Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Under Construction & More Billboard Sightings!

Grampy and Grammy Steece bought the quads an awesome outside Step 2 swing set for their birthday! So early Saturday morning, the dudes headed outside to assemble the equipment. Shiloh was overseeing the project while resting in the shade.

Uncle Ed drove up to join in the fun!...by this time, its getting a weeeee bit toasty outside.

Heat exhaustion can do some crazy things to 2 grown men.

Success! We LOVE it--it is the perfect size for four 2-year olds! Plenty of swings, lots of room in the double decker playhouse...the kids have a blast on it. (The next post will have lots of pics with the kiddos playing on their new swing set! SO much fun!)

3 engineers and 6 hours later---Thank you guys SO much for your hard work! Love you to pieces!!!

Later that afternoon, the out of town fam was itching to see the billboards---so we cleaned up and headed over to the Fort Worth Zoo area on University. HOLY COW! I hadn't seen this one up close--it was awesome!

SO neat to see the kids recognize themselves right away! They were all saying: "E....Doo....Ssssah....Beeeeen" SO CUTE! (Mama with Sav, Jess with E, Grammy with Ben, Grampy with Drew)

Because things can happen in an instant....INDEED! (Ethan, Andrew, Savannah, Benjamin)

This was especially neat for Grammy to experience, b/c the quads' Great Grandfather Tracy built his business with his own two hands---billboards, signs, etc. So special to watch life come full circle...he would be so proud of his great-grandquads! ;)

Other exciting news today: My cousin Jason and his wife Julie will be welcoming their baby girl, Reagan, into the world any second now! SO excited! and Quad Mom-Beth Walker and her husband, Casey, are celebrating the release of his new CD with his band, CAVO: Bright Nights, Dark Days (of which the single, "Let it Go" is on the Transformers II soundtrack! So cool!) Congrats you guys!

Next up: Dinner at Joe T Garcia's; Late Night Birthday Cupcakes; Swing set and presents!

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Stephanie said...

How fun!! The billboards look fantastic! (which isnt hard to do with those 4 sweet faces!!)
So glad you were able to all go out there and get pics!
The new playyard looks like tons of fun too! Cant wait to see the kiddos playing on it!!

Katie said...

WOW, SO much fun!! LOVE seeing the kiddos see themselves on the billboard, too cute!

Amy Bennett said...

Well that is just the cutest thing EVER! How fun!

Anonymous said...

I am sitting here, cracking up a the picture of the three "grown" men, on the playstructure. I'm wondering if they even let the kids play on it because they seem to like it so much. lol!! Love the billboard pictures. I think when the quads are older, they are really going to enjoy these shots.
Cathy in Frisco

Jessica Villalpando said...

I love the billboards!

Ok girl I have to know where you got those CUTE wedges you are wearing!

Erin said...

That is so cool...famous babies! My youngest Bowen is in our local Target Photography Wall! They asked if they could use his picture!! And ofcourse I said yes!
Awesome swingset! have a great day..much love and blessings~erin

lauren_kitts said...

Can't believe those are your kiddos I saw this billboard while driving hoem and thought what a cute idea*** Congrats on your family and I wish you success!!!

Kelly said...

I love how you backed up against the billboard in the picture order for a picture!

Love the playground. Our girls call ours their "park."

Misty said...

I love the pics & how cool to have that come full circle in your family!
Love you!

quatro_mama said...

So. Stinkin'. Sweet.

Blankenship Babbles said...

I just added "Let It Go" to my playlist this morning (small world) love the song, it is awesome...everyone needs to go listen to it :) The Quads are getting so big...I don't comment much, I'm what you call a lurker, but I've been with y'all from before they were here - the billboard is great, I haven't seen it in person, I'll have to go on that side of town now...they are so cute, and you are an awesome Momma!

xoxo - Mandy

Whitney Jodry said...

Suz - We love having you on our billboards! Thanks for the post!

- Whitney Jodry

Cochran Quads said...

This is another comment section where I just don't know where to start!
Oh,the fun the playground will bring in the future :) ;)
So, you didn't send me a text to tell me it was a "Joe Shirtless" Post! I wasn't prepared! I saw the first picture and it didn't have his precious face and then, Ms. Suz, you never let me down, there was a full front shot! ;)
The babies and the billboard, I could go on and on!
Your Oh So Hot self at the Billboard Viewing! You my friend are SMOKIN!!!!!
The shout out to Beth! So so well deserved for CAVO!
I just love you Mrs. Steece!!!

We are the Smith Family said...

Just awesome!!! I love it!!!

Akinoluna - a female Marine said...

Those billboards are hilarious, too bad you can't keep one. ;-)

asplashofsunshine said...


Annie said...

The playground is wonderful. They are going to have a blast there.
It is from little tikes?

Abby said...

You are gorgeous and your hubby is a hottie! Your little ones have some good genes to grow on! =)

Jessica said...

That billboard is so exciting! Congratulations, Steece Family! What a neat, neat family experience!

The McNulty Family said...

What's up hot mama in your white shorts!?! Woohoooo! ;)

First, HYSTERICAL swing set pics.. love those dudes!

Second, the billboards are freaking AWESOME! I love you!


Anonymous said...

Love the playground set!!! The kids are going to enjoy!!! Cool billboard...

Mommy of five in IL (Paola)

carina said...

Just interested, you said the kiddos were saying out their names on the bill board....can Sav and Ben tell the twins apart? Always wondered how quickly siblings are able to tell.

Love the bill board...especially Ben peeking over the top!

Suzanne said...

jess- thanks girl---the shoes are from my fav store: francescas (but they are from last year)

carina- yes! its crazy--but savannah could say the boys' names and tell them apart right after she turned one? smart cookie. but yes--they can all tell the twins apart. even dad has to ask sav sometimes during bath time, who's who! so funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi suz... Great post - as always--I love the picture of the family in front of the huge billboard---soooooo awesome.. i am missing those babies!!!! Love ya'll... :)

aunt susan said...

Hey little mama--i just realized I forgot to put my name on the previous post above--ooops sorry--Love you---

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