Friday, November 20, 2009

South Texas Trip- continued

Late Saturday night, we headed to Brackettville to Uncle Stoney and Aunt Judy's wonderland of a house! It was all decked out in Autumn/Halloween decor! Here Stoney is showing Drew how to blow the whistle.

This cracked us up to no end! Listen to Drew as he tries to blow the "Choo-choo-whistle"...he totally fakes it (we did this over and over...Stoney and I had tears from laughing so hard)

Aunt JuJu and Uncle Stoney had gotten out all of their boys' old toys from when they were young! I remembered all of them---seeing as how we were ALWAYS down south when I was growing up! It was so neat to watch my kids play with them years later!

Drew going for a ride on the wooden giraffe

Sav (with her crazy hair) pulled this Choo-choo-train around for hours!

Granny Jean lovin' on Ethan after church on Sunday

We headed back over to Uvalde and played with Aunt Susan & the Great Grands for a while

too cool for school, this one

Such an incredible thing to watch grandparents enjoying their grandchildren and great grandchildren

Mr. E was the cuddle bug that night! Melting in Susan's arms

Here she goes is impossible to keep clothes on Miss Thang...can't help but laugh when she flashes me this smile (the little priss)

Lights up a room, I tell ya (Andrew)

Grandpapa and Beeeeen

Grandpapa and Drew

Ahhh...we said our goodbye's and packed up for our LOOOOONG drive home. At one point, all four kids were asleep!!! You don't understand...this hasn't happened in the car since they were infants! WOOO HOOO! SO nice... (and if you haven't invested in a DVD player for your car yet, I'm tellin' ya---it is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!)


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Cori Lynn said...

I love how the twins are facing the same way and then ben and sav are facing each other..very cute!

Jenni said...

Ditto on the DVD player!!!!!

Leah said...

I second the DVD player in the car!

Rachel said...

What sweet pictures... looks like a wonderful trip and it is so nice to travel with sleeping babies!

Kelly said...

We had that train and my kids play with it at my mom and dad's. Ashley is all about trains and being chic. She and Sav would get along famously! Love the pix!

Akinoluna - a female Marine said...

We had the exact same train when I was little!

Anonymous said...

We had one of those giraffe ride on toys when my brother was a little boy! You can fit a kid under that seat and then sit on it trapping them in.

Bret and Heather said...

OMG Suz, LOVE Drew and the train whistle... too funn!

Leigha said...

Aww! They are so precious! (Nice car seat cover too ;) I'm SO glad it fit!!)

I don't think we could take car rides w/o the dvd player! We have one in each of our trucks!!

Have a Safe Thanksgiving trip too.

Moni Graf said...

So happy you all made it home safe and sound after a family and fun-filled weekend. Way to go, SuperMama!

Loved all the pics and videos. On the last post, I started smiling from ear to ear at the pic of Ben with cousin Big Andrew....Ben looks like a little linebacker! When did he grow so big?!

And HOLLA for the 4 sleeping 2 year olds! I bet silence never sounded so good.

Excited to see and hear about your next big weekend....wanna see the "after" pics from the foil-laden headshot you texted me the other day. Betcha it turned out GORGEOUS like always. Hot mama! Have fun this weekend!


BoufMom9 said...

LOL! Miss Sav with just her shoes and beads...a hoot! She is somethin'!

LOVED Drew "blowing" the whistle. Too funny!

LOVE all of those old toys. Very cool that they have held on to them. Seeing the pics brought back memories of my own childhood..too cool!

ps I don't think i would EVER travel hours in the van alone with my kids without a DVD player. Not ever again. LOL

Following HIM said...

SO much fun!!! The DVD, I agree, has been a lifesaver for our family too. Sav and her cheezy pict make me smile :)
Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

What cute pictures! We had the same train along with the zoo animals that went inside. I LOVED that thing. :)

Shannon said...

I am laughing so hard at that video!

Kelly Trullinger said...

What a nice trip...the kids will have some wonderful pictures of memories with the family. They look wonderful! Miss ya & love ya girl!

The Cochran Crew said...

Love it!! They are too stinkin cute! Ms. Sav is gonna be a heart breaker!!! Love you!

Meredith said...

I second the DVD player AND was also going to comment on the sleeping positions of the kiddos. Too sweet!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip! All the kiddo's looked so cute asleep in the back! ;)

cat said...

I fully agree about the DVD player. And looks like you had a great time.

Chelsa said...

we love our dvd player as well!

glad they did so good for you and they got to have so much fun w/ all your fam!

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