Saturday, June 23, 2007



Yae! My 24 hour protein urinalysis came back below normal!! My BP has been BEAUTIFUL. So, all I'm really working with is the Gestational Diabetes. (I've been calling friends and family telling them, "Whelp, I got the GD"...just b/c I think it sounds funny...and, well, I think I'm funny--at least I can get a good kick outta myself every once in a while.) ;)

Positives to GD:

High birth weight babies! (Meaning, GD babies tend to get HUGE! not that mine are going to get huge, but at least it will help fatten them up a little bit! Anything helps! These babies need to be at least over 3 pounds...the bigger the better!)

Negatives to GD:

Well, I'm not really focusing on these.

They've had to change my diet all up, and I'm worried I won't be gaining as much weight as I should be. At least I don't have to eat as much JUNK anymore! It's sooooooo nice to eat fresh fruit! (without the nutella or whipped cream or chocolate!) I'm not going to say this GD is easy: I got pretty sick yesterday as my blood sugar was jumping around all over the place. At one point is was up over 200! YIKES! But the glucola test didn't help that any! Today I feel much better.

Yes, because I have such a strong family history of Diabetes, I have like a 75% chance of retaining the disease after I deliver my babies...but you know what? I am going to exercise like crazy and eat right! I actually DREAM about the day that I can run around the block and lift weights! And I've NEVER been an exercise buff...I actually used to hate it! (actually, I dream about the day I can get up and walk to the refrigerator without someone barking at me to get back on the couch!) But you know, if I DO keep the Diabetes, it's not the end of the world, folks! It will FORCE me to eat right and exercise for the rest of my life! NO excuses! (Now, I'm no Pollyanna....I know it will be difficult and I'm sure I will shed many tears...but I try to stay on the sunny side of things!) If anything, I have to take care of myself for my babies! That's plenty incentive for me!

I'm just laying here listening to Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Bob Schneider, John Mayer, and Jason Mraz...LOVE those guys! And I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words and encouragement! I've gotten some incredible packages and gifts that arrived at my house and even up here at the hospital! Please bear with me (is it bEAr or bARe?..anywhoo) it might take me a while to get those "thank you" cards out, but we are forever thankful and grateful! Please know that!!

Ladies who have inquired about visiting: SURE! You can come visit whenever! Don't worry about trying to figure out a good time. Who am I kiddin? I do nothing but lay here all day! Feel free to drop by whenever! And things to bring? NOTHING! (the token answer) far as food and snacks go, I'm kinda skiddish about that right now...not sure what I can and can't eat. But I KNOW that I CAN'T eat simple sugars like baked sweets and candy, just bring yourself! ;) or flowers! ha! ;)

The hardest part about this is not seeing my hubby or getting to sleep with him at night. So, the weekends are fun b/c he can spend the whole day and night with me in the hospital (I'm sure that sounds REALLY fun! haha). Now, he's tried to say that he's gonna sleep with me up here, but I won't let him on work days...that's just ridiculous. That's why my mom is here! ;) And I'm still missing my baby girl dog! ahhhhh! Yes, I will have to find a way to sneak her up here or be wheeled outside to love on her! :(

This is the look I got from her every day when I was glued to the couch during bedrest...isn't she precious!


Murray Crew said...

Suz, this is grand news! Brad and I prayed for you last night while feeding our 4 knockouts, before putting them down to sleep. Positiveness is such a key to "survival" in the hospital, keep it up, girl! Not only are your sweet babes fighters - you are the warrior! Prov. 3:5,6 "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowelge Him and He will direct your path." (My all time fav.) We are rooting for you strong in Indiana!

Quad Squad! said...

Hurrah! I'm so glad you don't have preeclampsia! What a blessing! I had GD too, by the way! What a pain! But it wasn't too bad. I'm sure you'll do fine!

Anonymous said...

I have the family praying for you and the babies! Praising God right now that you are not dealing with more than the diabetes. May the days pass quickly until you are holding your sweet babies. Jesus loves the Steece clan!
JoAnn from MI

Kelly said...

Poor baby girl. I could not handle being away from my Molly. :o( She was so sweet and caring while I was on bed rest w/Jenna. I hope yoou can sneak her up or somewhere close so you can see her! I know she misses you. Hang in there!

Michael and Hannah said...

Hey Suzanne, glad I ring a bell for you! I really am just in awe of your happy spirit... from now on, any time God throws me a curve ball, I've just going to consult you so you can find a positive spin on it! If you get a chance, e-mail me your mailing address. I'd love to have it!

Will and Amy said...

I just love your transparency and sunny thoughts. I think you and your hubby are going to be the most able and fun parents because of it. I don't even know you, but if I were close I'd visit just to say hey and hang in there. Do you like to read? I'm sure you've got tons of books, but if you ever want suggestions, just ask on here and I'm sure you'll get a ton (plus some books in the mail!!!). Praying for you and your clan.


Triplet mama said...

Hi Suzanne,

Woo hoo for no preeclampsia...Boo hoo for the GD. My friend had it also when pregnant with her twins. Luckily, you are in the best place to monitor it though. Another note on the bright have a new environment to take pics of and post for us! Let's see your hospital room:) I'm sure you are being very well taken care of. I LOVED my nurses.
Your positive outlook will get you SO far in this pregnancy. I also find it very difficult to focus on the negative and sometimes I realize I am too naive (sp?) but if that's my personality flaw I'll take it.
Keep us updated. I am glad that you haven't mentioned any problems with contractions..another plus! I wish I was in TX so I could visit you, but I'll have to stick with the blog comments.


Dallas said...

Yea!!!! Good news! Hey, I am going to be in Texas next week, I would love to come and visit and bring my sister (yes, Marty is my sister) up to see you. Which hospital are you at? Harris Southwest? Enjoy all the nurse loving you are getting...hopefully your dog can make a surprise visit soon.

kristin said...

You are hilarious!! You have also have the best attitude ever. I love it :) And I'm so happy you can still update while in the hospital. I was afraid after you went in the hospital the next update would be pictures of the 4 little ones (even though I can't wait to see that update eventually too), but not anytime soon of coures, haha!

Aunt Susan said...

Hi Suz.. It was so good to talk with you this morning...Can't wait to come see you ! Make sure your dad gives you a BIG HUG from me...Keep up the positive attitude !! You are awesome girl.. (little mama) :) Hang in there sweetie..Please know that you, Joe, and the four little ones are in our prayers daily ! Love you bunches !

Deanna said...

I am so glad all the other test came back normal. Sorry about the GD. I was borderline when pregnant with my twins and my quads, so I had to watch what I ate to a point. Glad you are feeling better today. That glucose always made me sick. Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Suz! You don't know me, but I am a blog stalker of yours...I love to hear all about the babies! I pray for you and your family daily. Know that many people are. I am a friend of a friend way down here in So. Georgia. We will continue to pray for you. Stephanie D

Emily said...

Yeah, another blog don't know me but I love your story.

Anyhow, was thinking today that surely they could sneak up Shiloh and wheel you out for a visit to see her. That might make it a little bit easier, and help you feel better and then Shiloh wouldn't miss you so much. Would they be able to do that? Instead of being stuck in the bed, if they could just wheel you outside for some fresh air and a fuzzy dog for a good heartwarming visit...hope you get to see her soon.

Glad you are doing better and we're praying for at least 28 weeks.

Emily in Oklahoma

Kimberly said...

I'm so glad to hear those babies are stay'n put for now! We are Pray'n for you, Suz! So happy you have no preeclampsia!
Hows the hospital food? Been thinking of what could keep you buys while in the hospital:
Maybe you can get in on all the hospital drama and give us all the scoop if theres any Dr.s hooking up with their interns, etc. You know, sorta like Grey's Anatomy?
I bet Shiloh misses you!

Anonymous said...

I'm a stalker of your blog and also an intensive care nurse. We have been known to sneak a dog or two into the unit to visit a patient so I'm sure even if you can't make it outside in a wheelchair that something could be done so you can visit with Shiloh!
Cynthia in Little Rock, AR

Sandi said...

I can't remember if I ever commented before, but I've been keeping up with your blog for a while now. I'm with everyone else -- you have a great attitude, and that (with God's help) will get you through the rest of this pregnancy just fine. I had GD with my last pregnancy, and I was a basketcase for two weeks as I tried to figure out my diet. It was the best thing that has ever happened to me, in the long run, because it got me interested in eating better (and losing the pregnancy weight quickly!) and in exercising more. I think it would be really challenging, though, with quads when you're needing to eat to help them grow -- maybe lots of steaks and cheese?! It's great that you can be there at the hospital where they can help you control your diet.

Praise God that you don't have pre-eclampsia. Keep working on growing those babies! You're doing great!

Anonymous said...


I think your blog might be the most stalked after haha You are such an inspiration to everyone. I am still interested in chatting with you. My email is Take care and let those nurses love on you. I think Shiloh could pass as a relative. I wish I was closer so that I could visit you. Then our quads could be friends since they will be just weeks apart.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Tina (5 year twins and GGBB quads due Nov -or sooner)

Anonymous said...


I think your blog might be the most stalked after haha You are such an inspiration to everyone. I am still interested in chatting with you. My email is Take care and let those nurses love on you. I think Shiloh could pass as a relative. I wish I was closer so that I could visit you. Then our quads could be friends since they will be just weeks apart.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Tina (5 year twins and GGBB quads due Nov -or sooner)


Yahoo!Am so glad to hear it!We are praying for your babies in Indiana!

Carrie said...

Suzanne -
I loved visiting with you tonight! I feel like I already know you so well. Between your blog and your sweet personality I feel as if we've been friends for years!
How blessed those 4 babies are to have a mama with such a sweet spirit. They will have such calm, sweet spirits because of your peaceful, positive attitude throughout this entire pregnancy.
We will pray everyone hangs on at least 4 more weeks!
Maybe we can have a girl's night some time, bring a movie and pretend like we are at home on the couch! It's one more way to pass the time.
I will come up again soon!
Love - carrrie

Anonymous said...


It's great to hear NO Preeclampsia. Hopefully, the GD will go away with delivery, but if it doesn't, I'm sure you'll deal with it well. Keep up the great attitude and best of luck. I'll keep praying for you and your family. Here is another website for you to check out

MommyOfFive(ages:6,4,almost 3, and 15 months old BG twins)

Anonymous said...

What great news that there is no preeclampsia! Sorry about the GD but know that you can handle it. Your attitude is great just like I knew it would be! That's my Suzy!
Take good care. You are in my prayers.
Love you,

Laura said...

I am so impressed by your good attitude. I am also thrilled you do not have preeclampsia. GD is easier to deal with at this stage. You are doing great!

Audrey T said...

Suzanne, you rock! I'm glad you're still feeling positive and cracking at least yourself up! (And some of the rest of us too.)

Karen said...

I'm so glad you're hanging in there and that you don't have preeclampsia!! Whew! I know that hospital bed rest is no fun whatsoever, but it sounds like you have the best possible attitude about it. I hope you get to see your baby girl dog soon! :)

Anonymous said...

As a witness to the amazying Murray Quad story, I want to encourage you on your journey. Trust in the Lord. Know that He hears prayers for you (even from Indiana) and He is in control. Stay Classy!

~Denise~ said...

That is wonderful that preeclampsia is not something you have to deal with at this point. (I'm a two time PE survivor) I was away over the weekend, and thought about you wondering how your appt went. Glad to hear you are in the hospital being monitored with fabulous care!! You have such a fantastic attitude! Hang in there!

Page said...

Suz, as many have already stated, you have THE BEST attitude! I love it! I'm so glad you do not have Pre-eclampsia and hope you are getting lots of rest!

Anonymous said...


I just found your website and already fell in love with your family. You seem to be doing great. Praise the Lord! I am amother of 4.(ages7,3,and 11 month old BG twins)I am very jealous of your no stretch mark belly. I am back to a pretty good size but my stomach has alot of stretch marks on it.

A couple of questions for you.

1. Have you decided on a vehicle to carry your growing family?

2. Do you plan to go back to work?

3. If people were to buy items off of your registry how does that get sent to you?

Thanks for sharing your story with us.


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