank, and Caden said...

Congrats on another healthy visit! I'll keep all of you in my prayers. Thanks so much for keeping all of us updated!

suzanne said... husband was having the same problem at first, then the pics finally came up...give it a little time or try refreshing the page...weirdness, don't know why that's happening!

Alexa said...

Glad everything looks good! I will be hoping the kids stay in where they belong for many weeks to come...

Lindsey said...

Suzanne - just keep up that optimistic attitude - you have got to be one of the most positive people I know! I'm amazed at the sonograms - your babies all look beautiful! Rest up and EAT!

Collins Family said...

WOW it is so amazing isn't it. I only have 1 inside and I am amazed everytime I get to see her. I don't get weekly ultrasounds but monthly since I had a wreck at 28 weeks and they got a good pic of her face and yes you will be amazed at seeing their faces fill out. Our little Isabelle has chubby cheeks as well. You are doing great I added your blog link to my blog so that others who are gracious enough to pray for us can also pray for you and your crew. Keep up the good work at following the rules and you and the crew will be fine. Take care!

lauren said...

Those pictures are amazing!! I, too, love your positive attitude. It's so uplifting to me and everyone reading this. My hearts melts looking at their sweet little faces! Eat up, girl!

Corrie said...

I'm glad they are all still cozy inside you! I just told Ryan at lunch that I hoped you updated soon so we (your adoring fans) would know if you were home or at the hospital!
I'm glad you have something for the heartburn! Try not to feel guilty about taking it! My allergies were so bad at the beginning of my pregnancy and I wouldn't take anything. When we went to the doctor for the first time Ryan told him how bad my allergies had been and the doc said that pregnant women have a tendency to punnish themselves by not taking medicine when they really actually need it! All of that to say, take it when you need it and EAT UP, girl!

Anonymous said...

When I was pregnant with my twins, I had them named the majority of the third trimester. I knew which one was which. Alexander and Jacob
Well, when they were born; Jacob came first and then Alex. My nurses and hubby just assumed that the first baby was Alex (A)and that the 2nd was Jake. I remember laying there getting ready to push out Alex, yelling across the room, NO THAT IS JACOB, NOT ALEX. They thought I was nuts. LOL


The Mannings said...

Those pictures are AWESOME! Poor little Savannah, being piled up on by her brothers. The boys should enjoy it know, 'cause when they get here, she'll be the queen in your house! :) I'm glad that you got some good news at your doctor's visit, and as always, we'll be thinking about you and praying that those little darlings stay in your tummy for as long as possible. Thanks for the update!

Love from MS,
Brooke :)

pughcrewMom said...

Hey Suzanne! Great Post. I am glad you are home for another week, and that you have so much help at home. Take advantage of it. Everyday is another day towards the next goal week. The pictures of the babies look really, really good. I remember when I was prego with my twins that I was amazed after their birth that their leg and arm movements correlated to the movements I felt when they were still in utero. I hope that makes sense to you. So maybe your active boy Ben may be just that active in person. I think it says a lot about their personalities. JMO. Well, eat, sleep and stay on your sides resting. I will continue to pray for many more weeks - with hopefully you at home rather than the Hospital. Be sure to let me know off list which hospital you will be at.
Take care Suzanne!

Quilao Triplets said...

Hi Suzanne!

So glad that mama and babies are doing great. Praise GOD for the cerclage! I think I told you before that I know it was the reason I was pregnant as long as I was. I know that hospital bedrest is not the most exciting news to hear, but if being under close supervision will keep those babies inside of you longer than so be it! My husband actually has fond memories of coming to visit and staying overnight with me in Labor & Delivery....something about having access to the cafeteria 24 hours a day plays into it....we still laugh about the "Choco Taco" (ice cream) runs he would make evey night:)
I will be praying for you!

p.s. I sure hope that they have internet access in your hospital room for you! I also had a portable DVD player to watch movies and spent ALOT of time on the phone.


Kim said...

The babies look so cute and I know you will do your best to keep those babies in place until enough time has passed to get them here safely. We are thinking of you and praying for you! Good luck next Tuesday!

Texose said...

So glad to hear you are back home and the babes are well. Diddos on what every one has said above. We love and miss you and have added you to every prayer list I am apart of... Glad you are in good company, can rest easily knowing they are plumping well and that you now have meds for that burning...
I will check often and pray continually!!!!
---Jo and Family

Anonymous said...

Wow. How very beautiful they are. Takes my breath away.

Nate, Maurine, & Hannah said...

Awesome pics!! So amazing- I got a little teary. Can't wait to see you! Love Mo

Page said...

Congrats on 22 weeks and another week at home! That is wonderful news! You are definately an inspiration to me and many others out there with your HILARIOUS sense of humor and positive attitude!
Thanks for keeping us updated!

Anonymous said...

YEA for 22 weeks at home!

I am so excited to see this great report. The babies look wonderful. OK, girl, it's time to bulk up on the almonds, nutella, ranch dressing, avocados, Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream, and all of those other "high-fat, heartburn-friendly" foods. Pastries, tarts, and cheesecake are good too! ;-)

I am very, very happy for you and Joe.

My husband and I have said that we need to get the crew all together (six Class of 2029 babies from two pregnancies!) for some Aggie games in the future! How fun would that be? Hope y'all are able to keep up with the baseball games (have been shown via computer on Aggie Ultimate Access and now on tv this weekend). Jon says if we beat Rice this weekend, the boys first road trip might be to Omaha-- God help us!

With Love and Blessings,
-Amber S.

Matt, Jen, and Grace said...

You are such an amazing, Godly woman! I appreciate your candor and positive outlook on all God throws your way.
Your babies are so precious and beautiful! Praying for you to keep them inside you for many more weeks to come!
In Him,
Jen H.
P.S. Yay for Blue Bell ice cream! We miss that out here in Colorado!
P.P.S. I hope you and your friends don't hate me, but we are big UT fans. HOOK 'EM HORNS! :)

Katie said...

SO HAPPY to hear that things are going well for you!!! I'll be praying specifically that they will last a good 30 weeks!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics! They are so precious! It was great to hear that you got a good report from your doctor visit yest. Hope you get the heartburn under control. We're still praying for you. Please give your mom a big hug from me! Love ya, Gwen

Carol said...

Great pics! and you look great in that last post as well! I'm glad to hear that things are going so well. sorry to hear that you'll be in the hospital soon, but I'm sure it's for the best.

Amanda's News said...

I love those pictures! They are really clear:) All of you are in our prayers. I think you look great in your prego pictures (there is nothing fat about it). Keep eating those pastries and gaining that weight. Love ya!

Melissa said...

Oh what memories those pictures bring back. Those brought me to tears as I remembered starring at our sonogram pictures for hours just dying to know what our little ones were going to look like. It looks like they all have such cute little noses and Ben has some great Angelina Jolie lips! Hang in there and keep those feet up!

Tracy said...

Awesome update! Keeping ya'll in my prayers. And like everyone else - your positive attitude is inspiring!

Blueeyes said...

Congrats on another week at home. You are in God's hands. He has truly blessed you with 4 beautiful children. Lean on God & he will protect & guide you the next several months! Glory to God for your Pregnancy! Keep up your positive attitude & laugh a's the best medicine!

Linda said...

Suzanne, there are hundreds of people if not thousands praying for you, Joe, and those 4 precious babies. May God continue to bless you during this time of carrying the babies!
I found your blog through someone else's.....I live in the metroplex and go to Richland Hills Church of Christ. We were in class a month or two ago and you and Joe were on the prayer list. Not sure who gave the request...but you are definitely covered in prayer.

Blessings, Linda L.


They look soooooo great.We are praying for you in Indiana, even though you don't know us!Keep up the good work!Connie and family

Sandi said...

This is my first time to comment...not sure how I found you first but have been reading since around Easter...your sonogram pictures are adorable -- that's awesome how you can get such a clear picture of each of them! Congratulations on making it so long at home!

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how well you can see on sonograms! I love the profile pictures. Those babies are going to be so beautiful! They have a gorgeous mom and a pretty cute dad. So sorry to hear that you have heartburn. That is the worst!!! I had it too. I could eat bread and water and would still have heartburn! I'm glad to hear that you have another week at home. Yea!!

SG said...

I love sonogram pictures! Hard to beleive there are really babies growing in there until you see them on the screen..and even then it is sometimes hard to really comprehend. Hope all goes great and that you get to stay home as long as possible! Praying, praying, praying, praying. Post nursery pictures when you can!

Donna Normna said...

Sounds great. Enjoyed the visit and hope it passed a few minutes in the day. Stay calm, take deep breathes. You're going to make it. We'll pray for another week at home. Enjoy the TLC you're getting now. It is so good your mom and Judy can be there to help.
Love and hugs... Donna

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