Thursday, May 21, 2009

So Much to Say!

I want to write down things about each and every little lady from the trip...they are all SO amazing!...Lots to cover, so it will take me a while, but I'm working on it!

Seriously, this past weekend was one of the best times of my life! When I returned home, Joe asked me: " which girls did you end up really bonding with...who did you have the most in common with?..." and honestly, I could not pinpoint any one person! We share an incredible bond and I love these ladies with all of my heart.

Be checking in on their blogs as well for more fun stories and pics from the First Annual Quad Mama's Trip 2009!

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Brent Riggs said...

I wanna guys trip. Off to ask the boss...

Brent (Abby's Dad)

Melanieshea said...

Can't wait to hear more! Love the picture!!! :o)

Charity Donovan said...

We love you too Suz!!! Hugs girlfriend!!! Miss your smiling face so dang much already!!

jag said...

Aww... Love you too Suz! You just make the world a better place with that sunny spirit and bright smile!

Following Him said...

You have that personality that EVERYONE loves...including me :o Glad you and your quad sistas had LOTS of fun!

Casey's trio said...

What an awesome bond you all share! SO great that you all made the effort to fly across the country to meet each other in person:) I love seeing the pictures from your fun times:)

Andria said...

Suz, you are such a beautiful person... and THAT is a common trait with all of you quad mommas! I can't wait to read more about your trip of a lifetime! I've been absent from your blog (and others) lately. I just get too wrapped up in them (while at work - shhhh). I'll be back! Love ya!

Goerlich Quadruplets said...

stop posting about this already - i'm getting more and more bummed i missed it by the minute! :) joking (about the stop posting part - not the bummed part) looking forward to hearing more about the trip! -mari

Kelly Trullinger said...

Love you too Suz! You are such a beautiful girl inside and out! Keep rockin the smile!

asplashofsunshine said...

You will have to explain why all of you look incredibly rested and FABULOUS! Is having quads the secret to getting sleep and looking gorgeous? Don't answer that. :) Looks like a fun weekend!

Miranda said...

I love that you guys planned a trip like this. How Fun. I have an infertility diagnosis so I am still working on getting myself some babies here, but now i want quads so i can go on a trip... HAHA

Jac Tubre said...

Suz - I can't thank you enough for being you and coming on this changed my life (not just my hairstyling ways) momma!!

Much Love,

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love reading your blog....always enjoy my visits.

Hope you will stop by my blog and read about little Maggie.
This is an urgent prayer need.
I have seen the power of prayer over and over in the blog world.
I have a button for anyone that would like to add it to their blog.

shartalbot said...

What an amazing thing for you to be able to get away and connect with all the other Quad Mama's! What a blessing for you all!!! I have been reading your blog for a while now but I don't write anything too often. I don't have a blog myself. I just want to let you know though that I LOVE your blog and find it so inspiring. Your relationship with Joe seems so loving, and fun and such a partnership as you raise these four beautiful kids!!! It reminds me a lot of my relationship with my husband. We're always having fun and don't care if we look like dorks in the process :) I just read your comment from your Mother's day post, that you are still praying for all of those that still dream of becoming Mother's. That would put me in that catagory. We have been trying to have a baby for almost 7 years now. It's SO hard and I just don't understand. We have just done 4 rounds of IUI to no avail and have just finished our first round of IVF and are still waiting, praying and hoping. We KNOW He is in control and are trying to trust that, even though some days are just so hard.
Anyway thanks for always brightening my day with your blog. You rock and you guys are doing a great job!! Your kids are so beautiful, healthy and have great parents to love them!


Anonymous said...

So I foung your blog though another quad mom blog that I found on a preemie website. Wow that is a lot. I love reading about you blog momma's, I too siffered through infertility and very high risk pregnacies - yes that is right 2 high risk pregnancies. In some ways I know what you went though until after delivery. I had singletons with both of my pregnancies, both I was on bedrest by 28 and 23 weeks respcetivly and both are NICU grads - 33 and 34 wks. Anyway you dont want to know all of that.
I want to know from you - your hair. Is it hard to style. I love it. I have very thick hair and it is way too hot in these Louisiana summers. I am seriously considering your hair style so please tell me about it - easy hard do you love or hate it???
You can e-mail me at
Thanks so very much

Anonymous said...

Wow, that makes me want to have quads just so I can have a few good girlfriends :)

That's great that you are able to do that! Are you in a local Mom of Multiples group too?

I only have 2 kids and I don't think we could have afforded that, you are so blessed :) :)

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