Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Questions for the "Quad Father"

WOW! I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY at the number of questions! You guys are seriously...cracking me up beyond words! This is insane! Some of them I laugh out loud when reading, others I really enjoy and get excited about responding! I have already started writing them all down on paper--trying to go through and figure out how I am going to answer them. I will take a few and answer them every day/couple of days...

Cyndi and Chris, you guys gave me a great idea! OK- now its your turn to ask JOE, the quad-father, everything you want to know about raising quads/pregnancy/him/me/marriage/anything! (once again WITHIN REASON AND GOOD TASTE)...get Joe's take on this crazy thing we call life!

I've been begging him to do a post for FOREVER now! I just think he is so funny! I told him about my idea and he loved it, so once again, ASK AWAY! We will take turns answering our questions!

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Kelley said...

I think my husband thinks I am crazy when I am putting bows and frills on my 7 month old.

So, what do you think of all the "girly-ness" Suzanne dress Savannah in?

Michelle said...

We have ONE child who is about to turn 1 on the 23rd of this month. She is a ball of energy like you have never seen. When my husband comes home from work after a long day 1 hour of her wears him out.
Joe, what is it like after coming home after a long day at work to FOUR kids who want dinner, bath and so on? Is it complete chaos??
Michelle Griffis (Spring, TX)

Anonymous said...

Hey Joe!!! You are so blessed!
1. Do you miss alone time with Suz?
2. What do you do for a living?
3. Do you ever watch all 4 kids totally by yourself? (When they are awake! :)
4. Do you and Suz fight or argue very much? From what is seems like to us, the answer would be no, but everone argues now and I guess my question is, are you both pretty laid back and not get too upset about very much? A sense of humor helps a lot and it looks like you both have that!!! :)
Thanks for answering!!
Linda from East Texas

Anonymous said...

Ever thought about doing voice overs with that deep voice of yours? You know when you watch a preview to a movie and that deep voice comes on saying something like "in a world where..." you could do that. lol!!
Or a radio DJ..
My true question is..since you are a twin, what is it like as an adult? I have b/g twins who are 7 years old and they are so close. I just wondered if you and your twin brother were still really close as adults?
Your babies are gorgeous!!
Cathy in Frisco

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe,
Thanks for doing this for all us nosey people! My question is where did you get those bracelets for your wife for Mother's Day? They are so pretty and I would like to get one with my kids names on it.

Miriam said...

What was the first thing you thought when you found out you were having quads - and then that three of them would be boys?! Do you already have dreams of teaching them a certain sport - which one?


SG said...

This is for both of you. Do you guys ever think of having more kids or are you done?

I can't be the first person to ask this...right? :)

Tammy said...

Are you in awe of how gorgeous your wife is? What is your favorite quality about her? You can tell she's an amazing mother and wife through her posts...let's hear it from you!:)
Tammy, mother of 4year old girl and a 3 month old boy

Tammy said...

Are you in awe of how gorgeous your wife is? What is your favorite quality about her? You can tell she's an amazing mother and wife through her posts...let's hear it from you!:)
Tammy, mother of 4year old girl and a 3 month old boy

The Murray Crew said...

Joe -
You know you're gonna get the boxer or brief question with this post! Beware!
However, I'm wondering who is your favorite Muppet?
The world is DYING to know!

The Mom said...

What is the funniest reaction someone has given you (non-family member) when you tell them you have Quads?

Jen in CA

Anonymous said...

Hey there.....this is absolutely entertaining just reading all these people's questions!!!! Hope you got our thank you note....Charlie loves her jumpero, thank you sooo much! Have fun with all your answers and hope to see you guys soon in Houston.

Jodi & Ryan

Ashhog said...

You guys are so brave opening yourselves up to all these questions-I LOVE it-shows what awesome personalities you two have. Speaking of personalities-which of you does each child take after?


Sarah and Jeb said...

suzanne- i've been reading your blog since last summer and had a baby girl in august. it's been such a joy reading about your little ones. i just became a sales agent for Stuck On You and thought you guys might benifit from their products. we carry labels for sippy cups, bottles, clothing, anything you can think of and they are dishwasher safe and microw. safe. anway- i thought they might make your life easier and they are super cute! (kate on "jon and kate plus 6 uses them!) check out my website- or my blog!!!
with love, sarah

a portland granny said...

Dear Joe,
As a Christian husband and father, how do you, the head of the family, plan to train up your children to become Godly men and woman? I know it is a daunting task and I'm sure you have given some thought to this awesome responsibility you have before God.

From what I read, you two are a wonderful team, doing all of the right things, and so I wondered how
this part of your lives will be
incorporated into your parenting?


Mary Heff said...

Hi Suz and Joe!

Great idea... I keep bugging my husband to post on our blog! :) We have a b month old baby girl born right after the Quads. My question to Joe... HOW MUCH do you miss your darling wife and cute babes while you are at work!? (Don't really have to answer that one I guess, we all know the answer!)

Our baby blog is and I just started a new blog for fun baby finds at:

Keep up the great blogging!

-Mary and co

quatro_mama said...

Oh Here's Another....Tell us about the REAL SUZ! Is she a tooter, snorer, belcher, terrible singer, has dragon breath, etc.? Give us the DIRT! Hahahaa! Love ya, SUZZZZZ!

Kariann said...

Dear Joe,

Each of your babies are very special to you in different ways...but the love is all the same~

What kind of advice or special words would you give each of them if they could understand you right now. I know that sounds crazy....but once you become a father~ protection and love takes over~what advice or words have you learned that your babies need to know. Thanks

Kariann~married and have two babies of my own.

Anonymous said...


I've been reading the blog for a while and first and foresmost... AWHAT IS SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP?

Second, do you still find time to spend with Shiloh? If so, what are some of the activities yall do together?

Last, do you ever find time to follow the NBA playoffs or sports in general?

Love your fam!


Jes said...

Hello! I would just like to know where those bracelets came from??? I want one. What a beautiful, thoughtful gift for your wife. Good job!

Jessie and Holly said...

Do you get embarrassed when you read all the lavish things your wife says about you on this blog? My husband just cringes when I get started on him (but I know he loves it too :).

Anonymous said...

Hi Joe
I know u are a GREAT father to those babies and a wonderful husband to Suz.. but do u ever wonder if u will be able to provide for all 5 of them with everything there is to come in the future? cars, proms, COLLEGE, etc etc...
i know u will be able to - but just wondering if it ever crosses ur mind..
and also - can u imagine ur life without ur beautiful babies!!!!!?

Anonymous said...

First of all, I want to give you "props" for being a quad dad. :-) My husband and I have twins born the exact day as the quads and it would be almost IMPOSSIBLE without my husbands help. I LOVE reading your blog, especially since all of our kiddos are the same age. We moved to Indiana from McKinney, Texas a few years ago, so it also makes me homesick. I lived in Arlington and went to UTA, worked in Grand Prairie, my parents went to Baylor, have lots of friends who are Aggies, LOVE Joe T. Garcia's etc., etc..... Anyway, it's a nice taste of home to read your blog.

OK, finally, my question is about bathtime. Now that mine are more mobile (starting to crawl and pull up), bathtime with both at once in the tub is chaos. How do you bathe the quads? All at once or separately?

Noblesville, Indiana

~Amber~ said...

How in the world did you have 3 boys that look JUST like your wife and the lone girl looks just like you???? It's is supposed to be the other way around??

And yeah, I want to know if you plan to have more. I think you should keep going till you get a girl that looks like Suz.

Your family is so gorgeous!!

Collegegirl said...

You are always interacting with all of your kiddos, which is awesome by the way. Here is my questions:
* What do you want to instill on your sweet boys and sweet girl?
* What is one thing that you miss about the quads while you are at work?

You have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing them!

Jim Harper said...

I heard you have a crush on Kate from Jon and Kate + 8, is that true? I have a secret crush on a girl named Pam.

Suzanne said...

"jim harper" you are such a nerrrd! how's life in scranton?

Anonymous said...

Is "Jim Harper" - Jon? - from Jon and Kate plus 8??? :) I live near Scranton and LOVE Jon and Kate!

Ben - you and Suz should have your own show!!!


Angela said...

Lol...."jim harper"!!

I love your wife's blog! She is so sweet and cute and funny (but you already knew that :)
My question is simple...How tall are you? I'm 5'7 like Suz, and my hubby is 6'1. I love that I can wear very tall heels and he is still taller than me!

Jacksonville, FL

Kate said...

Joe, do you have any secret competitions with Brad Murray from 4tunate? Like who can change all 4 diapers the fastest, 100-yard dash with "the beast" fully loaded with kids, who can care for the quads the longest without calling out for help from Jen or Suz, etc.?? Tee-hee. ; )

Kyle said...

My question is the guy question: Joe, since I no longer work with you any more, how is having quads going to effect Aggie Football season tailgating and your attendance at games? ;-) I need to see and buy you a beer at, at least one home game! Hope everything is still going well! I love the blog Suz and hope one day to meet you! Your husband is a great guy, but who am I kidding he is an Aggie we already knew that! ;-)

The Sanchez Family said...

I guess my question would be....Do you all split the night feedings or do you ask Suz to do it because you have to get up to go to work? Does the sarcasam come across, that's what my husband tells me and we only have one the same age as the quads! Any suggestions on how to get his tail end out of bed would be welcomed!

Melissa in KY

Melissa said...

I live in Dallas and have been following your blog since before the babies arrived..... I wish we knew each other - we would be great friends, I know. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I know that we must have some mutual friends.... anyhow, love the blog and would love to meet you someday! :-) Keep writing! The babies are just too cute for words (and so are the mom and dad)...


Sooz said...

How does it feel to go out anywhere pushing 4 babies and everyone staring the entire time? I know they must... You and Suz are great parents!

Restored said...

What was your reaction when you found out there were FOUR???

Lauren- Austin, TX

Anonymous said...

After having 4, are there plans for more?

Anonymous said...

Joe did your deep voice ever scare the babies?

Or Shiloh

Or Suz for that matter

--wondering in Crawford

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