Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cool Shades, Dude

3 Dudes and a Dudette

Sav, Ben, Ethan, Andrew

We used some Tropicana Rewards Points to score an awesome discount at the Hawaiian Falls Waterpark in Mansfield, TX! Check out my final Tropicana Review Post to see some super cute pics and video of our time at the waterpark.

Did I mention that this is your last chance to win free money?!!?!?!?!? That's right, a $50 VISA Gift Card---just leave me a comment on my review and you are automatically entered in the sweepstakes. Easy as that!

Good Luck, my faithful blogger buddies! I LOVE reading your comments!

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ALiddle said...

I have recently just found your blog. Your kids are adorable and I know such a blessing from God. Look forward to more tales about these 4 cuties!

Candice said...

They are so cool!!!

Lissa said...

We got the seasons passes there. I can take them for a couple of hours at a time and they just fall asleep when we get home. I hope I didn't miss you guys this weekend....I would have love to have met you guys. Enjoy your summer !

Lindsey said...

I love following your blog, and I recently started my own about my journey through nursing school! Your little ones are too cute!

Kelly said...

you have the most beautiful children ever. Well, besides mine of course (:

They are getting big too fast ):

Gen McNulty said...

My GAWWWWD they are so cute and SO grown up all the sudden.

I love you. Miss you more than freaking words.


cat said...

Oh my, they are super cool. We are so cold here - I am really missing summer.

Katelyn said...

With their matching suits and shades, I had to really look to see which boy was which! They all three look so alike in that picture!

Mother of Multiples said...

Your kids are SOOOO cute..I love seeing quads..it makes my triplets seem easy..I will be back and also will be following


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