Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grammy’s and Grampy’s Lil’ Fishies

No trip to Austin would be complete without endless hours spent swimming around in Grammy’s and Grampy’s beeeeeautiful pool.

Jess taking Ethan and Andrew for a rideIMG_0485


Drew in front, Ethan in the back…identical twin giggles…identical twin smiles. LOVE it.



This is when Sav started to get really sick…poor baby girl. She LOVED being in her Grammy’s arms.



Dad throwing Drew up high in the sky (Andrew will be one of the only ones to go on a roller coaster with Mama when he gets older!—my little dare devil)


Ethan’s turn! (He’ll probably join us on the rides)



Ben wanted in on the fun as well (as pictured here with Uncle Ed)…but quickly realized that he will sit out on the future roller coasters and hang at the exit with Dad & Sav. (scared-ee-cats!)



Grampy getting Andrew to wave to me from behind the waterfall



Lets freshen up and eat some cupcakes! Ben, Drew, Sav, Ethan



Sweet lil’ girlfriend looks so puny in this pic :( you KNOW Sav’s sick when she doesn’t lick the plate of cupcake clean. (this girl has got the BIGGEST sweet tooth) She’s mustering up all of her energy, just to crack a smile.



Benny working his hardest to blow out that candle!




We had such a great weekend (as always)…thank you Grammy and Grampy for all of the fun birthday presents and endless food! Uncle Eddy and Jess- thanks for coming to play with us as well! We LOVE you guys!

08 August 20103


We came home and immediately got hit with high fevers and vomit. I woke up Monday morning and had 3 different kiddos puke on me within 15 minutes. It. Was. AWESOME. Thank GOD they are feeling better. Sav is still running a fever- but I’m waiting to see if it develops into anything else…think its just a virus that needs to run its course.


We are eagerly anticipating the school year that starts next week!  The kids are SO excited- (as am I!) We just love their teachers and couldn’t have asked for a better Christian, learning environment. Hope all of you teachers/students/parents/faculty are well on your way to having a GREAT school year!!!

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Don’t know what we would do without you, amazing (& under-paid) teachers! We appreciate you all more than you will EVER know.

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Barbara Manatee said...

Thanks for the shout out to teachers!! Nice to know some people appreciate us! :-) Good luck with preschool this fall. Hope everyone is healthy in time to start!!

Molly said...

The pool does look amazing !!! Im jealous here lol ... sorry your teachers are underpaid. Here in Canada they have very good salaries and benefits so we're really thankful for that !

Jodi said...

I just love visiting your blog! The birtday pictures are just adorable - - well ALL the pictures are awesome! I loooove how happy Sav looks in her dress-up clothes! They are getting so big and are so adorable. Thanks also for the good advice all the time (the latest one - "being consistant"). I need to remember that it DOES pay off in the end. Hope they feel better real soon :( So sad when kids are sick!

The Cochran Crew said...

All right, just read Molly's comment, I think the Cochran's are moving to Canada!!! Thanks for the shout out to underpaid teachers! Matt loves his job, I just wish we loved the check! Love you and thanks for the great swimming pool pics, there are a few that were my FAV, but I won't mention which ones those were...ahem... Joe... ahem!

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