Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Waco: Museums and 1st Movies!

Last weekend, Joe had his annual fantasy football draft with a bunch of his buddies in Austin…so me and the quadlings headed on down to Waco for some Papa & Granna lovin’.

Granna took us to Baylor’s Mayborn Museum and their awesome Lego Castle Adventure exhibit!



Andrew- checking out the super cool knight in armor



My little kings and queen of the castle: Drew, Sav, Ben, Ethan



They had cool “Lego tables” that the kids could sit at and build things



HUUUUGE dragon made out of Legos! (Ethan left, Drew right)




Sav ‘aint afriad of no dragon (did you cringe, English majors?)…I don’t think that girl is afraid of anything! Ha ;)



On to the train station!  (Drew, E, Sav, Ben, Granna)






Pretty cool set up of downtown Waco…my ‘ole stompin’ grounds.





It took me well over 30 minutes to pull the guys away from the trains. I seriously thought I was going to have to drag them out… kicking and screaming…one by one.



Enough of this guy stuff…Sav and Granna headed to Mrs. Moen’s neighborhood. (a neat section of kid-sized cars/kitchens/etc)







Sav- up to something in the garage




Andrew- calling in Sav’s suspicious activity.



My 3 little dudes (Drew, Ben, Ethan)…little do they know that there are some of these cars in big boxes in our garage---they have yet to be assembled for their birthday on Sunday! (they are gonna freak!)




Of course, my little quirky OCD baby (Drew), found a treasure trove of vacuuuuuum cleaners and was completely preoccupied for the next 20 minutes. Yep- had to carry him out, kicking and screaming. Fun times.



Sunday, Granna and Papa took Ben and Sav to church, while I stayed home and tended to 2 snotty, congested identical twin boys. Aren’t they cute?! All matching in their green? (totally not planned)




The next morning (Monday), the twins were feeling better, so Granna took the kiddies to their very first movie! (Well- I had actually taken Ethan for a one-on-one movie date a couple of weeks ago)




Toy Story 3!!! Such a great movie—highly recommended. I’ve cried BOTH times that I’ve seen it. (Drew, Sav, Ben, E)



Ahhhh…so nice to almost have the entire theater to ourselves!!! Gotta love that Monday morning matinee! (E, Sav, Ben, Granna, Drew)




The kids LOVED it! Captivated the entire time…so neat to be able to share a new adventure with the little ones! Thank you, Granna!!! We had a blast!

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jag said...

Go Granna! Awesome field trips!

Krystal said...

so the Baylor Mayborn Museum must be pretty new? 'Cause it wasn't there when we lived there! But then again that was 7 years ago! What a neat place we would have loved it!

Liz said...

LOVE the video of the kids following the train around the exhibit! SO cute!

Stephanie said...

GO Granna!! What a fun trip!!
So glad they did good for the movie!! That was a perfect first movie for them!
I cried too :)

Mike and Suzi :) said...

Love that museum! It opened the last year or two I was at Baylor. Since it is free to students we were there all the time.

Mike and Suzi :) said...

Love that museum! It opened the last year or two I was at Baylor. Since it is free to students we were there all the time.

Mike and Suzi :) said...

Love that museum! It opened the last year or two I was at Baylor. Since it is free to students we were there all the time.

Following HIM said...

Holy Smokes! So stinkin cute in their movie chairs! When did they get so big?! Kicking and screaming, not the Steece four! ;)

The Cochran Crew said...

Fun times!!!! Yay for mommy time! Love ya!

Kyle and Amy said...

Such a cute post! Looks like everyone had a ton of fun! You have got to have THE cutest kids I'v ever seen! I still haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet! I must see it!!!! Loved all the pics! Have a Happy Thursday! :)

Anonymous said...

How fun!! Your quads are precious! And of course kuddos to you for being kind enough to blur the face of the unknown child in the picture. There's nothing like the surprise of finding yourself/child on someone's blog.

Casi said...

I so love it when y'all come to Waco because all of the pictures are so familiar. We also love, love, love the exhibit at the Mayborn.

If you're here again before the end of September, there is also a Moneyville exhibit at the Dr. Pepper Museum that is super fun as well. The kiddos get to print out million dollar bills with their picture on it :-)

If the shoe FITZ said...

Ahhh my hubs has his fantasy football draft in Austin next week too. I think this is their fifth year or so!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to inform you that someone had been using the pictures from when you were pregnant with the quads. She (or he) has since taken them down, but I thought it was best if you knew. Here is the link of one of the many threads this person has been posting.

lynne from uk said...

It's Sunday morning here, so:

Happy Birthday Ethan
Happy Birthday Andrew
Happy Birthday Savannah
Happy Birthday Benjamin

Hope you all have a lovely day!

cat said...

That was a great weekend! Gosh, I would love that Lego stuff. I heart Lego.

Anonymous said...

They will live the cars and hopefully y'all got them put together already! But if not, I highly recommend watching the video online! The 30-something picture only instructions are kind of tricky to follow...

Happy birthday quads!!

Anonymous said...

What program do you use to edit pictures? The one where you write y'alls names on them. So cute! I want to use it for me class. Thanks!

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