Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Been Tagged

OK, so I've been tagged several times to blog about random facts that you might not have known about me..(Yah right? Like you guys don't know everything about me already!?) So, due to obvious time restraints...I have decided to copy and paste a previous post from like 2 years ago...with some much needed modifications. I tried to leave everything how it was, and also went back through and commented in BLUE beside the old parts. (added a couple too)...

(For example: one of the things I had written was that we wanted 3 children...obviously for them to be healthy, but if we had a choice, Joe would like at least one boy and I would like at least one girl! Hahahaha)

For those of you who are die hard Steece's Pieces blogger fans, I apologize for the redundancy:

I can't fall asleep cuddling & I am a very light sleeper...once I wake up, I'm up for good! (I like to cuddle, just can't fall asleep while cuddling)

I do not like mushrooms or tomatoes

I love sushi (the cooked stuff-so that probably doesn't count) & edamame (soy beans)

The first place I gain weight is in my face (the one place you can't really hide it!) and yes, I've got some newly acquired LOVELY baggage in the tummy department as well!

I absolutely HATE working out...HATE it...but make myself do it (hmm...yah, not as often lately! i wonder why? haha)

Nursing school was the absolute hardest thing I've ever gone through in my life! (Thanks, Harding U)...hmm...yah, lets go ahead and change that to carrying quadruplets in my body for 30 weeks and one day!

I was a member of the Waco Girls Choir for a couple of years (Sang Alto) I still remember all the songs...such a dorky thing to do, but I LOVED it!

My brother used to put live green locust and hard, crunchy, brown locust shells in my long hair when I was younger....I am afraid of them to this day (Thanks, Col!)

I am also afraid of mascots...actual people dressed up in mascot uniforms that cover their face. As long as they talk, I'm okay...but the ones that just use their hands to talk or walk up behind you at theme parks FREAK ME OUT. (SOOOO weird, I know)

Pet Peeves: when people don't return their shopping carts to the bins in the parking lots, bad tipping for good service...hmmm...I'm sure there are more, but lets move on...

I tore my ACL on our church ski trip when I was a senior in high school, the MDs told me it was just a bad sprain, I went on to college where I played extremely competitive sports in flag football, basketball, etc. I re-injured it doing a cheerleading toe-touch for spring-sing--which is when I found out it was an old tear. I took off my semester right before nursing school to come back home to Waco, have surgery, and be a youth intern for a semester...(which I absolutely LOVED!...wouldn't have changed it for the world!)

I absolutely LOVE roller coasters & roller skating

I've never had a cavity in my life (but its about time for a visit to the ole dentist, so that might have changed!)

I never wear shorts, unless working out...I hate shorts/love skirts

I have a photographic memory

I am TERRIBLE at history & geography...it is SOOO sad and embarrassing. I actually just recently bought the books "Don't know much about History" and "Don't know much about Geography" so I can learn in my spare time (haha) but seriously...its pathetic.

I hardly ever watch the news or the weather...I have no idea what is going on from day to day unless people are talking about it at work (Dad is so disappointed! ;) )

I can play the piano by ear, no lessons--I would love to take them now (yah, I don't really see that happening any time soon!)

I absolutely LOVE to cook, the Food Channel, and Paula Dean "HEY YALL!"

I am a Surgical Registered Nurse who can see gory, bloody, nasty, bone crushing surgeries...but cannot take it when patients throw up...I start gagging and must leave the room...same thing w/ "code browns" (when someone soils themselves) and I must clean it up...I am physically GAGGING! I also HATE throwing up..I fear it. (However, I can stand all the spit up and poopy diapers you can imagine...funny how its a mom thing)

I kill any plant/flower after about 2-3 Days...I'm terrible

The only books I like to read are true stories (like the one about Aaron Ralston, the climber who cut off his arm to survive and hiked his way down a mountain!) or baby books ;)

I am BAD at keeping up long-distance relationships and am not a big phone talker...but I'm GREAT at texting! ;)...this is part of the reason I started this blog in the first place!

It takes a LOT to hurt my feelings...I've got a hard shell, a little too hard sometimes (you have to when you work with doctors all day long! ha)

When I or my brother eat anything with garlic in it, we will reek it out of our pores for about 24 hours...it is SO weird (no matter how many showers I take or how many times I brush my teeth and gargle w/ mouthwash)--needless to say, I stay away from it! ;) Ewwwww

I'm a very loyal friend to have & I'm extremely protective of those I love (extremely...I cannot stand watching people get "bullied")

I almost drowned when I was 5 (?) years old in Concan, Texas on the Frio River: family reunion, everyone was watching my granny go down the rapids and laughing, then my mom accidentally got caught in the current and went down the rapids w/ no innertube and everyone was looking at her and laughing...no one saw me going down the rapids w/out an innertube, 5- years old,- head down- sinking down into a drop off...but my uncle saw me and dived in and saved me! and its all on tape! (Thanks Stoneman! You probably don't remember, but I sure do!)

I'm very good with computers (ONLY BECAUSE my bro is a computer genius)

I'm almost 5'8 and wear a 6.5 shoe (its ridiculous!) Pregnancy bumped me up a half size in some shoes...so I almost look normal now! ;)

My weakness: chips & queso...& pizza (LOOOOOVE QUESO! and sweets)

My entire life people have said I look like Kimmy Gibbler from Full House (in high school AND in college)...thanks alot! (She's the one on the left)
I was a cheerleader from 4th to 12th grade (also at some point played basketball, softball, track, and flag football)

I am borderline diabetic (my dad is, and my brother became diabetic in his early twenties)!..yikes...henceforth, the working out...(I had gestational diabetes which puts me at an even greater risk than before! Gotta stay away from those sweets!)

My grandfather, father, father's sisters, bro, and myself have all had the same initials at one point in our lives: "SCH"

My middle name is "Claire", named after my grandmother, "Clara"

I was Valedictorian of high school (it was a very small school) & graduated Magna Cum Laude from nursing school, yet am TERRIBLE at simple math AND still count on my fingers! (embarrassing) (yah, don't ask me to figure out the tip or try to round out the bill to be an even number...it is ridiculous! We'd be there for hours!!)

I think I would die if I had to live anywhere cold (I am such a weenie when it comes to cold weather! It is pretty pathetic...)

One of my favorite Bible verses: John 16:33
"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have PEACE. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD!" (-Jesus) ;)

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annalee said...

i'm a 6.5 too, and i love it when i can try just try on the display. it's the best!
also, i couldn't stop laughing that you got kimmy gibbler look-alike comments.
thanks for sharing.

Katie said...

I some how found your blog and I am so glad I did because I have enjoyed reading it so much!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Casey said...

I am so glad I am not the only one afraid of mascots! I am the same way! It's the fact that I can't see their face and they can't/don't talk to me. It just weirds me out. Our college mascot was the Tiger and I actually knew the guy who was the tiger one year and I still couldn't deal with it and he would purposefully antagonize me b/c it freaked me out! Probably stems from being chased by a mascot at Six Flags during Fright Fest if I had to guess! LOL

Krystyn said...

Fun learning more about you! My hubby reeks of garlic and onions for days. He was and has been instructed not to eat either for at least 2 weeks before the due date (so I don't have to smell it on him)!

Tracy said...

Hello!! I almost drowned in the Frio River too! Strange thing for us to have that in common. I was about 5 years old as well and we were tubing with the family.

My dad's tube was connected to mine with a rope. When we went down part of the river, the current sucked us under. My poor dad lost his shorts! and shoes...and i was nowhere to be found. My aunt's friend saw my lifejacket pop up out of the water (without me in it) and she dove in and pulled me up out of the river. Haven't been back to the Frio since! :)

I'm glad we didn't drown!

RowdyGirls said...

I'm married to a garlic (and curry) stinker. It's the worst! If only he were considerate (like you) and stayed away from the stuff. Glad to know he's not alone, though :D Wonder if my kids got that gene. Lord, I hope not!

sarah said...

thanks so much for sharing about yourself. i found your blog awhile ago and i am a loyal blog-watcher of yours. my husband gives me such a hard time when he sees me reading it or if i tell him something about your family (he really gives me trouble when i tell him i was talking about you guys with my friend). he says, "but you don't even know these people!" and i tell him that i really feel like i do. oh, and i am a nurse too! and we live in texas! (okay, i'm stretching it a little bit...) anyway, i love your smiles and personality and enjoy seeing how much you love your life and your family. you are an inspiration to me on rough days. thanks for letting me into your world.


Jessica said...

I was deathly terrified of costume characters when I was younger. There are zero pics of me with santa claus or the easter bunny, and my parents would have to take turns on look out if we were at an amusement park because seeing one would set me off on a crying spree for hours-I feel your pain!

ps-i do not think you look like kimmie gibler!

amanda said...

mmmk so i have been reading (lurking) for way too long!! so i am finally saying hi :)

i don't even know where to begin? you just amaze me...i truly don't know how you do it?

thanks for being such an inspiration :)

The Mom said...

I'm afraid of those commercials with that talking baby where they morph his mouth and the voice is that of a 40-year-old smoker!!

Love your blog, and glad to know more about you! ;)

LeonardFamilyBlog said...

You are way cuter and prettier than the Gibler!!

Anonymous said...

I was reading your blog thinking "ME TOO" the whole time!! I went to HU with you and live in the DFW area now. Some of the big similarities are the talking on the phone, being afraid of mascots (I HATE them and my husband loves it!), kill plants, love skirts, and sing alto. I enjoyed reading it!

BoufMom9 said...

I LOVE the bible verse you wrote! I've always loved the book of John, but don't know why that verse never struck me before. I have had some really stressful things going on in my life lately, and that verse was just what i needed to read.
thank you!

Casey's trio said...

That was so much fun to read Suz! I'm cracking up at the "code brown" issue....can totally understand that one! The pic of you and Paula Dean is cute too:)

Laura said...

I loved this post. It was nice to get to know who you are aside from a amazing mother! You have such a wonderful attitude. I noticed that when I began reading your blog while pregnant. I really admire that quality.

I hate mushrooms too. Hate working out but do it all the time. Hate mascots too. Shopping cart dumpers LOL!

Great info. You have done a lot in your young life. You are much much prettier than "kimmy gibbler".

Collegegirl said...

Thanks for sharing! I think that when you become a mom "code browns" and throw-ups just do not drive you crazy since they are your own kiddos. I agree with the garlic thing. I do not eat a lot of it, since I tend to reak of it for hours at a time!

BTW- You look great for someone who does not like to work out! :)

Lauren said...

lol about the returning shopping carts. I use to be the same way untill I had kids. If I can not find a parking spot near a cart return, my cart is no longer returned. I am always afraid someone will call the cops because I left my kids in the car.
Then I started thinking why would this still be a pet peeve of yours. Oh yeah, you would be absolutely nuts to go shopping alone with all 4 at this point.

wilsonfamily said...


You don't know me. My husband used to work with a mutual friend and I was on her website and I clicked on your blog. I just wanted you to know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog-it cracks me up! I can't believe how much we have in common too. I'm sure it's a little weird to think that people you don't even know are reading your blog. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

TEXOSE said...

Hey girl...
Yah some of us had already seen this but I like to be reminded often of the things that make each of us special. It is wonderful to know you as an adult and now a very very experience mom.... I can't hardly wait to see you this month!

You are all so special to so many.... THANKS FOR THE VIEWS INTO YOUR LIFE AND WHO YOU ARE AS GOD'S DAUGHTER... Love yah all!!!!
---Ladybug Jo

the schirano triplets said...

i love hearing these interesting tidbits, thanks for sharing! i also have a "black thumb" as i like to call it. i kill anything and everything green that enters my world!

Page said...

Great post! It's fun to see what people's quirks are and what we have in common...I, too, HATE to workout. I'll do just about anything to get out of it but am always glad I did it afterwards!

Heather said...

Apparently I am not the only blog-stalker coming out of the closet :) I have been reading your blog for quite some time ... I lost my twins in November and have found reading about your life with your kids to be part of my healing process. Odd but true.

I just had to comment because I am 5'8" with a size 6 foot as well - gotta love the comments! No one ever believes me ... until they actually look at the itty bitty things I call feet. THey look the worst in baseball cleats ;)

Anonymous said...

you DO look like Kimmy! Wow!

Patrick and Martha Jane said...

How funny....I really enjoyed reading this post...Strangely enough, I am scared to death of mascots..Even the Chik-Fil-A cow!! I also HATE to be cold!! how funny..thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...

i'm so glad to hear that someone else in this world has trouble with simple math (figuring tips, etc.)! my husband makes fun of me all the time because of this. i have a calculator in my purse at all times!

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge Paula Deen fan too! Where were you when that picture was taken? Did she do a local book signing,or was that in Savannah? And I love to cook...it's also a big stress releaser to me.

Anonymous said...

I love reading all the juicy stuff about people....it's so fun! Thanks for sharing.


Amanda's News said...

That was great! I can vouch for the Flag Football. You were awesome!!! One of the best memories of college is playing flag football with my Ju Go Ju girls!!!

Gen McNulty said...

Hey Suz,
That was WAY fun to read. I love you even more than before now! Hey, a few more things we have in commmon... I'm almost 5.8 and have a have a 7-7.5 shoe size too. Being prego made them grow also! Funny. Oh, and I wanted "at least on girl" too! Funny.. now I have three.. at least we have one boy!

The mascot thing killed me... your such a dork!!


leeandceleste said...

Thanks for playing the tag game. It was great getting to know more about you. You crack me up. I have trouble finding time to blog with only one baby, and you find time with four. You are definitely Super Mom!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Are you guys already planning the Quads 1st Birthday Party?

p.s. I never thought you looked even remotely similar to Kimmy Gibler.

Sooz said...

This is one of my favorite posts of yours...well next to those beautiful babies! Thank you for sharing with all of us!

The Beasley's said...

In quickly glancing through some other people's comments, I'm seeing the same comment that I IMMEDIATELY thought when I read through your blog. You look nothing like Kimmy Gibbler. That cracked me up. The throw up thing is totally me, though. I FEAR it. I will swallow and swallow so I won't do it--it has to TOTALLY overcome me for it to even happen. Worst thing ever.

Jeni said...

Hi Suz, I don't remember how I came by your blog, but I just love it! Your children are beautiful and you two are just wonderful parents. I'm from Arlington – my whole family is still there. A friend of mine recently had triplets. She reads your blog, too, and she saw you once at the Dr's office. You two had the same OB. But she was too chicken to come up and introduce herself to you. =) Anyway, I thought you might get curious about who's reading about you and maybe you might want to know more about us. So here is the link to my blog: http://www.babyjellybeans.com/web/do/site/home?ID=35435

Take care and keep all the sweet pictures coming!

Courtney said...

That is fun! It's funny that people say you look like Kimmy. I wouldhave never come up with it on my own, but there is something about her/you that I can see where people would say that...but I can't figure out what it is ....so weird :)

The kids are getting cuter by the minute! I bet you are so anxious for summer weather (less germs and older babies)! Outdoors is the best thing! :)

boysmum2 said...

I too am a surgical nurse and can watch and assist with the worst op you can ever imagine, but give me sputum or vomit and I am gagging!
When I was training I hated the sluice room, bed pans etc.
But put my hands in someones abdomen and I have no trouble at all.
I love my job

Rachel said...

You are much prettier than kimmie gibler! ANd... if you want to figure out a tip at a restaurant, quickly.... just double the tax. It's about right every time!

Tanya said...

Hi! I have followed your blog for awhile now - LOVE IT! I'm also a mother of multiples...just twins, though :) I just had to comment when I saw that one of your favorite Bible verses is John 16:33. That is my favorite and has been for a very long time. I also like the version that says "In this world you will have tribulation. But take courage!"

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Just found your blog and am enjoying it.

I am a high-risk L&D RN and it is SO fun to see what happens with multiples once they all get to go home!

You have a lovely family!

lauren said...

I will agree that you are such a loyal friend! I'm so blessed to have you as one of mine! Love you and can't wait to see you!!!

Kupiec Baby Blog said...

Just came across your blog and LOVE it. Your kiddos are adorable!

Emily said...

Just think...if you hadn't had some identical twins, your wish of three children, at least one boy and one girl would have been spot on! I guess God just knew you needed one more and took care of that in a little different way. :)

Stephanie said...

I thought I would come out of the woodwork, too. Thank you for your blog - it (and you) and been so encouraging to me! I found this on a friends page (Kristen T. - I think you went to Harding with her) and am so glad I did! I just have one toddler and find myself getting so overwhelmed sometimes, so when you posted something about laughing about things instead of getting upset, I just died. Thank you for your faith and your sense of humor! Every mom should read your blog!
PS - Growing up, everyone always told me I looked just like Kimmy Gibbler, too! hehehe

Stephanie said...

Kimmy Gibbler..never thought of it, but totally true! lol Thanks for all the fun stuff about you! Its nice to get to know about you since we seem to know so much already! You are an amazinf person..thanks for being such and inspiration to us all!

jamesaidansmom said...

I go to your site once in a while because it is so funny and cute. I laughed out loud when you said you were "afraid" of throw up because I am the exact same way. My friends and family have always made fun of me for it. I thought I was the only one! Glad to know I'm not alone :) Your kids are adorable.

kristin said...

Thank you for saying that the Nursing program at Harding was the hardest thing you've done other than having carrying quads of course ;) It makes all of us here at Harding feel much better.

King Quads said...

I am a sucker for chips and Con Queso dip myself...

You have such a beautiful personality and you are such an inspiration to so many people.

P.S. I also happen to love Paula Dean - luckout!

Laura McIntyre said...

Intersting, i love reading these things

Lauren Godsey said...

I HATE mascots too!! I am glad to know there are other people out there that feel the same way! I just feel like anyone dressed up like that is up to no good...they creep me out! hahaha!

Justin & Suzanne said...

My parents honeymooned in Concan, Texas, and one of my roommates at A&M worked at the gift shop there...small world!! My dad used to go there all the time with "the guys" and swim. I wonder if he knows your family?? His name is Ted Hall. Let me know if your family knows him...jsspeterson.blogspot.com


Justin & Suzanne said...

Well, I just called my parents (and woke them up). My mom said that your dad is Steve Hoag and was in the grade between my parents. They went to high school together in Uvalde! Funny that they both named their daughters Suzanne!

Ice Cream Cakes said...

1) You are waaaay more gorgeous than Kimmy Gibler
2) I have the opposite issue: size 8.5 shoes but I'm just over 5'5
3) I am SO bad at history and geography --- AND I use old songs I learned when I was little to remember how to skip count for math! Yep. Terrible. And somehow passed organic chem. So...I get what you're saying :)
4) I love those "informative" things, it was fun to learn about you :) I will try to put one on my blog...
5) I cannot handle cold weather either!! and look where I live - Indiana! Oh dear...

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