Friday, January 29, 2010

The Children's Museum with Grammy & Uncle Ed

We were beyond blessed to have Grammy and Uncle Ed come play with us this week! Naturally, I couldn't wait to take the kiddies out and about~ (SOOO nice when you have extra sets of hands to help round up the herd of quads~ makes life SO much easier!).

And FYI: You have probably noticed how I like to coordinate the boys outfits (I'm just not the matchy-matchy type of Mama...because lets face it, we draw enough attention as it is), but after being out several times this year---I realize just how much it helps to have the kids in matching clothes! SOOOO much easier to do head-counts and keep up with where my children are playing (especially when I am by myself!). HUUUUGE! SO, for safety reasons, I think I'm going to start buying matching outfits for the kids.

We ventured on over to the Fort Worth Children's Museum and had a wonderful morning! (Drew is in khakis)

We looked at some awesome dinosaur fossils... (Ethan, Sav, Andrew, Ben)

...were captivated by endless bubbles (E, A, B, S)

...Andrew and Ethan played with magic

Grammy, Savi, and Drew---from the other side

Uncle Ed helped Ben with some type of gadget

Savannah did some grocery shoppin' with Grammy in the little kiddie cute!

Drew- played doctor (or really just tried endlessly to turn on the fake sink)

What's that Sav? You want to be a RN like Mommy? Awesomeness!

The kids LOVED playing in this make-shift ambulance (Drew & Sav)

The identical twins amaze me every day...when I find pictures like this one, I am just awe-struck! Seriously! How can one person be completely cloned? It took me a while to figure this one out---but Andrew is on the left with slightly fuller cheeks.

My sweet boys: Ethan, Andrew, and Benjamin behind the wheel

We headed outside for some good 'ole fashioned fossil diggin (E, B, A)

Little Miss Fit (because she threw like 3 massive meltdown fits this day) did NOT enjoy getting rocks trapped in her shoes

Drew- caught in action

We had a WONDERFUL time with Grammy and Uncle Ed! Thank you SO much for coming down to play with us and breaking up the monotony! (ESPECIALLY for ME!) LOVE YOU!

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Marty Rhea Hill said...

Suz, My cousin, Julie, and I were just there yesterday. Although we did not do all the fun things the quads did, we had so much fun. WE toured the new CSI area. What a blast!!! Loved the pics and so glad they had fun.

Melissa said...

I left you a little something. Go check it out!!!

King Quads said...

How fun...

Miss Thang didn't like rocks in her shoes huh? Maybe you should carry her everywhere, she needs to be treated like the princess she is. Sheesh, what's the matter with you guys?

The boys in the matching outfits - love it! Love them.

OMG - under You might also like...the picture of Benny in his helmet - makes me melt, I am going to go back to that post. Next to it is a little sweetie with pigtails and a bathing suit playing in the sun...adorableness I tell ya. Can't believe they are getting so big. You are going to have a fun year ahead of you this Spring/Summer - what a fun age. They are super cute, as always.

Anonymous said...

How do you tell the identicals apart??

The Cochran Crew said...

Sooo stinking precious!!! Love you!!

tigernurse said...

Your kids are so stinking cute!!! They are precious:) Love seeing all your adventures!

Isn't it wild having Id. twins! We have 4 year old id. twin boys and it boggles our mind most days. Have them running aroud in the buff and I usually have NO clue who is who! We have SO SO many pictures (baby and now) that we really have to stop and think...who are you?

I too like the coordinating look but have turned to matching when in pubic. I do feel safer and it is easier. It actually worked one day when I lost one in the mall. Out of my sight for 5 minutes!!! I just held up his brother and said "he looks like this and is wearing this"...the ladies that found him recognized his brother before they saw me....I didn't recover for DAYS!

I love hearing your stories and fantastic outlook on life! You are a wonderful ray of sunshine!

april said...

great pictures! i love your family and almost think of you as a "friend" because I have read on here since you were preggo with your babes:) I know, that is a bit spooky huh!! Well, I have two boys and my youngest needs a helmet due to plageocephaly (sp?). I am glad it doesn't require surgery, but scared about this new adventure. Any tips since I know your crew also wore the helmets? How in the world do the sleep in them!! My baby is 6 months old right now. Thanks again for sharing your beautiful family with the world.

Stephanie said...

Oh Suz..they all just melt my heart!!
The pic of the twins amaze me! That is so crazy!!
Looks like such a fun day!!!

Following HIM said...

Oh my goodness! SO cute! LOVE the shirts and Miss Thang's outfit too. Can't leave her out of the mix :o I love the FW museam too :)

Katie said...

Looks like y'all had so much fun and hooray for help!! That pic of Andrew & Ethan~wow it is so amazing how identical they really are! :)

Happy Campers said...

So funny you posted this...I JUST added this museum to our homeschool calendar for next month! As always, kiddos are rays of sunshine...even when throwing a fit because of rocks in crocs! :)

Mercy said...

I keep thinking how much fun you must have with four of them...but I also think of the work they must bring. Yet you don't complain. I can tell you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Can Ben and Sav tell the difference between Ethan and Drew? Better than you?

Anonymous said...

I think Ben is starting to look more like the twins as they get older. I am sure it is hard when looking at pictures.

Psalm112 said...

Hey Suz-

I don't expect you to remember me, but knew of you two (in the MSC/12th Man) in Aggieland. Have followed your blog for a while. We're in the Dallas area, too! I understand being "locked up." I was diagnosed with epilepsy 2 years ago...and haven't been able to drive since (was in Pharma Sales). Anyway, wanted to say Howdy and there's a beautiful park over here by our house if y'all ever need a day out....
because of HIM,


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