Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Little Dancing Queen

The little Miss Priss started her first day of ballet this week at a Christian Dance Studio. She is posing all by herself in these pics, as we headed out the front door- she has been talking about dance class since I first mentioned it weeks ago.



Tiny Dancer. Sav is also taking Hip-Hop once a week! Can you imagine?! SOOOO cute.



My absolute FAVORITE pic! Savannah is such a girly girl and is constantly surrounded by boy stuff at all times. I’m SO glad that she gets an opportunity to be around other girls and just dance. She LOVES it! Parents are only allowed to sit in on a class once a month, so I’m dying to watch her with her new gal pals!


And I’ve gotta “hand-it” to the brothers…I actually had to take them along with us when we dropped Sav off for her very first class. They sat right beside me and waited patiently in the crazy, congested narrow hallway. I was so proud of them! It could have gotten ugly and you just never know! Ha! We’ve also made several solo-trips to the mall (*cringe*) and other department stores without a stroller---talk about a HUGE accomplishment. The kids hold hands and actually listen to me! It hasn’t been bad at all.(Again, I’m loving the 3’s right now…)


This is also our first week of school for the little ones---so I’ll post some cute school pics soon!!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm thinking I know who the cutest little girl in the class is. :D
Cathy in Frisco

Kat said...

omg she is so cute!!!!!

Todd and Courtney said...

very sweet! We are moving to the DFW area, from Tennesse, and I hope to enroll my almost 2 year old at Devotion in Motion when she's old enough. Have no clue if that's where ya'll go but I found it online and am in love! Such a wonderful concept for dancing and learning about Christ.

Stephanie said...

I can't wait for Allie to start dance - she's the same amongst all the boys in our house! How fun it must be for her to be girly and dance around for a while.

King Quads said...

Such a cutie...can't wait for the day you post video of Miss Thang doing her dances!

Love you Sweet Sav!

Gen McNulty said...

so dang cute! i'd do anything to see my little savy do hip hop!!!!


Gen McNulty said...

oh and SOOOOOOOOOO glad your loving the freedom 3 brings.. that part only get's better!!

HW said...

Pre school dance lessons are some of my sweetest memories with my daughter. Her big brother was already in school so it was our "treat day." After dance class, we'd walk the mall (she in her leotard or tutu - so precious) and get an ice crea cone BEFORE LUNCH. She loved that part. Every now and then the ice cream man would say "there's my dancing girl...it's on the house today." Oh my I loved those days.
So glad your sweet little girl gets a special time just for her and mommy. Girl time is crucial at all ages.

andrea said...

too cute!! love Seeing how your little people are growing up!!

Tamara said...

OMG! She seriously could not be any cuter, I love her! I am so excited to hear more about her dance classes.

I request a video of her in hip-hop, that has got to be the cutest thing EVER!

Barbara Manatee said...

I put my twins in a gymnastics class this summer but really want to put my daughter in a dance class. I think she'd love it too. SHe, too, is always around boys - her brothers and cousins are ALL boys! She could use some girly time!!

Stephanie said...

Oh my goodness..she is so stinking precious!!
Cant wait to hear more about her dances..and hip hop..now that is funny!!!

glitzen said...

She's adorable! It will be so good for her to get to be "twirl" and be girly.
I put my two girls in ballet when they were three and four, and there was just nothing CUTER than watching that class!

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