Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aggie Date with Hubby

It had been a while since Joe and I had been on an actual date (not to mention that the kids and I had been gone all week!)---so we were thrilled to have a day full of one of our favorite past-times: Aggie Game Day Football! (thanks to Granna and Papa for watching the quads!)




The Ags played in Waco (my hometown) against the Baylor Bears. Our friends Adam and Katie joined us for the game and pre-game festivities. ;) LOVE THEM.




The girls: Suz, Katie, and Annie- Katie’s sis and former Baylor Bear track star Winking smile (Thanks for letting us play at your friend’s tailgate, girrrl!)




Those cute little men of ours: Sheedy, Joe, and Chris




Who brought these two?!


Who invited these two?!

(Joe and Katie)

We figured out that Joe and I are so perfect for each other, because I am very similar to all of his guy-buds…and well, Joe…is very similar to all of my BFF’s!





The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band- my favorite part of every game (I know, I know- my hubs is so disappointed)




It sure was cooooooooold---but we had a blast! And we loved getting to sit completely surrounded by other “Old Ags”. I’m pretty sure I saw Sheedy give an Aggie Grandmother a kiss after we scored.




and we won- so that made the day even better!







Gig ‘Em Ags!

BTHO Nebraska.



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Charla (SHar-la) said...

Love it! Makes me sad because we had to miss our yearly game in October because I wasn't feeling well. :( And I say it every game...the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band is the ABSOLUTE BEST PART of an Aggie game. I tear up every time they come onto the field!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good time!!


Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Love the "Who invited these two" pic. :o)

Anonymous said...

love your blog and hearing about your 4 cute kids....but...the BTHO Nebraska...I cant go along with...only cuz that is where I am from and cant wait for Saturday:>)

Kristin said...

WHOOP!!! I'm going to the Nebraska game this weekend and I can't wait!! How bout them Ags this year!! =) WHOOP!!!!!

The Drama Mama said...

That picture of Joe & Katie CRACKS ME UP! I can only imagine what those two crazy cats were up to! I'm always laughing when Katie's around - ♥ her! It looks like you guys had a always! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am the Anonymous one...forgot to tell you would love to meet you in real life...wish we could tail-gate together, but I wont be going down to that game. Since we are moving to the big 10 probably wont be playing you again. anyhoo, once again I love you blog and family. oh, and my name is Jeanean. email I'm much older than you and your hubby, but if you are ever in the great state of HUSKER LAND...look my husband and I up. Have a grandson that would go nuts over you kiddo's. Nothing compared to your area but we have a GREAT ZOO.

Following HIM said...

Can't wait for the Nebraska game! My sister is in Aggieland these days & is thrilled I like the Ags again!! Go Aggies! BTW-Joe's face in the silly picture is priceless! Love ya

Misty & Cecil Ray Cossey said...

Well, I'm an Aggie but it sure was hard to watch them play Baylor. My husband is a football coach and the QB for Baylor was one of "our boys" in high school so I had to cheer for the QB but really root for the Ags!! And, even as a coaches wife, I still love the band too!!

cat said...

Great to have some grown up time alone.

Kara Roth said...

I've been following your posts since a friend of mine worked with Joe and told me about y'all. I live near you in Mansfield. Anyway, the other day I was having dinner at the Oasis and thought I saw someone who looked like Joe. I've always wondered what I'd say if I ever saw you out and about. Needless to say, it wasn't him but I was bummed! Really would love to meet you! Thanks for the continuing "story" and for it being so encouraging! Love your faith!

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