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The Fab 4 from H-town

We moved from Houston in the summer of 2006- when Joe accepted a new job in Mansfield, TX---4.5 hours across the great state of Texas. We had lived in Houston as newlyweds for 4 years (Joe for 5 yrs). During this time- we had no children, a 2-income bank account, and no real responsibility (so to speak)---FUN TIMES! We think of Houston with FOND memories and always enjoy trips back to see everyone!

The MAIN reason why Houston is so special to me is because of the friendships that were formed during our time there! This past weekend, Joe watched the kids from Friday evening to Sunday night- all by himself- so that Mama could get away and RELAX! Joe and I take turns having weekends away and this was Mama's MUCH NEEDED weekend away from all parenting duties! I chose to travel BACK to Houston and play with my BQ buddies---buddies before quads!

About once a month, Dr. Small, Aracely, Lori and myself would meet up for dinner (usually sushi-YUM!) and just talk for hours. It was GREAT therapy at the end of a stressful work week. (Ha! "Stressful"? I didn't even know the MEANING of the word back then! LOL)

This is a pic from back in May of 2006---one of the last times we got together at our regular Sushi hangout- Osaka Japenese Restaurant. Terreva and Shannon came along to celebrate my birthday- just weeks before we moved away (sniff, sniff).

Can I tell you guys that I DREAM about Osaka? LOVE it!!! CRAVE the food! So that was FIRST on my to-do list this weekend! Aracely, Dr. Small, me, and Lori met up for some good grub and just sat and talked for hours! (FOUR hours, to be exact!) SOOOOOO great to catch up with close friends!

Me and Dr. Small---the best orthopedic/spine surgeon I know! and such a great friend! Lori and I used to be in on all of his cases in the OR. Man, I miss those days! We laughed and shared surgical stories from our time spent together...usually working on intense 8 hour spine cases all day long! (which I LOOOOVED!) He taught me a LOT of what I know about ortho/spine and I miss him dearly! SO great to catch up, Small!

Sweet Cely/"Cel-Bel"...Like my sis! We were fresh nursing grads, straight from nursing school- and were chosen for the Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital Surgical Internship program back in June 2003. We learned together, laughed together, hung out together all the time-----even left the hospital together to pursue a new occupation at an outpatient surgical center across town! We made all of our big moves together! (along with Lori!) You could say that we-3- were inseparable...the best of buddies (referred to as: "Charlie's Angels" by several doctors)! Cel-Bel is the absolute sweetest gal I have ever met---and she is SO smart, an incredible nurse, and an even greater friend. LOVE you, CB! Miss you like crazy!

Dr. Small and Lori (Big Lo). Lori is the absolute BEST orthopedic surgical nurse and technician that I have EVER come across. She also was a huge factor in teaching me everything I know about ortho/spine. She is an incredible friend and would drop anything to help out friends/family in need (including taking in a TON of family that were caught in the middle of Katrina). She is the most self-less person I know and I miss her terribly. She let me crash at her house for the weekend and we did nothing but sit in front of the TV while gabbing and catching up on life. It was SO relaxing and just what I needed! Thank you, Big Lo & Big D!! Love you so much!

Oh and WHO DAT?!! (Miss "New Orleans" will be traveling with her hubby to Miami for the big game! She just LOVED pouring salt in Joe's wounds after the MN Vikings lost to the SAINTS---she even equipped me with some awesome black and gold beads to wear when I returned home on Sunday night! Crack me up! LOVE HER! And Lo--I also hung some beads around Joe's rearview mirror to find when he left for work the next morning! Hilarious.)

And a HUGE THANK YOU to Daddy Joe. I always tend to chuckle when people are SO surprised that Joe watched the kids all weekend by himself. We have been trading off weekends away since the kids were born! He is the absolute BEST partner and teammate in this crazy life with quads that I could EVER ask for---and I seriously do not know what I would do without him. Thank you so much and I love you more than words. ;)

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Grubb Family said...

I'm surprised our paths never crossed in Houston! I graduated from Harding a year ahead of you in nursing school and went to MHNW for their L&D internship in May '01. I worked there until Jan '05 when we moved to Arkansas. I love keeping up with your blog and am constantly reminded what a small world we live in!!!

Pennie Pastor said...

All my best friends live in H-town too! I've been up in the DFW now since 1993, and I love going home.

Kindall said...

Hi Suz! Brand new to the blog! Well been catching up on your PRECIOUS family for the last weeks! My boss is probably going to wonder why my productivity is down...well its the Steeces fault! You kids are adorable and your adventures are a hoot to read about! Thanks for the entertainment and Good Bless!

QuatroMama said...

So fun to read about your weekend away! What sweet friendships, Suz. So glad you all have stayed close even in all of the stuff life has thrown you AQ (after quads).

We are SERIOUSLY blessed with some amazing dudes, eh?

Love you sweet mama. Thinking of you non-stop today!

Stephanie said...

How awesome!!! I lvoe that you and Joe have such a wonderful relationship and both see how important it is for adult time! :)
This was a much needed trip I'm sure, and it sounds like you had a blast!!!
Great stories and great friends!!!

Sav said...

Crazy moment! I saw you at the Japanese Restraunt! I saw you and thought I recognized you, and then was like, "OH MY GOSH I'VE SEEN HER BLOG!!!" You probably didn't see me, but I was the girl in the black coat (actually, there was someone else with me wearing a black coat).
I didn't want to say anything; I was a bit too freaked! Lol

Sarah said...

Love your Loft sweater. :)

We moved 4 hours (Des Moines to Minneapolis) and I know all about missing friends. I love going back as well! Glad you had a nice weekend away.

cat said...

Oh Suz - that weekend away sounds like heaven.

Jill said...

hey suz,
i was looking for an email for you, but can't find one. we just had a family place membership at our church in san antonio and they have two little boys and she's expecting quads. they are military and were shipped here from england because of the hospital facilities. anyway...we want to help them out as a church but have no idea where to start, and bless her heart, SHE has no idea where to start. can you offer suggestions of what we can do for her besides the obvious food, cleaning, etc?
thanks!! my email is: jbobryant@msn.com

Ordinary Mom said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! Thanks for sharing!!

Kim said...

I'm so glad that you get a chance to get away and re-group!

Can I ask a random question? Sorry in advance.. ha!

I have just always been curious about what you COOK! Do the quads like 'real food'? Do they have any strange likes/dislikes? Do you just make more of whatever you would normally make for yourself and Joe? Do you all eat at the same time? How do you stay within a grocery budget? Okay, that was more than 'a' question - ha!

mom21 said...

So glad you got to get away and have a fabulous weekend w/o kids every mom needs time off.It gives you a piece of mind to know your kids are in great hands.

The Beidleman's said...

Been reading your blog FOREVER...before those 2 little lines. :)

Love reading your stories! Love your positive outlook on life! Love that you just LOAD UP and travel with all your precious babies. Love that you will still LOAD UP and go do your own thing!

Don't even remember how I found your blog, but been reading forever, but never posted. :) Have a great weekend.

Brittany said...

So I don't even know you, I just read your blog but..... I had a dream last night and I came to your house to watch your kids for you. I'm sure you let complete strangers do that all the time, right?? ha!
I read your blog yesterday, so I'm thinking that must have been where it came from.
Anyways, your kids were very well behaved! ha! :)
love your blog!

Moni Graf said...

So awesome that you could get away for a fun weekend, Suz! It's SO important to have great relationships with your coworkers...I know that some of my best friends today are people I have come to know in the ER!

Happy that you haven't lost touch with your friends and HOLLA for Joe! ♫ Whatta man, whatta man whatta man, whatta mighty fine man♪ I think Billy would fit in nicely to C and J's bromance! Sorry 'bout the tunes....it was in my head and had to get it out.

Love you!

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