Monday, January 12, 2009

4tunate to Be Friends!

Hey Everyone! (I couldn't have said it any better than my friend,, she let me copy and paste her latest blog post for our dear friend, Jen Murray!)

If you love reading about multiples, and haven't stopped by already, hop on over to 4tunate and give one of my best friends some love!

Jen and Brad Murray (fellow quad parents) are up for Best Parenting Blog of the year!!We are so excited for them! They are wonderful parents and friends. We love them and we love their blog. If you would like to vote for them, please click on this link:

the 2008 Weblog Awards

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Rachael said...

i keep voting, i hope she wins!

boysmum2 said...

Done my little bit for them and have skipped on over and voted

jenkins_k08 said...

I VOTED!! & its sooo close! everyone go vote :)

The Murray Crew said...

Could I love you more?????


Stephanie said...

I've voted everyday..I sure hope they win...they are so lucky to have wonderful friends like you quad mommas!!

peapodsquadmom said...

hey...i love your blog. i'm the editor for the new multiple bliss channel on i'd love to have you as a contributor if you're interested. i think your "voice" would be fabulous on there. it would also generate more traffic for your blog (and increase your ad revenue). not that money is everything...but i'm just saying. ;-)

your kiddos are gorgeous! i have triplets who will be 4 this month. isn't it a fun ride?!?!

Andrea said...

Hello - I read all three of your blogs very regularly. THANK YOU for sharing your lives. Just wondering about the shirts on you and Joe in the photo on the right? Looks like MN Vikings. I am from MN... wondering what your connection is?

Thanks - Mom of just plain twins in MN

Anonymous said...

Hi suz I just wanted to stop by and say hello I just got your link off of Glam R Baby!! I am a Local Photographer in Dallas texas and wanted to offer you and your family of Six a free Photoshoot!! Please e mail me at
Thanks and God Bless!!

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