Saturday, May 09, 2009

A 29th Birthday Re-cap

I wasn't really looking forward to my birthday this year (not because I hate getting older---I've never been one to dread birthdays,I embrace another year of life!)...just because its beginning to feel like any other normal day. No biggie.

Soooo, I was completely surprised when Joe woke me up on Friday morning and told me to come into the kitchen...never before had I seen this! (I had to take a picture, just so I would remember what it looks like...)
Gotta LOVE the morning afro!

The man who NEVER cooks (and before I get a phone call telling me otherwise---let me clarify: the man who will ONLY GRILL), was up earrrrly in the kitchen making me a big breakfast before he went to work! Awwwwww....sweet thang! ;)

Yes, I'll let you see what I look like when I just wake up---puffy eyes and all! Me, and my best friend----COFFEE!

What a GREAT start to the day! I woke up the little rascals and we headed out to an awesome park after breakfast & met up with Liz and her twin baby girls.

Lots of heads to constantly count! (Sheesh!)

Ben checking things out

Sister Sav (with her 1st ponytail!! YAY!) does not like getting her hands dirty

Ethan planning his next move

Drew is more interested in pushing his stroller than playing in the park

Ben was thinking about having one of his meltdowns as he drops to the ground...and then he just kind of laid there for a while, looking up at the sky...kid cracks me up.

Ben gettin some good luvin' from Liz and her precious twin girlies!

Maddie in the back and Kinley in the front...the quads LOVE when the girls come over. They repeat "" over and over and over.

Wow, that's a lot of kids!

Later that evening, we were SO blessed to have my parents come into town to put our quads down and watch my nephew, Carter, so we could enjoy a nice dinner out on the town! That's 5 grandchildren at one time! (THANKS MOM & DAD!!! LOVE YOU!)

Joe and his birthday gal

Collin and Ashley (my bro and sis-in-law)

Liz and Chris

We had a great time! Joe and I were able to catch a movie afterward (X-Men Origins:Wolverine---it was the only thing showing at the right time...good, but pretty violent)...I can't remember the last time we went to a movie and we LOOOOVE movies! So, it was an awesome night--just doing normal things that most people take for granted.

Also, many of you asked about Sav's shirt/dress in the last post: "my brothers ROCK"---thanks for the sweet comments! Her Granna had that made for her at a Christmas Gala in Waco, where lots of vendors set up booths. So, we have NO IDEA what it was called, or where this lady's shop is located...I think Gatesville, TX? Sorry, I'm absolutely NO help. :(

Hope all of you mothers out there have a WONDERFUL day tomorrow! (and praying for you who are hoping to be mothers soon!!)


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Mrs. B said...

Hi Suz!! I absolutely love the "please wash your hands" tags that Liz has hanging from the twins' car seats. I have 5 month old twin boys and am CONSTANTLY asking people to wash their hands before handling the twins, but that is just awesome. Can you please find out where she got them?

Melissa :)

Stephanie said...

GREAT POST!! I love when you two get to go out and have fun with your friends! I think that keeps us parent sane!!!
Happy 29th girl!!!
Happy Mothers Day x4!!!

The Q. Family said...

Happy Mother's Day!! :) And Happy Birthday!

Jeff and Amanda said...

The people that do those shirts also have a booth at Canton on First Monday weekends. I think they are in the Arbors or in one of the pavillions near there.

*Lissa* said...

Happy Birthday!

Page said...

Uh oh, sounds like the quads are ready for a little brother or sister! LOL! (I'm just KIDDING!!) Happy belated birthday and happy Mother's Day to one momma who definitely deserves it!!

Charity Donovan said...

Glad you had a fabulous day!!! LOVE your new do girlfriend!!! Hugggss!

Beav's Wife said...

Happy b*day! You are so stinkin' cute and I absolutely freaked over Sav's ponytail!!!!! Happy, Happy Mother's Day!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had a nice day. It's so hard to share motherhood with your birthday cuz your always on duty. Wouldn't trade it though.

Annie said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day!!!!

The Carlsons said...

Glad you had a wonderful and blessed birthday Suz! You deserve it! And Joe!...what an awesome and sweet cook you have there.

You two, and your four kiddos, are cute as always :D Especially you Suz, even in the morning. Wish I looked as cute as you when I woke up ;)

Thanks for sharing and have a Happy Mother's Day!
-fellow quad mom of 1yo GGGG and a 5yo boy

Barbara Manatee said...

Sounds like a great day! Happy Birthday! My Birthday was this week, too. I've got a day or two and a couple of years on you :-)

Amazing Greis said...

Happy Birthday, glad to hear that you had a FABULOUS day.

Hope you have a FABULOUS Mother's Day as well!

The Bretl Girls - Germany said...

Happy belated Birthday and a very Happy Mother's Day x4 to you.

A *lurker* from Germany

Hilary said...

Happy Birthday Suz and Happy Mother's day too have a great weekend :)

Our Journey said...

happy belated birthday and happy mothers day X4!

if you have the time email me and tell me what size diapers the babies wear, looking to hook someone up!

Katrine said...

Happy Birthday!

edbteach said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Mother's Day!

Adorable pictures as always!

Cochran Quads said...

Happy B-Day, Happy Mother's DAy, HAPPY HAPPY DAY!!! Luv u!

Crystal said...

Aww, very cute post! Love all the pictures! Hope you have a great Mother's Day!!!

Also, we are in Waco and yes... there is a super cute boutique in Gatesville.. I too am not sure of the name though. Wish I could help. That outfit was super cute!

Clint, Teri and Dax said...

Hate to say this, but I think I'd actually have a better marriage if I didn't follow your blogs. ha ha and j/k of course. I have an awesome husband, but then I see the things Joe does and think wow, they have quads and her husband still takes the time to do sweet things. Totally awesome!! I'm lucky if my hubby remembers (b/f kids) - but he tries and that's all that matters. ;)

Happy Birthday!!!!

cat said...

Happy Happy Birthday girl! And hope you had a great Mother's day. Did you know the movie was directed by Gavin Hood - a South African director that director our Oscar winning best foreign film, Tsotsi.

MEGAN said...

Beautiful red necklace! And that breakfast Joe made you looks GREAT!

Kristi said...

Happy Belated 29th Birthday!! It looks like you had a wonderful day.

Hope your Mother's Day went well too.

That park looked awesome. I am always looking for new toddler friendly parks... for my twins. We live really close to you all and I was curious if you could email me the location. Most of the parks I have found near us aren't as toddler friendly. I usually have to drive to Arlington or Mansfield. LOL

My email is my profile :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Chelsa said...

sav's ponytail is great! love it. happy late birthday! :)

jenn said...

happy birthday!(late),,,you look fab!

We are the Smith Family said...

Happy glad to see Liz and the girls too!

Melodie said...

Suz, I am very interested in the little "stop" signs you friend had on her girls' carriers. Can you please find out where she got them so I can get some, too? I am expecting another baby this summer, and have several friends who are expecting, too, and I think they would be great shower gifts.

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