Thursday, August 05, 2010

3rd Birthdays and 34th Birthdays…its all the same, right?

We celebrated last Friday night in honor of Uncle Col’s Bday!!! We had such a good time, dining out and hanging with great friends and family. I love this guy so much and couldn’t be happier to have the best sis-in-law in the world.

The beast and beauty



A huge thanks to Papa, Granna, and Auntie JuJu for watching all 5 of our kids! We had a blast! Is little Carter not the absolute cutest kid you’ve ever seen?!




‘Lil Monkey Man spent the night with us Friday night, so the birthday boy could sleep in on Saturday. Seriously, Carter is THE BEST, most EASIEST, SWEETEST little kid EVER! I threw him in with this cousins for a group bath (ewww…but that’s how you roll when you have multiples---assembly line style).

PRECIOUS pic! (Ethan in the back, Drew up front)j232323232fp63262_nu=3254_759_;88_WSNRCG=34_3_3467832;nu0mrj-1


Poor Benny and his daily breathing treatments x 4. The pedi thinks he is well on his way to developing asthma. :( boooo!  (I just threw this random pic in there b/c it was from the bday weekend)j232323232fp63398_nu=3254_759_;88_WSNRCG=34_3_3467632;nu0mrj



Mama and the little Birthday Princess getting ready




Ethan, Andrew, Savannah, and Benjamin- ready for church with their “Birthday Boy/Girl” buttons and smiles. We were SO excited for them to be able to go to Kid’s Crossing for the 1st time! (Fun songs, activities, Bible stories for kids ages 3-5 during the church sermon). GETTING BIG!!!!



We treated the kids to one of our favorite restaurants: BJ’s! Granna, Carter, Auntie JuJu and Andrew

IMG_3900 By the way, the lady twins took the identical twin boys (Ethan and Andrew) to Target to run some errands on Friday morning…can you imagine the looks on people’s faces? Its not every day that you see a pair of identical twin ladies with identical twin boys!


Aunt Ashley with Drew and Ethan



Good eats with good peeps!



Thank God for my Dad and his camera or I wouldn’t have any pictures from this weekend! I just LOOOOOVED this one that he snapped of Carter at the very end of the table.



My little 18 year old stuck in a 3 year old’s body. Sav has been SOOOO excited about her birthday for WEEKS. Its all she has been talking about. In fact, she’s been asking every person that walks through our door: “Are you going to eat Dora cake wish me” (no, that’s not a typo- she pronounces the word “with” with a “-sh” ending…its adorable)



….and this is how far I’ve gotten on the ‘ole 3rd Birthday post! It has been sitting here, untouched, since Monday, so I thought I would chop it in half and post the rest of the birthday festivities as soon as I can.

Work, Kids, Birthday---I’m worn out and still recovering. ;)

Thanks for all of the sweet Birthday Wishes!!!!!! You guys rock.

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Whitney said...

Congratulations on making it to 3! How exciting!

Jess said...

Carter's blue eyes just KILL me!

Your big 3 year olds are too precious! When I first started reading your blog, they weren't even a year old, yet. It's hard to believe how big they've gotten and how much time has passed.

Thanks so much for sharing with us!

Kyle and Amy said...

Oh my soul! Your precious kiddos just make me smile! :) I tell you what, girl you are super duper blessed! It looks like everyone had a great time! Birthdays are so much fun! I can't imagine how much energy those doodlebugs had! haha Hope yall are having a great week! :)

Jilly said...

Yes, adorable -- check out those eyes!!!

Chris said...


Anonymous said...

wow baby carter has the cutest eyes!!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is just beautiful! And looks just like her mamma!

Amanda said...

Happy belated 3rd birthday to your cute kiddos!

esther said...

gorgeous kiddos! all 5 of them! happy birthday, to the little ones- wonder how this third year will be! I hope to see that it's easier than the second- since my boys are definately starting to have "the attitude" at 23.5 months!

was wondering, suz, have you had their 3yr appt? just curious how big the little ones are now..i know, i know, birthday photos first!!!


Nat said...

Your kids are SO cute! You must constantly be running around!

I'm sorry about the little guy and the asthma. I saw those little animal things for the nebulizer on the Doctors show the other day. At least they have cute little animals to help make the experience a tiny bit easier.

Jackie said...

How do you set up the link to allow people to start at the beginning of the blog? I have had some people ask me about this on my blog and didn't know.

The Cochran Crew said...

The picture where you have Carter with the words above him, Joes' face had me CRACKING UP!!! Love your sweet family!

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