Thursday, April 01, 2010

Family Fun at DISCOUNT PRICES!!!

Yes, folks--- you read that correctly! I am taking part in another SUPER fun review! But this one is very different from other products that I have requires the entire Steece family to plan and execute fun activities---and BOY have we been taking advantage of that! (I've got some ridiculously cute posts headed your way! We have had an absolute BLAST!)

How would you like serious discounts on:
- Amusement & Water Parks
- Zoos, Aquariums & Museums
- Arcades & Bowling
- Concerts
- Massage & Spa Salons
- Home Decorating and Improvement
- Norwegian Cruise Line
- Adidas Fitness Gear
- TaylorMade Golf Equipment

Money is tight for EVERYONE in this economy---but our buddies at Tropicana are trying to help consumers get more bang for their buck!

Check out my Tropicana Review Homepage...I will be updating it periodically with new posts of our Steece Family Tropicana Reward Adventures! (SO fun!)

and Check out my 1st Tropicana Review post on: "Getting Started!" (Did I mention the part about winning a $50 VISA gift card?!!- EVERY time I do a new post???!)

Get cracka-lackin' people and go start saving/win some money!!!

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Anonymous said...

I have been signed up on this program bcause my daughter loves OJ. She calls it her coffee. I have had so much trouble attempting to use the rewards when i go somewhere to redeem them, i get tons of question about where i received the offer. I finally gave up due to the hassle involved. Its a good idea but too much trouble.

Jac Tubre said...

Just wanted to say I love you!

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