Thursday, June 03, 2010

Puddle Jumpers and Water Wrinkles

We had SOOOOOO much fun at the Steeces over Memorial Day Weekend!
(Andrew, Dadda, Ethan, Savannah, Mommy, Benjamin)

We were all absolutely amazed at how much better the quads could swim this year---especially with their new Puddle Jumpers.

Drew, Ethan, Savannah, Ben

Thanks for all of your AWESOME advice last year about the Puddle Jumpers---These things are the BEST floaties EVER invented! Now, I can take the kiddies swimming all by myself, which has been AMAZING!

This pretty much sums up our holiday weekend:

Ethan jumping to Mama- he was the fearless leader in the pool

Andrew lovin' the waterfall

Benny swimming to Grampy

Mama and her twinkies: (Drew- Left, Ethan- Right)

Jess and Sav (too cool for school in her pink, heart shades)

Naturally, Ben and Andrew wanted their own sunglasses as well

Oh yes, all means...those pink shades are MUCH cooler!

Me and my girl

Mr. Sunshine (Drew)

Pool hoops...nonstop (Uncle Ed, Uncle Dan, and Dadda with Grampy and the quads watching from the sidelines)

Drew taking a ride with Uncle Dan

...and on to the waterfall with Auntie Dani

As all of you Moms already know, I LOOOOOOVE pool days because they totally wear out the kiddies! And sleeping kids make for happy parents---can I getta AMEN? Savi and Grammy.

Here is some cute video of my little fishies and their NERD of a father! (I love it. Joe is such a goob, but he makes us all laugh on a daily basis.)

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Molly said...

goofy dads are the BEST! My dad is like that too, and I've been watching lots of home videos lately and cracking up!

If you ever hit NYC I'll totally babysit! (the quads. not joe. joe should be able to take care of himself by now.. lol)

The McNulty Family said...

FREAKING AWESOME!! You KNOW how I feel about kids loving the water.

Those puddle jumpers are awesome! Can't wait to get all our kids in the pool together.... pure greatness.

I love you and miss you with all my heart.


Charity Donovan said...

Flippin' AWESOME! I love Sav's lil' giggle!!! Pure sweetness just like her momma!!! HUGS!!! Love you!

Esther and Brian said...

Suz, what a great idea on the puddle jumpers- could definately use them for my twins. But I can only find some that are for kids 30-50lb- my boys at 21 months are just 19 and 20lb. Not sure how big the quadies are but have you found a smaller size, by any chance?

Much appreciate your response. Take care! Esther, fellow blogger and Steece's Pieces' (daily) reader...

Christina Carter said...

How stinkin cute!!! Adorable Family! =) Big yay for Puddle Jumpers!!!

QuatroMama said...

Oh. My. Word.
So stinkin' adorable. The video is flippin' hilarious, Suz! Who needs energy drinks, when you can have a dose of Joe Steece, eh?

Love you. Miss you and the Steece pool! ;)

casicola said...

I dont comment alot but ooooh my word your post are sooo adorable and Joe is such an awesome Daddy...You kids are so blessed yo have you and him....double bonus!!!

Christy said...

Love the video! Makes me miss the Steece clan. Thanks for sharing. Happy Summer.

Barbara Manatee said...

I've heard great things about those Puddle Jumpers but hearing you feel comfortable taking all 4 kiddos to the pool yourself is a huge testament! I might have to get some for my 3 this summer.

Looks like a blast!

Rebecca said...

I love your family. Y'all always seem to have such a blast together. I can't wait for my husband and I to start having children -- he's a goober like Joe and I'm certain will provide constant entertainment for the kiddos.

Have a fun and safe summer! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no! It looks like the kids are back in diapers?

Suzanne said...

esther--sorry girlfriend, but the puddle jumpers are only for 30 lbs and up...bummer- but definitely something to look forward to!

anon- nopers. the kids are in swim diapers ("swim undies" as we call them) under their suits, to avoid any accidents in gramy and grampy's pool. ewww! ;)


Alissa said...

We just bought Puddle Jumpers for our kiddos too - aren't they amazing?! Love that video - too funny (you have such a pretty Southern accent!)

Melanie said...

I have a question about the Puddle Jumpers... my daughter is fearless and quite scary when it comes to getting in the swimming pool. She's only 25 pounds, though, and the Puddle Jumpers say they are for 30-50 lbs. Do you think they would be too big for her and not work? I've GOT to find something if we want to be able to do any swimming this summer!

Shannon said...

After seeing your post about these, I had to go out and find them. I was so excited to see that they had them at my local Target, gosh I love that store! I'm very excited to try it out this weekend!!

Lissa said...

How fun...any chance of making it out to Hawaiian Falls/Mansfield? Would love to meet your billboard celebrities =]

mom2one said...

Love the boys swim trunks. You guys are a wonderful family and the kids are blessed to have you as parents.

megan and nick said...

SO cute...looks like it was a blast!

I remember that y'all used the Puddle Jumpers last summer, and I thought they would be great for my daughter (she's 19 months, 27 lbs) this summer. The sizing on the website says they're for 30+ pounds. Were your kids less than that last summer, and did they work okay? Just checking b/c I think she'd love them!


King Quads said...

How stinkin' cute is this post? Love those puddle jumpers!

MamaBee said...

We had a puddle jumper last year and will be getting one this year. We absolutely loved ours. Our then 2 year old was able to move about the pool with ease an we felt he was very safe. Your kids are darling. My Jack turns 3 today. What a fun time we are having with him.

Jara said...

SOOOOO cute! Joe is such a fun dad! The kiddos are precious! I have loved watching them grow!!! Found you a few years ago through Leah Ball's blog!

bigfatmama said...

Glad I found your blog - your positive attitude is so uplifting!
God Bless!
Big Fat Mama

Jac Tubre said...

Awesome pics. Love, love, love the one of you and your twinkies :)

I can't wait for our puddle jumpers to get here!!


Kari said...

Love the puddle jumpers! Can't wait to be able to use them with my crew! I nominated you for an award, check it out in my blog!

Amanda said...

I just got those same floats for my twins, love them!

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