Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where in tha World?!....

I know, I know....we're still here...(barely)

There is a lot that is contributing to my blogging funk:

- Our main computer's hard drive went kaput after 7 years (the computer that stores all of my pics/video/music/etc)-

Thank God for my brother setting up my external hard drive several years ago! Back it up, people!!! It will save you some heartache! Nothing is lost from our files...we just have NO COMPUTER at the moment and reeeeally don't look forward to spending money on a new one.

- Ethan and Andrew have the dreaded and highly contagious sTrEp tHrOaT with bilateral ear infections. Doc said it was a matter of time before Sav and Ben present with symptoms, but we are still crossing our fingers (and downing a LOT of vitamin C).

- Toddler beds are going well. Nights are perfect---they go right to bed without trying to get out. However- afternoon naps are a different story. And yes, they still need their naps (so does Mama) because when I try to take them away, all you can hear is wailing and screaming around 5pm in our house from a bunch of cranky, tired, and mean 2.5 year olds who missed their naps!

- This weekend Joe and I will be celebrating our anniversary (7 years on March 1st!) and Joe's 31st birthday (March 2nd).

Praying that we don't get sick as well and meeting some special buddies of ours to join in on the festivities...who just so happen to have an anniversary the day before ours! Curious to know who it is???

- Our hearts are beyond heavy with the passing of our dear friend's mother last night. Please keep Jason and his family in your prayers. And my Uncle recently lost his Mama as well- so join me in lifting up the Webb family.

Please give those you love an extra squeeze is too short.

Promise to post with some pics sooooon!

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Alaine said...

I know who those special buddies are - praying no one gets sick and you all enjoy a great time together! God's blessings on your anniversary.

Stephanie said...

Hope you all stay well!!
Sounds like a fun weekend coming up!
Sorry about the computer :( Atleast you had it backed up!!
Looking forward to new pics, but totally understand why there is a delay! :)

Jenn said...

You look exactly the same now as you did on your wedding day! No one would ever be able to guess that you had quads! Congrats!

Mama Llama said...

need to back ours up soon too! I m amazed you were working on a 7 year old computer! Good thing is you can find a VERY decent laptop for under $600.

Good to see a post from you! I was answering some questionaire the other day and it asked what blog i "folled" first. And it was yours! You sucked me in with you little cutie quads... then when I finally learned about RSS it was all over I was a blog junkie!

Miss your posts...
"Return to me... oh my dear,I'm so lonely! hurry back, hurry back,oh my dear I'm so lonely for you"

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean on the no nap grouch situation! My lil boy is 2 and acts like he could just go and go without a nap so the couple times I thought he was ready, dinnertime was a bear! He just couldn't make it that long without a "rest". And I really try to keep the baby napping at the same time too so I can have just one teensy tiny window of me hearing your stories! Thanks for sharing, Michelle

kayasmom said...

i just LOVE your blog! I looked at your beautiful wedding picture, and couldn't help but think.."wow, that beautiful young couple have NO idea what they are in store for!" what blessings, though!

Anonymous said...

Hey Suz - I have been reading about your sweet little ones since they were born and I have a little boy that was born on Aug 6th of the same year. You keep that nap as long as you can will help keep your sanity. My older boys napped well into kindergarten or at least had quiet time on their beds with books. It is really good for them and are amazing and I feel inspired reading about you and your sweet little kids.

cat said...

Happy Anniv and Bday!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady!
I'm on a hunt for a (gently used) Peapod for an upcoming IVF Vacation in Costa Rica. I don't know how many you have, but if you would like to sell 1-2, please let me know. They're not cheap! lol.
David_and_tracie at ya hoo


KSDallas said...

Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday, Joe!

glitzen said...

Praying for the families who lost loved ones! Always keep a prayer for your family too, and hope everyone is healthy soon. Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Although I don't "know" you, I feel like I do! I have followed the progress of your precious children since they were born. I found a article from the Christian Chronicle that I would like to share with you.

May God continue to richly bless you and your family!

Cheryl Whatley
Spanish Fort, AL

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