Monday, August 23, 2010

Celebrating the Quads’ 3rd BDay in Austin

We celebrated the Quads’ 3rd Birthday in Austin this past weekend and had a blast! Grammy and Grampy took us out to eat at the Rough Hollow Grille one night…(Sav, Andrew, Ethan, Ben). LOVE the view in the background, oh…and Miss Priss wearing her sunglasses inside.IMG_0410 


Checking out the view on Lake Travis (right by where the Quad Mamas stayed for our 2010 trip! Made me miss you gals! XOXO) Ben, Drew, Ethan, Sav



Back to the house for some piñatas and presents! Sav, E, Ben, Drew—LOVE the cool hats that Grammy always has for us!




The boys (Ethan especially) were super excited about their Lightening McQueen Car, and Savi adored her Tinkerbell.




“You mean to tell me that there is candy inside here?…Move back people- I’m gonna crack Tink- wide open”




She sure did get all of her candy out…then moved on over to her brothers’ pile-o-goodies.





Ben won the record for “most consumed suckers within a 30 minute period”…Sucker #1:



Double fisting, suckers 1 & 2:



Bartering with the queen for suckers 3 & 4:




Drew is so funny…as soon as the candy fell out, he grabbed one sucker and was good to go- just walked off and was ready for the next activity.




Ethan, working on his Cars “tattoo-sleeve” (the boy is obsessed)




At one point we looked around and realized that everyone was making his way inside the house, except Ethan…I found him over by the piñata, just staring up at it…like he couldn’t leave his best friend behind. We cut down Lightening Mac and gave him to little E-bud…he was in heaven.




The kiddos, ripping into their birthday loot from Grammy and Grampy




Uncle Ed and Jess helping the twins with their new cars (E, A)




Princess Savannah in her new dress up clothes! (Dad was NOT excited about the earrings…ha! Oh boy…the teenage years are going to kill him)



A girl after my own heart---you can never have too many accessories, right Savi?




Benny entertaining the crowd with his funny faces while loving on sweet Jess.




The diva putting on a fashion show.


You know, I must say- that Sav has been so awesome since turning  3. I was terrified of the attitude getting worse- remember my post about defiance? Yes, I realize that it has only been a couple of weeks…but Savannah has been amazing.  She acts so much older and more mature. The conversations that we have are incredible. And when I have to send her to her room for time out, she will come out when she is ready and say: “I’m sorry Mama…I’m ready to be nice”. The first time she did this, I’m pretty sure I had a minor-stroke.

The hardest part about parenting, for me, is not being able to see immediate results. I try to discipline the best I can and on SOOOO many days, I feel like just throwing my hands in the air and giving up…but if I just stay consistent with them, it will pay off eventually….right? LOL. That’s what I keep telling myself at least! ;)

I will post the rest of the weekend later, right now I’ve got to go tend to 4 sick kiddos…high fevers, vomit, the works. Oh the joys of a birthday hangover x 4!

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jag said...

The celebrations look like so much fun! I still can't believe they're 3! I keep playing the video of them crawling to their room to take a nap in my mind... They have grown up so much!

Lots of love to all of you. And, I hope whatever bug they've got passes quickly.


Charity Donovan said...

OMG...adorable! Love the Cars sleeve! Too funny! Hope everyone is on the mend soon! Hugs to the big 3 year olds & their beautiful momma!

Anonymous said...

Your children are precious! It looks like one special celebration.

Barbara Manatee said...

Savannah looks so sweet in her princess dresses! What a lucky girl to get all that girly stuff in the midst of her 3 brothers!

My twins are 3.5 and I'm amazed all the time but the conversation they have with me and the things they remember. I love those "aha!" moments when you realize LATER that something you said 1,235 times actually sunk in! whew!! There IS hope!

Stephanie said...

Yes, girl..keep up the consistent does pay off!!! :)
Love the cars sleeve! lol Looks like they had a wonderful time!!
Hope they are all feeling better very soon!!!

debi9kids said...

OMGOSH! Amazing that they are THREE now!
What a happy and wonderful party with family!

And, Suz, it absolutely pays off one day. Trust me. With my daughter, Stephanie, I never thought she would live to see 13 and now, she is a beautiful & wonderful 16 year old that makes me extremely proud :)

Kami Lambe said...

LOVE Sav and all her accessories! I'm sorry the crew has the crud...hope they get better real soon! Love ya.

Martha Klopp said...

Thanks for the comment. Suz, YOUR kids are beautiful! :) When I see your posts i get so excited for those years!

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