Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Q & A with the Quad Mom

First of all, you guys are totally cracking me up with all of your comments from my last post! It seems that I keep getting asked the same questions over and over, so....its about time for me to do a question and answer blog! Yippee!

Feel free to ask me your questions (WITHIN REASON & GOOD TASTE), and I will devote an entire blog to answering them!

Please be respectful--this is a family friendly blog! I am only answering questions that are WITHIN REASON & GOOD TASTE--oh yah, and you must leave your name!

So, ask away my blogger friends! ;)

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Tabatha said...

O.k...I have a five year old and almost 9 month old and everytime I see a picture of myself I look like a drained pale dead woman...so my question is where do you get your energy and can I have some? And how do you always look so great in your pictures?

Anonymous said...

Here's my question: a family from church is expecting triplets in October, although it will likely be earlier. What are some ways we can help them? What will they need 3 of, what can they make do with just 1? What are some things that aren't helpful?

I just love your blog! Thanks for sharing the lives of your family.

Teri said...

DIDO what tabatha said! I have a 6 1/2 year old and still don't look as good as you do after having quads! Ofcourse I live in Illinois not sunny Texas, so that explains the tan!

Laura said...

I am a regular blog reader so most of my questions get regularly answered (if I wait). How much help do you have now a days with the babies? I have four kids (not all at once) and I know it must require a good deal of help. I just want you to know that your positive outlook and cheerful spirit is my favorite part of you. You tell it like it is but it always seems to show the sunny side. I love that about you!

Your babies are indeed adorable.

Nikki said...


You and Joe are too cute! How did the two of you meet? I hope to one day find a great guy and have an amazing relationship like you and Joe have. It's just so hard to find a good guy these days!


Tracie said...

You have to tell us where you got the cute orange top!

Allison said...

First off, I love reading your blog. Your kids are so adorable and you and your husband look so happy together too! My question is - Do you think you'll have any more kids or do you know this is it? :)

emily said...

what is your (and joe's) biggest surprise about parenting in general?

also... sort of a long the same lines, but kind of the opposite... is there something that you thought would be a challenge as a family w/ quads that is actually no big deal!?

The Mom said...

How many hours do you sleep at night?

;) Jen

Anonymous said...

Ha! I just received the Caulk sample I registered for through an ad banner on your site! I remember your hesitation to include the ads so I just felt like reporting back that I'm glad you did and my free sample looks like neat stuff. (I am nerdy that way!) I'm sure I'll get a chance to touch up the caulk around our bathroom faucet, that is after I get the three year old a snack, change a diaper, wipe up a trail of spit-up, clear a path through the toys, move the clothes from the washer to the dryer, finish unloading the groceries and get dinner started. Ha.

Seriously, though, your site is an inspiration to me as a mother and a Christian. And the pics are always SO cute. Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

Yaeeeee!!!!! You have no idea how much I would love to move to TX and become your friend - you are so stinkin' cute and make me laugh every single day!!!
1-How are you so itty bitty, tan and polished with 4 children?
2-What is y'alls sched. like?
3-Do you want more children?
4-Where do you shop and do you dress up every single day?

We all love ya, Suz...

Amanda said...

I am also a regular blog reader and most of my questions get answered as well. But I have to know....

WHERE do you get the headbands that Savannah wears in every picture? Do you make them?? Do you order them online? I LOVE them! They are so cute and I love how big they are.

I love how you are always SO accessorized! You absolutely look wonderful and radiant in every single picture. I can feel your positive energy in every post. It amazes me!


Kristi said...

I love all your skirts. I'm in the North Dallas area and have the hardest time finding cute skirts. So where do find your cute skirts? I'm just "done" with shorts. ;)

Andria and Co. said...

Did you ever breastfeed?

Kristen said...

Hi! I have been following your blog now for a few months since I started going through a fertility work-up. I was actually going to get my HSG test done and my friend sent me a link to your comments about it from a few years ago. I hope this isn't too personal, but did you do IUI with your clomid to get your quads? They are adorable and you make being a quad mom look easy! :) I hope I can have your same energy and enthusiasm with my own future kids! Thanks for sharing!!!

Jennifer said...

I'll echo what many of the other readers have said...you answer most of the questions since I check out your blog on a regular basis. :) Also...you do always look great!! I know you may have posted this before, but I don't remember it....how long did you try to get pregnant before you went to the dr to have things "checked out" so to speak. I'm 36...on the old side...and we've been trying 7 months...if I was younger I wouldn't worry so much, but I did make an appt for June when I am out of school. Any suggestions for me? Thanks and sorry to ramble on! :)

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through a friend and now I'm hooked! I work for Early Childhood Intervention and I was just wondering if your quaddies were ever referred to ECI and if so what was your experience?

PS-I know you know already, but you guys have the CUTEST kiddos ever!

Miranda said...

Ok I absolutly LOVE your site. I check in everyday... My question to you is, I know that you had to being Clomid prior to your pregnancy. Me and my husband are having to make the dicision to being this medication it scares me alittle because he family is FULLLL of twins. His sisters being a set. I am scared of multiples! What are your thoughts. What do i do? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Ok - - so when it's time to send your kiddos to school, will you do public school or private school or home school? Do you ever plan on going back to work? Also, do you and the quaddies ever get out during the week?

Anonymous said...

I have the same question as some, but how do you look so skinny, tan, and healthy after quads? I don't look like that after having a 4 year old!! Thanks, and by the way, your kiddos are adorable!!

Collegegirl said...

Couple questions for you-
1. If someone asked you today what they could do to help out, what would you say?
2. What is one thing you wish for?
3. What is your favorite part of the day with the kiddos?
4. How did you loose the baby weight?
5. What is one thing you want to instill in your children?

Just curious!

Restored said...

First off, I love reading your blog and you absolutely don't look like you have quads!

My question is, what part of texas do you live in? I am in Austin so was just curious!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking our questions!!!!
1. how much help do ya'll still have?
2. do you wear make-up everyday?
3. are all the kids still in the same room? are they still 2 to a crib?
4. Any more kids?
5. How did you lose the weight?
6. any chance of seeing a pic of your flat tummy? the only reason I ask is b/c you were so open with the belly pics before....

Linsey said...

How did you get your kids on the same schedule?

Kelley said...

What do you think of all the attention you get from random strangers on your blog? Is it flattering or does it freak you out a bit?

Btw, I love reading your blog. I can't tell you how many times I mention something I read on your blog to my husband. I always begin with "On the Quad Blog. . . "

Anonymous said...

I left you my questions, and forgot to leave my name!!!! This is Linda Smith from East Texas...I LOVE following your blog and seeing your kiddos growing up!!! I have been praying for you since you found out you pregnant!!! Hopefully my list of questions will make the cut even though I forgot to say my name on the original post!!! :)

Gavin's Mommy said...

I also would like to know where you get Savannah's bows? I'm pregnant with twins and have a little boy. My twins are boy/girl and I plan on putting bows in my little girls hair until she starts pulling them out! I'm sure with 2 brothers she might end up being a tom boy :( But, I can dress her in pink until she won't let me anymore! :)
PS. You look great!

TressaMOMof3 said...

I just love your kids and I read your blog almost daily. My question is, do you still get a lot of help during the day?


Jenn said...

I am soo glad you are doing this Q&A thing! I don't know how I got to your site, but I love reading it. You really are an inspiration to all women (mothers or not). I am going through a period of infertility in my life. It may pass, it may not. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome with insulin resistance and I don't ovulate. At the moment I can't remember, but either my LH of FSH is low. I have been thinking about Clomid to induce ovulation. Did you have many symptoms with this drug? If you don't mind me asking, what was the cause of your infertility period.

Anonymous said...

I love these kind of posts. Couple of ?'s.
1. What is your schedule like with the kids? What do all of you do while they are awake?
2. This one may be a little personal-but how do you guys afford quads plus a nice house and nice car, etc with only one income?
3. Along those same lines-any tips on saving money?
4. I'd also like to know more about you-what are your likes/dislikes, etc.?
5. You and your husband seem so in love-anything you two don't agree on or argue about?
Thanks for doing a post like this.
Aubrey in VA

Anonymous said...

I am an RN also and decided to stay at home after I had my daughter. Was wondering if you ever miss work or struggle a little with setting your career aside for awhile. I love being home with my daughter and not having her in daycare, but there are times I struggle with missing my job as a nurse. Just wondering how you're feeling about the transition...

Momma-of-5 said...

I'm also a mom of multiples. I have 9m triplets (born just 3 days after your crew). How do you (currently...or plan to) treat them as individuals? I find it so hard to go out with "just one". It's all or nothing and I'm so scared that they'll never feel like their own person. Just one of a gang, you know?

- Amy

p.s. My crew is BBG born at 34w1d

Anonymous said...

I have to add my "holy crap you SO do not look like you have had A baby--let alone four(!)"--to the pile; along with the how in the world did you do it......

I guess my question would have to be why you started blogging. You have an obvious gift with words, as you make every day type things interesting to read. I find myself bopping over to your site basically daily to see what the kiddos have done. (or, what Ms. Suz has done!)

Now that I'm rambling, I had another question pop in my head...do you plan on returning to nursing? (I'm a nurse myself--Love my job, as you obviously did AMB (ha ha) your pre-quad posts.)

Aside from that, I really haven't a clue how you ended up on my favorites. I think I started by Redbook infertility diaries then linked through the previous author's (no longer a 'practicing' infertile, has been moved over to Redbook's mommy blog thanks to twins) personal blog, then through hers to the next, etc. etc. Funny how I'm not infertile (I'm single mommy to the cutest seven 'and a half!' year old boy), not trying - heck, I'm not even dating! - but have been drawn into a few blogs such as yours. I really think it's quite an honor to be given such an in depth look into stranger's very interesting lives. I work as an OB nurse, and it's rather interesting to have an idea of where people have been previous to my life intersecting theirs.

ANYWHO, thanks for the Q&A opportunity. Fabulous idea, as always!


Anonymous said...

Hey suz -

I found your blog a few months back and am thrilled to have found it as I am 20 weeks pregnant with BGGG quads. Is there any chance I could email you personally? I wanted to ask you about a few quad "daily workflow" questions in terms of your schedule and also about the quad activity table. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks and keep blogging! BTW, decided to start our own quad blog after seeing yours...our address is www.alotoflemons.blogspot.com

Sarah said...

Ditto on the question about where you get Sav's headbands...I LOVE them!

Maybe you could let us know where you get some of the quaddies items...a "Suz's Faves" section perhaps?


Anonymous said...

When are you coming to AUSTIN!?!?
I want to see yall sooooo bad!!!

Emily McDonald

ASAatElon3 said...

You all are the cutest family. You all are so personable. I love reading about your family daily. I stumbled across your blog through a friend of mine who has yours listed as a favorite.

My question is how do you feel about strangers reading about your life?

Mommy to Cathryn 13.5 mo old
Brick, NJ

Anonymous said...

I don't have a question that hasn't already been mentioned. But, can I just say...I can't wait to see the answers to all these questions! Ha!

(faithful reader from Ohio)

Anonymous said...

I second the comment above, do you ever worry about total strangers and weird people out there knowing everything about your family?

Anonymous said...

My question is silly but, since you have so many fans of your blog, do you ever get recognized in public? Has anyone ever approached you and said "hey, I read your blog"?
Ditto on everyone else..you look fabulous. I'm guessing you don't have time to eat since you have 4 babies. I only have twins but I remember just grabbing a piece of cheese out of the frig and that's all I'd eat for lunch. Ate it standing up, at that.

I'm looking forward to all your answers.
Cathy in Frisco

Ashhog said...

I love that you're doing this! Can't wait to see all the answers! You do look GREAT by the way-how in the world do you always manage to look so cute? I'm pretty much in shorts and a t-shirt with my hair in a ponytail everyday! You are always stylin'! :)


Miriam said...

Is there a support group for quad moms? I'm a mom of twins and the moms of multiples group (mostly moms of twins) I attend has been invaluable to me...especially on the days when I feel like no one understands. I've noticed other quad moms commenting on your site - how did you meet them - how often do you get a chance to connect with each other?


Ben, Kelly and Sophie said...

Okay, this is like Christmas day. So many things I've been wanting to ask, and I'm sure I won't think of them now.

1. Are you scared of all these people who don't know you reading your stuff and loving your babies (like me)?
2. As far as losing baby weight, I accomplished that but I don't think my stomach will EVER be the same. What do you do specifically for the amazingly flat stomach?
3. Where do you go to church?
4. What are you going to do when you have four crawling babies?!
5. Are you still nursing, or have you always been that well endowed? (I quickly grasped the meaning of "pancake" when I quit nursing)
Thanks for the q/a session!
Love in Christ,
Kelly Tyson, Wichita, KS

McNulty Quads said...

Hey Suz,

Let's see...

What is your favorite part of the day?

What is the strangest thing anyone has ever asked you?

What are you looking forward to the most?

Love you guys. And.. yes, still hate you bc your BEAUTIFUL! NOT FAIR MAMA!!!! :)

Hannah said...

What is the best advise you could give a mom of multiples?

Anonymous said...

my question is
What are your favorite blogs to read, the blogs that you just have to check when you can.
Sarah from TX

Keith and Martha said...

Hey there. My name is Martha and I am Shannon Cooper's sister in law. His brother is Michael Cooper, wife is Mindy and I am a friend of Brett and April Emerson. I heard about you all and your amazing journey and have been reading ever since. I just want to say that you are an encouragement and I enjoy your joy and happiness. You are ministering to people and it is really cool to see the Lord use you. Blessings! M

Janell said...

I just want to know how you look so "together" as a mommy, wife, and WOMAN! I don't get it! YOU ARE STUNNING. I have said before on your blog: I only have twins and I look like a fell out of a trash truck! ; )

1. Do you and Joe sometimes miss your past married life (you can be real~ I would NEVER judge a yes on that)
2. When you fall into bed at night do you ever want to cry if it has been a nutty day?

I know you are totally human but you seem to really just take it all in stride (what else can ya do)!

God is using you girlfriend!!! You are doing an amazing job!!



Meaghan said...

I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I love your cheerful, delightful posts. I don't have any question, just want to say thank you for blogging. You have a beautiful family.

Mauzy Family said...

So amazing, I know God has a hand in all of this & I'm sure you sing praises everyday for what he has given you. You all are beautiful in each & every way. May you always be blessed. I loved the bracelets. Do you know if they can be ordered? Again you all are so very sweet & so deserving of such a wonderful life. Continue to live each moment & in each moment.

Lori said...

My questions are about how you felt getting to the point of pregnancy as my husband and I are currently pursueing adoption (infertility treatments -IUI- gave me nothing but an infection)
* How long did you try?
*What was mother's day like when you were waiting( if that applies)
*I've tried to let people I know through my blog how to support and encourage those struggling with infertility and thought maybe since you are so kind and positive with your words you might phrase it beautifully as you do everything on here.

Thank you, Lori from Allen, TX

Anonymous said...

Hi! My questions are,
1. How did you and Joe's relationship progress from trying, pregnancy, to parenting? We are on the verge of trying, and trying to predict all the hardships that will surely come in our relationship as a married couple.
2. Do you and Joe ever argue, disagree, or fight?
3. How does having children, especially 4 at once, change your relationship?
4. Do the financial responsibilities stress you out?

Joy said...

I totally admire your willingness to answer questions...you rule!

Ok, a few of my questions are the same as others:

1. Where did you get the bows for Sav?

2. I'm dying to know where you got that orange shirt...TOO cute.

3. I read recently that your kiddos drink Similac Advance. Were they on Neosure before? If so, how did the transition go? We are trying to switch one of the girls and its going TERRIBLE. Any suggestions? Or, do I just have to suffer through it and evantually her hunger strike will end? :)

4. Lastly - how do you deal with the crazy/sometimes rude things people say/ask you? Our trips are now almost 6 months old and I'm struggling with the outlandish comments sometimes. I know I need to have thicker skin, and I can't even imagine what it would be like with quads, but any tips for staying positive and not letting the rudeness bug you? I don't mind questions at all...its just when people take it to that next level that I don't know how to respond. You are always so positive (which I try wholeheartedly to be) so I thought you might have some tips!

Joy (Jen Murray's friend in Indy)

GGG triplets born at 34 wks.

Ashley & Stephen Bauch said...

Probably been asked before but-how do you manage to give each baby one on one Mommy time? I have a 3 year old and 8 month old twins and I still struggle daily trying to give all 3 their "only me" time.

And also, where do you buy your diapers and formula?

Someone here in Memphis gave me your blog when I was pregnant. I was on hospital bedrest for a while and reading your blog kept me occupied and entertained!

Thanks again!
Ashley from TN

Roxanne said...

Did you ever have any weird dreams (about the babies) when you were pregnant? Also, do you have any words of advice for expectant parents of multiples? Something that you wish you had known ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suz!

My question is....this is kind of funny...but~lets say you take off for a couple of days (pampering yourself~which moms never get to do) What advice would you give your hubby about taking care of the babies? The number one thing that pops in your head. (I think mine would be~the baby needs to be changed every two hours...lol) Just curious....having four babies is alot to handle and it is a struggle to remember everything. Lots of love...
Kariann~married and have two babies of my own (smile)

Maren said...

I know rhat u r a nurse, but I have wondered - what is Joe's job?

Maren said...

just thought of one more question - did your photo get chosen for the helmet calendar?

Casey's trio said...

The shoes girl??? Where did you get the fab shoes that you are wearing in that first pic of you and Joe? LOVE THEM:)

Who's Lees? said...

Two VERY important questions..

1. Do you ever just get completely overwhelmed and if so - what do you do? You always seem so together - I have twins and a 2 year old and don't feel that I am as together...

2. Where in the world do you get all the great large bows? If it is from a blogger - find out the rest of us bow obsessed people can support her business and send her some lovin!!!

Thanks - you really are an inspiration!

Nicole said...

What's the best thing about each child?

Trina said...

Hi! Are your babies sleeping through the night? What is your nighttime routine?
And, your blog is awesome! What a fabulous family and beautiful babies you have!

Trina said...

Hi! Are your babies sleeping through the night? What is your nighttime routine?
And, your blog is awesome! What a fabulous family and beautiful babies you have!

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm one of those many many people who got to your blog through a friend, got hooked and now coming back nearly every day. You are just such a nice family. It's fun to read your stories and look at those cutest pictures. You are really gifted. Did you ever think about writing a book?

Anonymous said...

Hi Suz and Joe

My question is re the quads, are the on the move yet? Been watching to see whom is getting into the crawl get into everything mode first, I watched your vid re the rocking and thought oh oh not far, also any words mum mum mum or da da da. Everyone else has asked my other questions, so yeah other than that love reading your blog, so so precious!

Marie in NZ

Kym's Challenge said...

I know this will sound really weird, but because of your awesome looks and the picture perfect family which I absolutely adore I was wondering what the rest of your house looked like. Colour, style etc. Wondering if it is always perfectly tidy. Wish I lived closer so I could do some lovin on those adorable kids.

Kate said...

I think some of these might have already been asked, (didn't read every post), but I'll ask again to make sure they're answered! : )
1. Do you plan on having more kids?
2. Do you get to have quiet time with the Lord ever? (this is something I personally struggle with having just ONE, with one on the way. But I cling to the verse in Isaiah where it says the Lord watches over young mothers, and trust He knows what I need and can handle in this season! Thank you Lord!)
3. I know you've experienced God's faithfulness in some amazing ways throughout this journey. Can you maybe share a story where God came through for you financially in a way that made you say, "that was just completely the Lord!"

Thanks for doing this Suz! You're an inspiration to all and its really generous of you to share some new glimpses into your very impressive life! I'm sure it's just what's normal to you, but for the rest of us, we're SUPER impressed! Blessings to you, Joe and the quaddies!


Danda said...

Hey Suz its Danda.

I am so addicted to your blog. Everyone has asked such good questions. I would love to know what your grocery bill must be with quads? I mean seriously. We are at around $1300 with our 4 kids but we are done with babyfood and formula. And we obviously did not have 4 at once so we never had to expirience that expense at one time. We had twins 2 years ago, enough multiples for us. Going shopping for clothes must be hard as well. I have 4 and match them all the time in public. So I can't just shop for 1 outfit if I see something cute I get everything that matches. So I am always close to $100 in one store. Needless to say my husband hates to go to the mall with me. Do you have this trouble?


Leslie said...

Yes I think all of my questions have been asked....I live in Austin as well so maybe you guys should come to Austin and do a meet and greet with the babies!!! Love reading about all you!!
Leslie in Austin

Stephanie said...

Hi Suz! I'm a regular reader and I've got to ask... how many kids did you guys want and do you think you will you have any more? I myself go back and forth (but on the idea of 2 or 3) - just wondering if others did too.
The quads are precious and growing up so fast!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for doing this, you have so many fans Suz! I did have a questions, but someone already posted it. :)

Anonymous said...

I dont know if this was asked - Where did Joe get you those bracelets?


Anonymous said...

I dont know if this was asked - Where did Joe get you those bracelets?


Cassi said...

Hi Suzanne!

Lots of questions, so little time!

1. Did you ever suffer from post-partum depression?
2. Do you have a workout regimen (are you able to run, hit the gym)?
3. How much time for yourself do you have? Do you ever just crab a cup of coffee with a girlfriend?
4. Do you ever take naps during the day?
5. What is the most fun and the hardest thing about being a mom of 4 little people?

Thanks for humoring us!

(Mom of 6 month old b/g twins)

Susan said...

I love your blog. My question is where did your husband get the bracelets that he gave you for Mother's Day? I would love to get one with my daughter's name on it. Thanks so much.


blah blah blah said...

Awesome idea.

First, do you ever feel overwhelmed because you don't look like you do? And if not, how do you manage to keep it in prespective all of the time?

Secondly, do you want any more children?

What is/has been the most rewarding thing about becoming a parent? For example, I absolutely love reading to my twins and putting them to sleep. It is just amazing to finally have them here and holding them before bedtime is a nightly reminder of my dreams come true.


stephanie said...

Ok, sorry. I am reposting my question since I had to include my name. Where did you get the mothers day bracelets from? THey are absolutly beautiful! I am a brand new reader and just absolutly captivated by you and your family. But not in a creepy way, just a "I have a child and love reading about how you gys manage day to day life with your quads" kinda way. :)

Workin' on a Full House said...

Hi there!

I am also from the great state of Texas (Houston). I found you through a friend when I was experiencing the "allergic to my wedding rings" thing too. I was also on Clomid, lovely! Has your reaction gone away? Mine seemed to go back to normal the instant I got PG. I was on clomid with my first daughter and now I am PG again but this definitely did not happen the first time.

Also, I must know where you got those amazing bracelets? Way to go, Joe!

Chris & Kristeena said...

Hi there! Love your blog and everyone has pretty much asked the questions I wanted to know. Can't wait to read the responses! My question is where did your hubby find those adorable name bracelets??

Kristeena in Nebraska

Burkett Quad Squad said...

WOW! what a lot of questions!:) when will you find the time:) no question here since we're living the same kinda life right now! just wanted to send ya some love! sounds like you had a great weekend! awesome! we survived our trip so all is good here. I'll post later today hopefully.
love ya

BTW Gen---YOU are BEAUTIFUL too just like suz!

TexasNICUNurse said...

I was just wondering when you're going to bring those sweet babies back to the NICU so that we can see how big they are now. We'd love to see them!!

Beth Anne said...

I think my question has been asked a few times already -- Sav's bows!! They are fabulous, where do you get them?

Chelley N said...

Hey Suz... thanks so much for doing this!!! My question: Do the babies do okay when someone else cares for them, or do they miss momma too much?

I know you've read it a thousand times, but I love reading your blog!!!

Anonymous said...

I am also curious where the cute orange top came from and all your cute necklaces. How did you lose the weight? Babies are beautiful and you have a lovely family.

katie said...

This is not an important question, but I'm just curious...do you ever watch Jon and Kate plus Eight? I enjoy that show and I also really enjoy reading your blog. I found your blog through a friend's blog. Anyway, like I said, not important.

You are a great mom and your babies are adorable!

Joanna said...

I am a regular reader, abnd check back every few days for the new updates. My question is whether or not you are in contact with a lot of other multiples mommies. Are you a member of any multiples support groups? Have you ever gotton together with any other multiples families, or do you plan to when the babies are older?


Anonymous said...


Hello blog buddies! It's me, Crouse! said...

okay, this is a random comment and not another question, but this is crazy! you really need a reality tv show (not really, but you get the idea) for all this drama, like jon and kate plus 8, but it would be like suz and jo with fo'! cute, huh? seriously, i hope you know these people because i personally think it is weird for a complete stranger to ask you personal questions about your chest size!!!!!!!!!!!! bless your heart, you are a doll!

KS Dallas said...

Okay, forgive me upfront if this is inappropriate but...

I had seen a while ago on Jon and Kate + 8 that Kate had to have a tummy tuck due to all the excess skin from having sextuplets. Is this something that is a problem for you?


Krista S. (aka KS Dallas)

Shelly said...

are u still using ur $1 makeup? if so, IM GETTING SOME! and yes, please elaborate on this weight!!!

Jenny Shutan said...

I found your blog through a friend of mine who had triplets. I just recently had a little one 4 months ago, a little boy. I read that you used the sleeping methods from "Baby Wise". I have tried but so far, it is not working. Do you have any other suggestions or helpful "mommy" tips? Love your blog! here is ours, if you get a chance..willshutan@blogspot.com
Jen Shutan- Annapolis MD

Kelly said...

Hey Suz! No questions since you have your hands full with all of these. Just wanted to say after suffering with infertility and now having my two girls I know how rewarding it all is. (As you do now.) If I were still struggling - you'd give me hope. You rock!

Kristy said...

Hey Suz -
I am a long time "stalker" of your blog. Your babies are so way cute and I love the way you write about them - I can actually see all of these things happen!

My question is this - I live in the same area as you {as I'm sure many others do as well} - would it totally freak you out for a stranger that "knows" you through your blog to approach you when you are out and about with the quaddies? {Just in case I ever see you out and about - I would know who to react! :) }

- Kristy

Angela said...

I always think that you have the cutest jewelry on in like every picture! Where do you shop?
Love your blog! Your babies are the cutest!!!

Jacksonville, FL

katie in NY said...

so last month my husband and I (who are from upstate NY) were stranded in DFW for 4 hours because of a cancelled business meeting. As we were discussing what to do with our time, i said - "we should go visit Suz and see if she needs any help!!" at that my husband pointed out that you have no clue who I am and a restraining order would be issued.
I then realized -even though I've read your blog for about 9-10 months, I know all about your life but you know nothing about me and I WOULD LOOK LIKE A LUNATIC if i attempted to help you.

so after all that here's my question - do you feel a little weird that so many people are emotionally invested in your life and you have no idea who we are?

SIDE NOTE - i'm not a total stranger despite what my husband says. I went to Harding 1996-2001.

Anonymous said...

I have a few questions for you AND joe.

1. (Joe and Suz)What is the best support a husband can give during pregnancy?
2. (Joe) What is your favorite part of being a Daddy of 4?
3. (Suz) Is Joe as laid back and easy going as you seem to be?
4. (Joe and Suz)How do you make sure you get alone time together?I know it's hard when you just have one so I imagine it must be even harder with 4 babies!!

You guys look so cute and fun!! Best wishes to you and your adorable kids!!

Your newest fan!!
Cyndi and Chris

Anonymous said...


I was just wondering what church your family is a part of/ what religion you would say you are.
I love reading your blog; thanks for sharing with us!!

Martha from Ontario, Canada

Teale said...

Hope I'm not too late! This is my first time to comment but I enjoy reading your blog. I've been keeping up with you since before you were prego w/ the quads!

I am curious to know-

1. How do you organize/manage grocery trips and other errands?

2. Do you and Joe cook meals or do you just work out what you can with the kids schedule?

3. If you have any money saving tips I'd love to hear them!

(oh, and I'm like the millionth comment on this but yes you do look GREAT! and so well put together! way to go!) I feel huge at 22 weeks prego with ONE right now and I can't imagine having 4 in there! You are an inspiration, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi - I have to say it is so cool that God is using YOU, right where you are, through a blog, to inspire and encourage!

Thanks for taking questions. That's fun.
My Qs:
1. Since you have ALOT to do, how do you A.) have time to blog (we're glad you do!) and B.) avoid getting frustrated/defeated when you get behind on the to-dos and C.) balance making time for day-to-day fun/combat stress?

2. Aside from the great blog & video camera, how are you documenting the quads' babyhood? 4 baby books for individual milestones, etc.?

Angela in Fort Worth

Anonymous said...

We went to Harding around the same time, but I don't think we actually really knew each other. Anyway, I don't remember how I found your blog but I enjoy reading it. We're pg w/ baby #5 & I don't feel nearly as in control as you seem to be!! Couple of questions:
-Do you ever get "me" time, just you by yourself? What is your favorite thing to do with it?
-Like everyone else in North TX, I want to know where you shop!! I LOVE your skirts, shoes, jewelry!!

Gorgeous babies - I know you're loving every minute with them!
Heather in N. Tx

Cortney said...

My question is:

What kind of work does Joe do? (For a living - not around the house - well I guess that would be interesting too!)


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Hey Suz, I'm a lurker that's coming out the woodwork too. I stumbled across your blog on another one I stumbled upon, and I was immediately hooked on your's. My cousin recently had quads (BBGG) and made it 34w5d! I get to go meet them next week and am so excited.

Anyway, I've gone back and read every single post of your's, so of course feel like I know you. You're just a gem and someone I would totally be friends with if geography allowed.

I guess if I had a question it would be about your marriage with Joe. How has it changed? How do you maintain a level of intimacy & closeness (not even necessarily sexual) when every waking minute is taken up by the babies? I have two kids, a 5.5 and a 2.5, and it seems like it harder to connect one-on-one with my husband. When we do get out by ourselves, I suddenly remember why I married him, but sometimes it's hard when we're in the thick of parenting, maintaining a home, working, etc.

Oh, and one more question, when did you start doing the BabyWise technique? I want to suggest it to my cousin to help with her quads. Those babies are wearing them out!

Keep up the good work: mothering, wifing (is that a word?), blogging. It's always a treat to see a new post from you and if I'm ever down your way, I'm counting on you to point me in the direction of the best mexican food! My fav too!

God bless!

Erin said...

Wow you have lots of questions to choose from! I have also been a long time lurker. I have a 3 year old and a 5 month old and love reading all the multiples blogs. I think all you ladies are absolutely amazing and very blessed! Here are a couple questions I would love to see you discuss:

Where do you get Savannah's bows and all your cute necklaces? Ok and your shoes and clothes too :)

How do you find time to keep your house clean and organized? Mine looks like a tornado hit it most of the time!

Any money saving tips on diapers, toys, clothes, etc. - I am sure there are lots of mom's out there who could use them like me!

I saw your post about reading the Babywise book. I would love to know more about how you got your babies to sleep so well.

Anonymous said...

Question: Before you had the quads, and even before you met your husband, what was your big dream? Did you have something that you wanted to accomplish in life before getting married and having kids?

You rock!


Jill said...

Who do YOU think your quads look like?



Gavin's Mommy said...

I have another question...Please tell me how you keep everything so organized. You seem to have everything together. And with just one (right now, I've got 2 more on the way) I can't keep anything organized, and my child screams EVERYTIME I leave the room. I am a stay at home mom (I'm an RN also, just not working right now) and he seems so attached. Do any of your little ones do that, and if so, how do you handle it?

Allison said...

HI Suz! I have been "stalking" your blog ever since you were pregnant with your sweet babies. I too was pregnant at the same time and had my second (a girl) in July. I'm not a "crazy" stalker though, so don't you worry! We are the same age and I went to ACU. I found your blog thru a lot of mutual friends who have you linked to their blog.

My question for you is {forgive me if it has been asked above}: Where did you come up with your kids names? Is there any special meaning behind them, or are they just names you loved and picked out. Either way they are precious, and they seem to be the perfect name for each baby!!

I have 2 kids. A boy almost 3 and a girl 1 this summer. They keep me on my toes for sure, but they are blast. You seem to be such a great mom full of so much life and love!!

I love reading about your sweet family, and I feel better now that I have come out of my "stalking closet".

Jennifer said...

I have set of of almost 2 year old twins with another set of twins on the way. We are in search of the perfect car for 4 carseats. Do you like the Suburban or do you think a minivan would be easier to get the backrow kids in?

- Jennifer

Anonymous said...


So, I am another one of those "blog stalkers" that is commenting for the first time. I found your blog through my former boss and have been addicted ever since. I have told everyone about you and your sweet, adorable babies. When I first found your site, I went back to the very begining and read everything and found myself crying, laughing, and smiling. I have never imagined myself with children, but you are an inspiration to what I can only hope to be as a mother one day. You even have me thinking that multiples could even be great. ;) And of course, I felt the bond the moment I found out that you are nurse, because I am currently in nursing school.

My question is what do you find from your nursing background that has helped you be prepared as a mother of four, if anything.

And have you all ever considered doing a reality show? (I would definitely be a devoted watcher!)

Of course, like everyone else... you are beautiful and look great to have quads! Truly an inspiration to all!

Lasha in Johnson City, TN

Meg said...

Who do YOU think each of your kids looks like right now?!

Meg, Mommy to 1 yr old in PA!
Avid Steece reader since...um...August 2007 - when the Murrays congratulated you on their blog! I became a Murray reader after they were featured on babycheapskate during the Memorable Target babyfood Sale!

Melody said...

Ok, well I am a new reader to your blog but have been lurking for the last month, I am just amazed at your precious family and think your babies are just the cutest. Anyways, I am also an RN and have a 5 month old that I am staying home with. I am curious what your typical day looks like. Do you get out much with the quads by yourself and do you plan on returning to work. I have NO regrets whatsoever about staying at home but I know other's have differing opinions. Wish you the best and look forward to hearing answers to the many questions asked.


Sarah said...

Hello, A friend showed me your site months ago and I just wanted to let you know I too am SO impressed with your humor, positive attitude and FAITH. I hope that when my husband and I have little ones I am able to handle it all as gracefully as you seem to. Thanks for sharing - your family is beautiful!
-Sarah (Harding grad 2005)

Anonymous said...

I am SO LOVING THIS! Everyone is asking the same questions that I was thinking! Suz, you and your little family are WAY TOO CUTE! You always look very put together.
1. When do you have time to tan?
You've always been tan, then in a post you talked about needing sun, and now, boom...you're tan?
2. What is your schedule like during the day?
3. Please elaborate on your weight as asked above...you had quads and you would never know it!
4. Do you get time to shop for yourself?
Okay, That's enough questions...you've got hundreds more!
Take care! God bless you girl!
Amy, from Houston

Sara Rose Tutus said...

Hi Suz,
You know that I think you are awesome! And I don't know if I really have any questions, just wanted to let you know that I think you are an absolute inspiration. Oh- I do have a question...what color do you want Sav's birthday tutu to be? LOL
Take care,

cat said...

Stace, with 7 month old twins and a 3 year old we are not getting much sleep. In fact, I'm got help for two nights a week to try to get some sleep. So how much sleep are you getting and what's your secret if you are getting any?

cat said...

Gosh Suz, please excuse me - you can see I'm not sleeping much. Called you Stace!!!!

Dayana said...

I reaIly love reading your blog everyday. Your kids are so adorable, and you're amazing!!! Kisses from a mom of three (not all at once!) from Italy

april said...

Hi Suz! I am a regular reader as well and you are just a breath of fresh air. I also want to know if you plan to have more babies (I mean, you really only experienced babiehood once! Times four that is...) and I also want to know how you handled sleep schedules. Did you do sleep training? Did you let them cry it out like some books say? I have one tiny little blessing, his name is Owen:) He sleeps well, but I worry that it may come to "crying it out" because he has trouble falling asleep on his own sometimes. What did you do? God bless you and your family!

Shelley said...

First, your babies are adorable. I have been following your blog since I got pregnant last year. I originally was pregnant with quads but lost one very early in the pregnancy. My triplets were born 2/28/08 at 29 weeks. The last one came home last Friday. I still read your blog every week. You are an inspiration. We also live in Texas. Dr Thigpen was my dr but Tabor did the c-section. All of my questions have already been asked so I will wait for your responses. I also have a blog about our kids. (We also have a 4 year old)


Angela said...

I have 6 month old twins, and i love reading your blog! I want to know if you keep your babies on a strict schedule? Naps, feedings ect. Also, does anyone come over in the day to help you? And when you are out in public, do people ask dumb/rude questions? I get it alot and I only have 2! Love the blog! Your babies are cute!

Joey, Jennifer, Jordyn and Jana Claire said...

I found your blog through a friend and have loved reading about your adventure in parenting. We have 2 girls, just turned 4 and the second is 7 months old. I have one question. My second child weighed 10lbs 11oz and I was miserable at the end! I can't imagine having 4 babies wiggling around in there. Were you very uncomfortable? I know it is kind of a dumb question but I thought I would ask! Thanks for sharing your life with a bunch of strangers!

Jennifer W.
Hernando, MS

Stormie's mommy said...

I love to read your blog. You seem like you would be an awesome person to be friends with. I want to know how do you look so great after four? I am back to my pre preg weight but my tummy just is not the same. Any tips on how to get that flat tummy?
Also I have a daughter and I wanted to know where do you get Savannah's bows? I love them! And how do you stay so organized? Have you always been that way or something that was a must with quads. Are the babies eating baby foods and snacks if so what are some of their favorites?
I am so glad that you like to share your life with us!

Kim said...

I love, love, love reading your blog. By the way, you look so awesome after having your quads!
My question: Are you going back to work? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Ditto what Tabitha asked!
I have three children of varying ages....I hardly have time to shower let alone put make up on! You always look perfect head to toe.
I have fallen into 'frumpy mommy' category and am trying to dig my way out as fast as I can.

What's your secret?


Anonymous said...

Oh, oh oh...I'm raising my hand with another question. What are you planning for the quads first birthday? I know whatever it is, fun will be had by all!!

Cathy in Frisco

Anonymous said...


I got that same bracelet (just one, as I only have two) and I loooove it - good choice joe!

My two questions -

1. How do you get the housework, yardwork, cooking, etc done?

2. What's your just-for-mom guilty pleasure that gets you through the day?

Can't wait to read more!

Love ,Laurel mom to Molly and Teddy
Winchester, MA

Lindsey said...

Wow Suz...
So many questions. I am wondering if you ever found the time for the professional photographer to come back to the house and get some group shots of the babies. The B&W ones you had originally posted were amazing.
Enjoy your weekend.
Lindsey in San Diego

Megan said...

Long time reader - never commented. There is always a first time for everything!
Here are my two questions:
1. What is your favorite clothing store to shop at?
2. What is a typical day like in the Steece household?
This is fun! I hope you are able to get through all of these questions! :-)

The Sanchez Family said...

I didn't get a chance to read through all the other questions so this one might have already been asked!

Did you suffer from post partum depression?

How do you keep from going crazy at home all day long after working outside the home before the quads?

You are so cute, I must agree with the other commenters! I love reading about the quads! I am amazed at how you all do it. I have two, born 5 years apart, the youngest is the same age as the quads and there are days I am pulling my hair out! You inspire me!

Melissa in KY

Sooz said...

I have no questions because you are so great at this blog business! You and Joe look completely happy. I know their must be times you are drained to the max and want to cry along with the babies. Your beautiful inside and out. No one can question this sort of stuff. Now I'm sure their are several who have "How do you do it?" type questions...and of course I can't wait to read all of the answers to all them.
Praying for you daily!

Anonymous said...

I just love reading your blog and am finally commenting! My question is, what websites/blogs do you check religiously when on the computer? Also, would it be weird to ask to visit you and meet you and your family if ever in your area? Sorry if these questions were already asked.

lucky #2 said...

I'm expecting triplets. I would LOVE to see a picture of your stomach -- did it recover????

Jenny said...

Hi! I love reading your blog - your children are so cute! Since I had my daughter a year ago, I have been thinking more and more about going back to school to become a nurse. I am wondering how hard you think the schooling was and if you will have a problem with finding a nursing job when you decide to go back to work.

Jen in VT

Nicole said...

Love your blog. I've been "stalking" it for months (but not in a creapy way) My question is. How long does it take ya'll (yes I'm from the south too...Alabama to be exact) to get ready to go out of the house? Have you had the exciting adventure of taking the quads shopping yet? Have you ever taken them out by yourself?

Anonymous said...

What color are the boys' eyes? I know Savanna has brown but did the boys' eyes turn brown eventually also? Sometimes they stay blue and it's hard to tell in the pictures!

Anonymous said...

Hello! I have been a faithful blog reader for some time now. First of all let me say...WOW you are a SUPER MOM!!! I am 8 and 1/2 months pregnant (with just one) and I am petrified! You always seem so calm and collected!
Anyways, months ago I read your blog where you recommended a book about getting your new borns to sleep. I have tried to find that blog again but with no success. Any chance you could tell me the name and is it worth buying? How did you make it with four babies through the night?
Best wishes!
Catherine from Cypress Texas

Dave & Elaine said...

Your blog is such an encouragement for me to read as I go through infertility. I can relate to your nights of tears and frustration. That is where I am now. I know God has a plan and purpose in all this but those dark nights are just tough. I know God is at work but it is hard not to feel very alone when your friends & family members are pregnant or have children with no infertility issues. So I just wanted to thank you for being so open with your story. I have my own blog now hoping one day my story might someday provide a little piece of hope for someone else who must also travel the road of infertility.

Now, looking back, can you see God's plan and purpose in allowing you to walk the dark road of infertility?

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