Thursday, March 04, 2010

7th Anniversary Fun in Austin

We've been very busy! Lots to post and catch up on! This lack of desktop computer is driving me nutso and making things verrrry slow for me & my blogging!

I'm breaking up last weekend into 3 parts:

(1) *Anniversary Fun* with the Goerlichs (yes folks, the G's celebrated their 8th anniversary the DAY before the Steeces celebrated their 7th!)

(2) *Dining out fun* with the grandparents (the kids have been a real *HOOT* lately)

(3) *Joe's fun-filled 31st birthday* (playing around like the true *kid* that he is!)!

We drove to Austin and headed into town for the Saturday basketball game (Texas A&M verses ut...and in case you were wondering, the Ags beat the mess out of the longhorns........ that was all for you, babe).
Jay, Ed, Joe, Dan

Jess and myself--trying to bring some much needed estrogen to the group.

Our little Saturday couldn't have been more perfect! Talk about some CRAZY weather---snow one day, and sunny highs of 60's the next day! We definitely took advantage of the beautiful sunshine on our faces---how I've missed you!
Me and Mari

Happy 8th to the gorgeous Goerlichs! Chris & Mare

Happy 7th to the silly Steeces! Suz & Joe

We just bounced from patio to patio...cruisin' around Austin without a care in the world! It was heaven.

Got all *fancied up* for a night out on the town with our handsome men-folk!

Ate the most amazing food at La Traviata (per Bubba's suggestion) at 4th and Congress... HIGHLY recommend this cozy little place (and the Spaghetti alla Carbonara) for your next date night! CHEERS!

And off to see our favorite musician (next to Dave, of course)...Bob Schneider!

I love you, Bob...

Mari and I were taking turns wearing my flip flops---you see, I always leave the house in cute heels, but pack flip flops in my purse---just in case the 'ole feetsies need a break.

Case-in-point...these were my little sausages once we got back to our hotel room! Ahhh...the high price of trying to be "fashionable".

A HUUUUUGE THANK YOU!!!! to Dids and Kate for watching the quads for us---which is NO EASY TASK. Seriously, it takes an unbelievable amount of energy to tend to 4 two-year-olds all day (especially when you don't do it day in and day out!) We cannot thank you enough! Hope you have recovered by now! Hee hee

Oh, and Dids, thanks for letting us take your car downtown!

We promise, we didn't go joy riding or anything...

Hugs all around!

post signature & Joe


The McNulty Family said...

That last picture of you is AWESOME! Needs to be your new profile picture! ;)

I love you so much! Happy anniversary (again). I can't get enough of the pics with you and the G's. Makes me miss you so freaking much.

Did you give Bob "the eyes" for me?! LOL.. tee hee hee!!

I love ya'll!

Walking With The Wheats said...

You are a brave woman! I read your blog to give myself strength to take care of my two, I don't know how you do it and always look cute when you do!

Stephanie said...

You guys always have the best time..I LOVE THAT!!
Glad you were able to spend such a great weekend with the Goerlichs!!!
Looks like a fabulous weekend!
happy Anniversary to all of you and Happy Birthday Joe!!!!

cat said...

You had a great anniversary! Congratulations.

Elizabeth said...

Love the pictures!!! Happy Anniversary to both of you couples! Love you!

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! I left trying to be fashionable a LONG time ago! This momma goes for comfort now!

QuatroMama said...

*GUSH* (That's my heart right now)

I freakin' LOVE you ALL!!!!!!!!!

The Cochran Crew said...

Way too much cuteness for one post!!! Joe in a tie, yum.... oh, I gotta stop, I may meet him one day!! Kidding, kidding, your husband is gorgeous, but you my friend, are a friggin bombshell right down to the sausage links for toes! And Mari and Chris, seriously the 4 of y'all probably made people sooo jealous all weekend! The best part of you and Mari's beauty is it is truly inside and out!!! Love you, you sexy thing!!!

twiceasnice said...

Love the Hula Hut!!!

Live in Austin, and glad you love it too! Happy Anniversary!

jag said...

GIRL! Looks like an amazing time. And, I have to add, ya'll always always look great, but these pics are even more gorge!

Anonymous said...

live in Austin and love the Hula Hut!!!! One of my favs!!! I will have to try the place down on 4th street, too....I wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary - it looked like you guys really enjoyed your time are such a beautiful couple!

kathy in texas

Charla (SHar-la) said...

Yay! Fun times! I love Austin and miss being in the hill country so much!

Y'all look BEEEUUUTIFUL, as always. But I do have one question...where's your Bewitching Bordeaux for the Aggie game? HA!

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