Monday, May 11, 2009

MDay Weekend 2009

Not a lot of time for writing, but a whole lot of pics! I had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day weekend! Thank you SOOO much for all of the sweet Birthday and MDay wishes!!!

Saturday morning:
Sav trying on every article of clothing that she finds lying around (Miss thang refuses to smile for pictures nowadays--so, we use the tickle-method)

Daddy and Benny




Andrew(L) and Ethan(R) sharing a laugh

Sunday morning:
Gettin' ready for church---Drew flashing his 1000 watt smile!

Drew in blue, Ethan in front


Sav waiting patiently to get her hair done by Mommy



The natives were getting restless during we took a field trip out into the halls

Daddy and Sav

Trying to capture all four sitting and smiling (yah RIGHT! haha) Sav, E, Ben, Drew

Family pic (E, Sav, Ben, Drew) Poor little Drew is majorly teething in the next couple of pics!

Mama's chick-a-dees (QUICK!--snap away before they move or start crying!!!)

LOOOOOOVE my boys!!! (Ben, Drew, E)

Mommy's precious daughter...melts my heart (again...tickle for a smile)

Suz, Sav, Granna

Me and my favorite dude

Me and Ma

Me and Dad

Sunday afternoon:
Baby Carter came over to play (oh, AND Collin and Ashley too, hee hee)

Carter will be spoiled rotten...rotten, I tell ya!

Granna & Carter

Ashley's first Mother's Day!

What a precious baby boy!

Joe and I are beyond blessed to have such wonderful mothers and families!

HaPpY BiRtHdAy, KaTe!!! Hope you have an AWESOME day! Love you!

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annalee said...

happy mother's day to you! your hair looked exceptionally cute on mother's day:)

Stephanie said...

What adorable pics of everyone!!
Love the yellow shirt! You looked extra happy!!!
Glad you had a great Mothers day!!

Megan said...

So precious! Love all the pics! And LOVE your Mother's Day outfit! Happy Mother's day to you!

Anonymous said...

Great pics!! You look amazing! KIDDOS ARE PRECIOUS!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of you and the boys, that should be framed in your house, they all look so sweet and you look wonderful! One of my all time favorite picsof yours!

Following Him said...

WoW...the crew looks so cute in their church clothes! A fieldtrip never hurt anyone during church either :) Happy late mother's day to you!
I agree with the yellow shirt!

Rachel said...

I love those toothy grins! Your kiddos are too cute. Glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fabulous mother's day! I love the family picture of you, Joe and the kids. I bet it's getting harder and harder to hold two children at once.

Cathy in Frisco

The Murray Crew said...

You all look delightful! Glad you had a good one, mama. I hope your present turns out GREAT too! Good to see you with your fam...LOVE THEM!


Cochran Quads said...

Love the way you dress the boys like little men and LOVE your outfit too Mommy!! Smokin Hot Family!!!

King Quads said... should be a sin to be as beautiful as you are and have FOUR babies that look so put together and adorable.

The outfits for the kiddo's were adorable as always. Love those button downs on the boys.

MELISSA said...

love your dress and hair! cute!

Kelly said...

I did a Mother's Day post last night - I need to post more about the day though. This one was more about my feelings on being a mom after infertility.

The quads are so cute cheesing it up!

Carter is adorable!!

Beth said...

Super cute outfit Suz! Mind sharing where the cute yellow (and blue!) top came from? :)

Beav's Wife said...

you always look sooo cute! loved your mother's day outfit. and seriously, those kiddos of you are freaking adorable! the boys' outfits with their lil' flipflops cracked me up! such little men! happy mother's day!

Kate said...

The kids look so "grown-up"! Not babies anymore. :) Adorable!

Cassie said...

I agree with the boys shirts!! They are so cool and so cute! Where did they come from!? I have a one year old and I can never find that kind of stuff for him!

Barbara Manatee said...

Beautiful pics!! Love all the big smiles on the kiddos! Glad you had a great Mothers Day and Birthday!

Moni Graf said...

Who needs writing when you post pictures like that! And besides....I know how long the dang captions take to write. Great post (actually, great couple of posts....I'm just catching up).

You look beautiful as always, Suz. The Mother's Day top was so pretty. You have a knack for rockin' an outfit. I still remember the beautiful coral-colored top you wore for M-Day 2008! I know...that was kind of stalker-ish to say, but I guess it made an impression on me.

Love ya!

p.s. I'm with J-Mur...I also hope you enjoy your birthday gift!

Tiremmasu said...

you and your mom have an incredible smile! now I know where the kiddos get it from :) Love reading your blog!

cat said...

Great pics.

Goerlich Quadruplets said...

Happy B-day and Happy Mother's Day! You are such a special person! Love all the beautiful photos!!
Love, Chris and Mari

Kara said...

Hi Suz! You have the most beautiful family. Your kiddos are precious! I am getting ready to start naptime boot camp with my girls and was wondering if you had any suggestions? I know your guys were struggling going to one nap. My girls are almost 17 months and I want to try and go to one nap in the afternoon so we can go do stuff in the morning when it is not so hot! Just wondering what time your kids nap and how long it took them to get adjusted. My girls still sleep about an hour and a half in the morning and an hour in the afternoon.


Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, I Love these pictures! The one of the twins smiling at each other is freaking cute! Could you be any cuter!!!! We love you guys so much!!

edbteach said...

The kids look so grownup in these pictures! Adorable as always!

jag said...

First of all, you're new do ROCKS! VERY cute!

You look like one very happy mama this mother's day! Surrounded by babies and family... It just doesn't get any better, does it?

Sarah B from MN said...

Suz, I wish we lived close so we could be friends. I have never posted before and don't have a blog but love reading yours and others. They've really inspired me. Question - love your dress but I've never ordered from Francesca's before - what size did you get? Their site says they run small. ? are you wearing a tank and leggings with it and the lines don't show or look weird? You are so fashionable girlfriend! Wish I could pull it off. I'm an Ann Taylor Loft fan. :) Keep up the great work with your kids and living your life for Christ. You are so sweet!

amanda said...

Hi Suz! Not sure if I've ever commented... but I'm been quite the lurker since a friend directed me to your cute little blog!

LOVE all the Mother's Day pics!

I have a totally off-the-wall question! Do you know where you got the blue t-shirt you're wearing in the first pic? (I'm assuming its your hubby's?!) I want to get my husband one for Father's Day...and I've seen them on various people's blogs... but never when I'm out shopping. Please help!

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