Friday, June 18, 2010

A Wonderful Waco Weekend

Last weekend we visited Papa and Granna while Joe went to Austin to watch the World Cup with some of his buddies/bros. We had a fun time visiting Papa at his bank. (Drew in front)



And went to Lion’s Park to ride the choo choo train, which is always a highlight of the kids’ weekend. (Andrew on L, Ethan on the R.)IMG_3423-1


We rode on our very own boats (Sav picked pink)IMG_3435-1


Ethan chose greenIMG_3436-1


We rode on a ferris wheel



We rode in horse-drawn buggies (Ben in red, Ethan in blue, and Sav)




Sav is such a little ham.IMG_3449-1


Ben going for a ride in the bat-mobile. IMG_3455-1


The twins in Dino (E left, Drew R) IMG_3456-1


Savi on a horse IMG_3461-1


Then we played in the sprinklers in Papa’s beautiful backyard (Sav and Ben) IMG_3475-1


and the kiddie pool (which they have obviously outgrown since last year! Ha) Ethan up front, Drew  in the backIMG_3478-1


and the ever-amusing “bucket-head”…the kids still love putting random items on their heads IMG_3492-1


of course, whatever Savannah does, Ben must do



Hope you guys are having as much fun in the sun as these little dearies!


janessa said...

ahhh - so cute! It's amazing Lion's Park is still around and so much fun for little ones. Love your blog, Suzanne!

Shug said...

great blog...always enjoy it..

Adam and Julia said...

Wow!! I remember playing on some of the same rides when I was little. I think I had my 5th birthday at Lion's Park. Glad you got some time with your parents. Tell them hello for me.


The Cochran Crew said...

Such friggin cuties!!!!! Love those lil sweeties!

Kari said...

So cute! I can't wait until mine are big enough to really enjoy the summer playing!

Annie said...

Looks like a wonderful time. Nice pictures.

Following HIM said...

Fun in the sun for sure! Ben just cracks me up! Love how they LOVE the water :)
Have a great weekend!

Kelly Trullinger said...

Look like you guys had an amazing time...I can't get over Sav's smile! It's just like her mommas! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Ben does whatever Sav does? Wow!

Kelly said...

I love the pic of Sav putting her feet up while on a ride. She's such a pretty pretty princess. ( :

~Shelly~ said...

Did they spruce up Kiddie Land?

Aunt Susan said...

Hey Suz----- I LOVE all of these pictures------Just want to reach out and hug all of those beautiful babes of yours!!!!! Sorry we missed seeing you last weekend--hopefully sometime SOON we can hook up !! Love ya'll bunches !!!

laura said...

Hi, Suz!
We prayed for one and are looking forward to meeting 3 in October! Thanks for taking the time to share a little bit about your life with four. Seeing your healthy & happy looking children is so encouraging! My mom is also lovin' up on your blog and mentioned to me this morning that she read you had a friend who organized your friends and family to best help you during the first few months. We have had so many kind offers from friends and church family that we would love to utilize in a really efficient way. Is this a system that your friend would be willing to share? Thanks again for being an encouragement! We can't wait for the wild ride to begin!

Danielle Holaday said...

Oh my goodness, a friend of mine just forwarded me your blog. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with Quads and have felt SO alone, especially as the doctors had pushed fetal reduction. My husband and I have very strong Christian values and so we've decided to leave it in God's hands, but I am truly struggling with all of the plans, and where to start preparing for 4 babies! I just read through your first blog, and would like to continue to read through your journey. I'd also love to get in contact via email (I'm sure your so busy raising 4 kids, being a wife and trying to keep up with blogging!) But I'd truly appreciate some words of wisdom as to where to start in all of this. Thanks for documenting such an incredible journey. My husband and I are excited and nervous about the road ahead! :)


Joely884 said...

I was watching Texas multi moms. You looked very familiar. Then it hit me. You were a senior at Waco Christian when I was in 7th grade. You were such a sweet heart then. I'm glad to see nothing has changed! Congrats on your new show and wonderful family!

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