Thursday, August 12, 2010

9 Steece Kids

We had a blast this past weekend when Uncle Dan and Aunt Dani came to play with us. Uncle Ed came over to join in the festivities as well!

I LOVE this picture!

(Ed with Ethan, Dan with Ben, Dani with Sav, Joe with Drew)IMG_0394




Dani and Sav playing dress up. Love that Sav is looking at her Auntie. She LOVES Dani!









Ben and his P.I.C (partner in crime)- Uncle Dan. 2 peas in a pod, I tell ya.











Sweet Little Ethan and Uncle Ed- who is always a crowd fav!







Love these Steece boys! (Dan, Joe, Drew, Ed) Couldn’t have asked for better brother-in-laws. 



Saturday morning, we all took the kids to see “Despicable Me” (which was good!) And we didn’t even have to take any mid-show potty breaks! Yaay! (maybe we’re turning the corner?) Drew, Ethan, Me, Sav, Joe, Ben




Then we met some of our great friends in Dallas for some good food! I told Sav that Veronica was a princess who was growing a baby inside her belly.



Savannah was in awe! She turned to me and said, “Mama- you growing a baby inside your belly too?”

No, Sav…Mama is trying to get rid of her 3-year-post-babies-belly-flab, but thanks for noticing! ;)


Note to self:   start hitting that gym again.

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cat said...

Ah yes, you can trust them to speak plainly and truthfully! LOL!

Sohana said...

Hi Suzanne,

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Sohana Kutub

Melissa said...

That is too funny! Oh what comes out of their just never know! They are so cute....I love seeing pics of them and hearing your stories! I'm a fan!

James said...

What a crowd!

And a theater with tables??? [Picking jaw up off the floor.]

SG said...

WOW! Whatever gym you hit must have been incredible because I saw no baby bump on you Sunday! :)

Kyle and Amy said...

Oh my soul! I am dying laughing over here! hahaha These posts are hilarious! Sav is absolutely precious! I wish I could come meet you and those sweet kiddos! Maybe one day! Love the name Savannah and that you call her Sav! We're actually in Savannah, GA this weekend celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary! Hope you have a wonderful weekend girl! :)

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