Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas with the Steeces 2010

We had a wonderful holiday with the Steeces. We spent the days before Christmas in Austin and drove to Waco on Christmas Day. We are SO blessed to have family that live so close to each other…Joe and I are not huge fans of splitting up holidays!


There will be 2 very important people missing from these Steece Family Photos---Dani’s sweet grandmother lost her battle with cancer a couple of days before Christmas. Dan and Dani were in South Texas with her family. You guys were never far from our thoughts and prayers. And in true Steece form…this one’s for you! (it is cheesy, but true- we took this picture for you guys- love you so much)




The annual Crazy Christmas Hat Picture! Ed, Jess, Suz, Joe




The adults open all of our presents the night before- after the kids are in bed…then the next morning, the kiddies get to open their presents. I must admit---this night is always the most fun (probably because it is the least stressful! ha). Paul and Kate loving their Dinkytown shirts from D & D.IMG_1172



Ummm…thanks Grampy and Grammy! As a Mommy, all of my extra money goes to buying clothes/shoes for my kids, because that’s where I want it to go. (My how things have changed!) But its true, I hardly ever buy anything fun for myself. So, when Kate wrapped these up for me on Christmas---I was just beside myself! Awesome! Not to mention all of the other fantastic gifts (cute top, scarf, perfume, etc)!




Joe, kinda being funny with his half-serious, Aggie Snuggie gift…but I sure have used it…every day! Love it!




The next morning with the kiddies---they were SOOOO excited! (Sav, E, Ben, Drew)




Savi in her new shoes & purse. (I must admit- the kids got lots of new shoes and clothes because that is what was desperately needed! Thank God they still get excited about clothes/shoes because I know it won’t last long!)




Savi’s new babydoll (considering she asked Santa and everyone else she came into contact with- for a new baby!)




This was the year for Steece Quad Train Sets- and boy did they have fun with them! (the sharing part was a wee bit stressful- but overall, they did great)




Christmas Eve Dinner at Ciola’s with our favorite peeps. Sav and Grammy




Widdle E with his Shirley Temple




Benny Boo and Mama




Andrew and Grampy




I thought I had gotten a picture of Joe too, but apparently not. After dinner we took the kids for a walk-through in a super cool light park in Lakeway.




Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum- running through the tunnel of lights (I think Ethan is on the left and Drew on the right?)




Ben having SO much fun. Sav in the back making sure that her new shoes are not getting too dirty. ha! Such a girly girl.




One of my fav pics of all time! (Ben, Drew, Ethan in front) Its so candid and real life. Love it.



We had a wonderful Christmas with you, Grammy and Grampy! Kate, thank you for always going out of your way to put on an amazing holiday. We love you guys!

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Kat said...

First off can I just say that you look INCREDIBLE! I would have a hard time believe you even had 1 kid, forget chasing after 4 all day long. On another note, I heart those UGGS so bad

The Murray Crew said...

So dern sweet. Love you all!

Gen McNulty said...

I love ALL you Steece's!

Barbara Manatee said...

Looks like a great Christmas!

I don't have any Uggs...but after seeing that super cute pair - I might have to splurge on some!!!

Lauren said...

Sweet! Looks like you truly enjoyed your Christmas. SOOOO important. Happy New Year.

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