Thursday, July 22, 2010

Last Day of Summer “School”

Benjamin, Ethan, Savannah, AndrewIMG_0323

Well, I’m not quite sure the kids understood that this was their very last day of school for the summer (given the ear-to-ear grins that they were sportin’ this morning)…but Mama was surely bummed for them. All of their new friends and new teachers will be missed terribly. (The kids will be starting a completely different school in September)


Andrew and Ben were super excited about something- NO idea what it was, but I LOVED the smiles! Ethan was still trying to wake up and could not wrap his mind around his annoying mom, wanting to take pictures, at 8:30am in the smoldering Texas heat! And Savi…well, “Miss Thang” is always up for a photo op.



And what better way to start the day, then with our neighborhood ducks coming up to greet us! (Check out Sav---she is airborne with excitement!)IMG_0318 

Yep, these cute little dudes just cruise around the neighborhood and reside in the pond across the street. I’ve accidentally almost hit them in my burb a time or two. (or three) They quack me up. tee hee hee herrrrrrr. (geesh…that was super lame)



Okay, so I’m not gonna lie…I’ve been having a difficult time wrapping my mind around this 3rd birthday. 3rd bday I have NEVER been one to get upset about the kids turning a year older---I LOVE birthdays…you could say that I’m one of those annoying birthday people who thinks the world revolves around themselves for an entire week out of every year. (who doesn’t?!)


Quads 1st Birthday!

1st birthday cake


We are so completely blessed to experience life through the eyes of 4, wonderful, amazing, deeply connected, quadruplet siblings. I’ve embraced every new beginning, knowing that a certain special chapter is ending.


Quads’ 2nd Birthday! (and more celebrating!)

2nd birthday


This 3rd birthday has been exceptionally hard for me. We must say good-bye to new friends and teachers from our wonderful Mother’s Day Out program…and look forward to our new school in the fall (BIG KID SCHOOL!).


More importantly, we must say good-bye to ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). At age 3, our children no longer qualify for services and passed their school district evaluations with flying colors. (which is a good thing, of course!) The kids have had ECI since they were born! Our case manager, Kathy, has become a dear friend of mine. She’s one of those buddies who would drop anything in a second if you needed her. Such a blessing in our lives.


Ben and Andrew have been getting speech therapy for a LONG time and we just LOVE Miss Ann. Next week is their last speech therapy session. :(IMG_4633

Drew & Ben’s speech/ language/ pragmatics has developed in ways that Joe and I never could have imagined. Miss Ann is an incredible woman and she will be dearly missed.


I could go on and on…but just wanted to write down some my scattered thoughts that have been on repeat in my head. I’m not used to these emotions. Its part: excitement, anxiety, celebration, sadness, gratitude, pride, fear of the unknown, new beginnings…


the terrifying 3’s!!!


(muah ha ha ha ha ha hA)

insert Suz’s evil laugh…

(Were they terrifying, terrible or terrific for you?!)


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Triplets and a Surprise said...

I will say that the three's have been WAY harder than the two'sfor us. Mine are much more independent, much more talkative, much more stubborn and have no quams about arguing with me about why certain things should be done certain ways. With all the arguing though, does come some pretty hilarious and interesting conversations!

lala00 said...

Lurker here, friend of Lindy (Lamascus) Orozco, and mom of two preemies so I've loved your blog since I ran across it. Just wanted to wish all your kiddos a wonderful birthday and let you know that 3 is SO MUCH fun!! I love the independence and conversations and imagination...hope you enjoy it all.

Lydia said...

My oldest is almost 5 (sniff) and honestly the biggest change in him has been between the ages of 3 and 4. He went from being a little kid, to a talkative, chatterbox that understood things beyond what I thought he should. We had moments, but the tantrums lessened the closer we got to 4. From 3.5 to 4.5 things were golden. But we've hit a new patch of sassiness and backtalk now that we're approaching 5 (not loving it). Good luck! I'm sure they'll be great 3 year olds!

King Amy said...

Love stories of fun and success with Speech Therapy! :)

Becca said...

Can't wait to read about the future big kid school memories.

I was thinking back to when Trey was 3. We had a terryfing moment at Kohl's shopping with a friend and I turned away from T for a split second. I turned back and he was gone, I quickly ducked down and could not see him anywhere. I wanted to run and shout "close the store exits". That was a humbling moment for me.

Three was also terrific, I started working(in the workplace)less and spending more time with family. T and and spent many days that year at the library. His love for "reading" really took off. I enjoyed watching him learn and grow; it was so amazing. Plus, I was able to curl up with a good book, every now and then.

Going out for playdates and occassions to practice manners gave us plenty of chances for terrible moments. During T's tantrums in public, it was so hard to stick to a decision, even if it was not a good idea. He was known as "el terrible" at times.

Wow, I had not thought of those moments in a while. T is 6. thanks, for letting me share.

Jamie said...

For my girls 3s were worse than 2s. Don't know about the boy yet. Hopefully, for your sake the boys will be easier. If Sav is anything like my girls, then you'd better hang on for more Drama!

Kimberly said...

How exciting and bittersweet ;)

Yeah, my youngest turned three today and I'm not at all excited about it!!! Three and four are my least favorite, but we will make the best of it!

Jill said...

Age 3 is much easier than age 2...but then I had my 4 just one at a time.

It's really hard to believe they are almost 3. It literally seems like last week that I sat at this very computer praying for you when I read 'this was the day!' And just look at them now!...gorgeous, healthy children. You are so blessed!

Christie said...

I've been following your blog a while. I have triplets who are turning 4 next month. About the 3's...I think that this past year has been the hardest (with the exception of the 1st year) for different reasons. For me, things change from celbrating and encouraging their little personalities, to trying to teach them boundaries and when and how to appropriately show their opinions and personalities. Once of mine has become quite the bully/boss/controller/manipulator and that has been difficult for me to deal with her. On the flip side...sooo much fun. I've been telling them that I'll put 4 candles on their cakes and give them presents but that they aren't allowed to turn 4. I'd love to have them stay 3. Each year changes and presents its different and individual challenges, but I wouldn't trade any of these stages for anything. Have fun and congratulations to Mom and Dad!

Nichole said...

My son is almost 2, but I just wanted to say Happy 3rd to yours! They are adorable as always!

Jessica said...

i'm not gonna lie, suz. three has been harder than two for us. at the same time luke is able to do so many new things and it's exciting to watch him learn and grow up into this little man! the fun conversations, the dinosaur obsession, the silly jokes: all wonderful. it's the attitude i can live without!

Jennifer said...

Each stage of childhood is bittersweet - you're happy to see your sweet, healthy children moving on, but it can be so hard to let the previous phase go. All the people you meet and friends you make can make for a hard time saying goodbye. However, every stage is exciting and once you get there, it's wonderful! It's just the getting there that can be hard! :) My youngest starts kindergarten this year and I'm having such an emotional time! You should have seen me on his last day of preschool - we had been at that school for six consecutive years - tears flowing is an understatement! As for the three's, I loved them! My kids (now 5, 7 and 9) all started preschool at three and that routine seemed to make everyone happier. I have to say though that four was my absolute favorite!! You'll love it!!

Krystal said...

YES 3's were awful!!!!

We have 3 children and each one had horrible 3's. Our baby just turned 3 last month and he certainly is testing us these days! BUT I must say I feel like I am handling his 3 year old fits much much better than I did the first time around! Which has made his 3's (to me) seem easier???? Not that they are easy but you know what I am saying. My question is HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU POTTY TRAIN YOUR 4 BEFORE THEY TURNED 3!!!! We are STILL trying to get ours trained...I think we are getting there, but it has been a very very slow process!

Enjoy their 3rd birthday! As hard as 3's can be it is also wonderful! Their little personality's are blooming and our little guy makes us laugh all the time!

Happy Birthday!!!

Stephanie said...

I love the picture from their first birthday - sooo cute!

And the ducks through the neighborhood that is just the coolest thing ever. Sav thinks so too - that's a great picture!

As for the 3's well - I've experienced that they're rough but the 4s are double the trouble :)

KelNosz said...

I'd say 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 was the most challenging parenting stretch with my daughter (now 6). A lot was changing in that period - potty training, preschool, big girl bed, new baby brother, so it's no surprise. The second half of 3 was easy peezy!

My son is only 2 1/2 but he is already so much more chill than the first 18 months of his life. Talking seems to be the key for him.

Good luck! Your kids are adordable!


Jennifer said...

I have a friend who refers to three year olds as "threenagers" and occasionally I can see how it fits. However, give me 3 over 5 ANY day...

Mom to 6, ages 21, 19, 18, 16, 5, and 5

Gene, Stacy and Trenton said...

I have a 3 year old now and a new bundle of joy on the way. I will tell you that 2 was a breeze. 3 has been TERRIBLE with a capital T. The independence my son has makes for many tantrums, long nights and even longer days!

Good luck with your little angels!

Tracey's Life said...

Having not done 4 of the same age at one time, I think my experiences are different, however I would say that each and every age presents its challenges and joys.

The trick for me was to learn to enjoy the joys and not focus on the challenges as much. I now have teens (16 yr old girl and 14 yr old boy) and even these ages have their challenges.

If you can get through Potty Training 4 at once - you can do anything!

KSDallas said...

I wouldn't say harder, but I would say 3's were more challenging. The kids are expanding and tend to push their boundaries a little more. Just be consistent.

Ally said...

Three is great! Reading some of these comments, I think some people are obviously (and rightfully) frustrated with some of the always changing behaviors of a 3 year old, fight for independence, learning new social skills and being able to explore more freely with their vocabulary, emotional and physical developments, but seeing your outlook on life, ability to roll with the punches and general enthusiasm, you, Joe and the kids will do great. You will love watching them grow, use their imagination even more, tell jokes, and love you. You will also enjoy watching them become little kids and no longer babies. I have found that three IS challenging, but so was 2, 1 and the newborn stages. Isn't that part of the definition of being a parent? I just wanted to emphasize the positive in all of this. Three will be equally as wonderful as all of the the other ages with your children. And you (and they) will do great.

Sheridie said...

I loved having a three year old. We had LOTS of fun! I think our hardest age was 2 (so far). The temper tantrums slowed WAY down once he was three. He could communicate with us much easier than before. My son also had speech therapy thru ECI & has continued it thru our local school district for the last 2 years. He starts kindergarten in the fall & he is SO much more prepared because of speech therapy. Have LOTS of fun with your big three year olds! :)

mom2one said...

With my child 3 was worse than 2 it's where they want their independence but can't quite to everything by themselves. You just have to chose which battles are worth fighting and which are not. I only have one so you probaly do this with your 4 already. 3 is neat to experience through a child's eyes and see how much they are learning.

Amber said...

SOOO much better than 2 ~ you can reason with them more and they are soooo much more manageable ~ Enjoy it!:)

amy said...

oh they are so stinkin cute!!! Are 3s worse than 2s??!! Oh no! Reese and Riley are about to be 2 and they are precious, but also little drama queens. :) Yikes!

Callie said...

I totally understand where your at, minus three more kids that is! ;)
My oldest will be turning 3 on Sept 26th and I cant believe that this birthday is upon us already.
Gibson is also in speech therapy through EC (a.k.a Sooner Start here in OK) and has been since November. I will be so sad to see him leave this program once he turns 3. He has made amazing strides since he started.
Just wanted to let you know I am right there with ya! :) I think we have a harder time with this kind of stuff than the kids do.
Good Luck Momma!!

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

That is so wonderful that the ECI services have helped so much! It's great to hear when programs work how they are intended to. As a teacher, I have seen too many times programs fail the kids they are meant to help....glad your kids had a wonderful experience!

This Is The Day said...

Hi! I've been reading your blog for a few months now (found through a friend). I was reading through that comments and I have to disagree with the majority and say that 3's are WAY better than 2's! My daughter turned 3 in May and I have been repeatedly encouraged lately that she seems to be "getting" all our training. Please and thank you without prompting, good manners, and just generally being "good". Of course we still have moments...many of them...:)but definitely not as many as we used to!!! I think it's all about expectations. Kids can rise to our expectations. If you are expecting the 3's to be terrible they probably will be. Good luck to you!!!

Williams' bunch said...

My fifth child (of six), third son, turned 3 in Feb. His personality changed the last part of his second year, and we're still dealing with some issues now into his third year. He is VERY strong willed...if he gets his mind on something, there IS NO CHANGING IT! He is sweet as he can be, when he wants to be, but then something can set him off, and there's nothing you can do. I recently purchased the Strong Willed Child by Dr. Dobson and am currently reading it. ;0) He's been the only one of our kids that has been this way, though...hope all of yours do well in their 3rd year. It's hard to believe they are turning 3!! It goes by TOO FAST!

Mom to a Preschooler said...

I enjoyed looking at the photos. The kids really had fun. They look so adorable by the way. I am having a difficult time managing my stubborn four year old daughter, I must salute you for managing four.

Jill said...

Sorry to say I am in the group of 3 is WAY harder than 2. I *only* have twins, but age 3 was much rougher than age 2.

However--- there is a light at the end of the 365 day tunnel. Once turning 4, they calmed down again. Things have definietly improved since turning 4!

Congrats on no more therapy and not having to deal with IEPs etc.

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