Thursday, October 01, 2009

What's Cookin', Hot Stuff?

The Steeces have been up to something...

Head on over to my review blog and take a look at what we've been cooking up! You just may win a
$100 Visa gift card!!!

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Emily said...

Great pics...I actually took a look at the review site and am now full of creative ideas for feeding my picky 2 year old!

On a completely different note; I'm assuming out of four, one of your precious toddlers must throw a fit about getting his/her hair cut. What do you do?? Any good ideas? We've had about 4-5 cuts now and since moving back to TX (hence new kids cut salon) he completely loses it just upon entering. I just thought maybe you had some valuable tidbits to share! If you find a sec, of course!

Much thanks...and those kiddos of yours are stinkin' adorable!


Garrett Family said...

I was just at / and saw the add with the kids on it - I wasn't even paying attention and just glanced over and new exactly who that little one was and watched as all the rest appeared - super cute!!

The Texas Lieberts said...

I have been reading your blog for a while now but have never commented. Your kids are AMAZING MIRACLES and I love to read about them. I noticed a while back that you said you LOVE to bake. I have a website for YOU!!! My sister and I have been trying to start a little baking company and we ran across this website. It has great ideas and recipes. I hope you enjoy it.


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