Friday, March 05, 2010

Restaurant Connoisseurs

The Steece family LOVES to go out to eat! Needless to say, the kids have had LOTS of practice in restaurants from the time they were just wee little babes. Here lately, they have been a *HOOT* while out eating...having so much fun and enjoying each others company. The smiles will say it all!

Sav- everyone LOVES flashing Mama their "silly face" on cue. Sav was a little riot this evening...cracking us all up to no end. Her smile kinda looks painful, right? LOL

Ben- this boy has the absolute BEST silly faces right now...still haven't been able to capture one on camera...but I'm thinkin' he's going to be a LOT like his fun father- such a character! ;)

Drew- Mr. Life-o-the-Party...LOVES to entertain a crowd and sweet Jess just eats them all up!

Ethan- Quite possibly my FAVORITE picture of little E because it reflects his personality SOOOO much! He is the quiet, easy going, restaurant patron who never acts up or gets loud. Joe and I joke about how we would take Ethan (and Andrew for the most part) out to eat ANY day because they are SO easy! This face is saying, "Yep, I'm here with all of these crazy people, but I love them and I'm having so much fun watching them be silly!"

Reminds me of Uncle Ed and his crazy brothers- Joe and Dan.

The night before we left, we just HAD to hit up one of our favorite spots: Ciola's. It was a full family affair!

Hey, nice drink birthday boy! (It was actually Tiramisu, but we couldn't pass up the opportunity to poke fun at Joe's little "girly drink")

Alright Savi, please ham it up for Mommy! PERFECT! Little Miss has become obsessed with cherries. (The kiddies are sporting the adorable new St. Paddy's Day shirts from their IRISH Grammy and Grampy)

Andrew and that smile

Big Benny boy, just having a grand ole time and gettin' some tickles from Grammy.

And again, precious little E. While everyone was having conversations around him, I was able to get a big grin from him at the end of the table. Such a sweet little fella.

Here is some video from our dinners together last weekend. (Probably only entertaining material for the grandparents, but I'll post anyway). Savi was being such a ham! Miss Thang eating spagetti reminds me of watching a cow eat grass. The kiddies were also introduced to their very first Shirley Temples---which were a huge hit!

Thanks for all of the grub, Dids and Kate---we LOOOOOOVE dining with YOU! Such fun memories and lots of laughing!

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Charity Donovan said...

OMG! I love the video..."noodles!" So stinkin' cute! Love you momma!

QuatroMama said...

Ciola's I wish you'd move to Indiana! =) Loved that place!

Lookin' cute, adorable, and oh so grown up!

Auntie Jen

Heidi said...

SO cute!!!

Momma-of-5 said...

Suz - I can't believe you take them out to eat! My gang has only been to the restaurant...once...twice maybe...and there's only 3 of them ( 2).

Brittney said...

your little Andrew has an AMAZING smile!

Jill said...

so much fun! it's great that they are so well behaved in restaurants :) no doubt a tribute to you and joe!

Anonymous said...

Hello there! I have been following your blog for quite a while and just love it!

Glad your hubby's birthday was so wonderful and fun....


From someone who went to THE UNIVERSITY of Texas....Bua ha ha ha!

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