Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cars and Dora…

…doesn’t get much more random than that!!! The kids are totally into Disney Cars (Lightening McQueen and Tow-Mater) and Sav adores Dora- so we incorporated both into their 3rd birthday.IMG_0380



That’s about as much decorating as I do. After that first year of going all out, I don’t plan on doing it again until the kids can actually start remembering their birthdays! Ha—jk….well, kinda.  It was a small family affair this go around.IMG_0381



The kiddies picking out their birthday cupcakes: Ethan, Drew, Ben, Sav




Getting to blow out REAL candles for the first time! Ben’s face cracks me up   





08 August 2010-1



On to the presents!




Trying out their new Dora and Diego tricycles from Papa and GrannaIMG_3957



Sav wearing the adorable tutu from Auntie Liz! IMG_3961



Here are those precious Tarrant twin girls. LOVE THEM! Almost as much as Bennie loves his firetruck… IMG_3962



Drew- cruisin’ around in the Cozy Coupe. The cars will be staying inside the house until these 107 temps drop! The Texas heat has been absolutely UNBEARABLE!




And as if the party couldn’t be any more fun---our dear cousins from Georgia came to spend the night with us (to finish off the last leg of their Texas tour). Ben, Doreen, Andrew, Ethan, Candice, and Sav.


These beautiful ladies get to love on my triplet cousins all the time! (Their son/brother: Jackson- and his wife, Jill, were blessed with trips about a year and a half ago! We are dying to get the kids together!)


Loved your visit and made me miss you guys even more than I thought was possible! Georgia/Texas family reunion 2011- lets make it happen! LOVE YOU! xoxoxoxoxoxo


In this picture, the time was about 8:30pm and the kids were enjoying a tasty popsicle to round out their birth-day. They did not go down to sleep until 9:30pm or so---and that was with NO afternoon nap! I couldn’t believe it. Bed time was madness and mayhem with raging fits-o-fury and intense sugar crashes.



All-in-all, it was a wonderful weekend with family and friends! We look forward to continuing the celebration with the Steeces soon. Thanks again for all of the birthday wishes!

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Jess said...

Too cute!

Um, Sav's tutu is precious. LOVE it.

Charity Donovan said...

So stinkin' cute! Glad they had a great day!!!! =) Love you momma!!!

Katie said...

Looks like Y'all had a wonderful birthday celebration!! Great pics of your sweet kiddos!!

KK @ Running Through Life said...

Too cute!!! They are getting so big!!!

Elizabeth said...

I still can't believe that they are 3!! Sav looks so cute in that tutu, glad she likes it. Love you guys
Auntie Liz

Anonymous said...

cute birthday post! i LOVE the last picture. three of them are sitting upright focusing on eating their popsicles, and then there's andrew (i believe) looking so relaxed/bored, leaned over with his elbow resting on the table, multitasking with a popsicle in one hand and playing with a car in the other. it really shows how much they are growing up!

cat said...

Oh they had a great one! Congrats once again.

Heza Hekele said...

What a blast!

Casey's trio said...

Sooooo glad the kiddies enjoyed their low-key bday festivities!! Love to you all!!

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