Saturday, January 01, 2011

Christmas with the Hoags 2010

Christmas morning, we headed from Austin to Waco for more celebrating. This group shot is hilarious because even the dogs wanted in the picture (by their own doing).




Right when we pulled up to my parents house…this adorable little man (my nephew, Carter) ran right by me…wearing this shirt…

big brother carter


I stood there… stunned for a sec, processed it in my head…and then immediately screamed and ran and hugged Ashley! My sis-in-law is pregnant!!! Yaaaay! SOOOO EXCITED!!!




The kiddies eating their Christmas food. My darling daughter has her Mama’s love for black olives, apparently.




Took a nap and ready to open presents! The boys weren’t too thrilled about having to take a picture first… (Carter, Sav, Ben, Andrew, Ethan)




Let the mayhem begin…




More babydolls for Savi




lovin’ this grin!




Don’t you love how you can spend tons of money on these nice, extraordinary toys…and they just fall in love with a $3 light-up wand?




“Uh-Ohhhhh…looks like someone is going to time out!” If you guys ever wondered what my “Mommy” face looks like, here it is. (Thanks for snapping this pic, Dad. Jeez). You do NOT, I repeat, do NOT want to experience this Mommy face! lol.




How cute is Savannah Leigh and her giant Christmas cookie? This little sneak LOOOOOVES candy/sugar, etc…I have to constantly keep an eye out for her, digging around in the pantry. First it was a mouth full of decorating sprinkles…next a fist full of marshmallows… I tell ya, she is somethin’ else.




I LOVE this picture of Carter, staring at Papa’s fishies.




How adorable is this boy???!!! Seriously, he is the most gorgeous little baby/kid that I have EVER seen!




My handsome little men, dressed for church, in their new clothes from Aunt Ashley and Uncle Col. (Drew in blue)




Ethan (of course, holding a new car)




Benny boy (looking like his Uncle Col in this pic)




and the sweet little Princess in a Christmas outfit from Granna. She looked so beautiful.




Papa Hoag and my precious nephew (who always laughs at his Auntie Suz from behind the camera!). UH-DOR-ABLE!!!



We had a wonderful time in Waco! We even got to see lots of friends at church that we hadn’t seen in a while- which was very special. Funny to see the friends that I grew up with, sitting in the pews with all of our kids now.

Thanks for a wonderful Christmas and all of your hard work, Mom & Dad. It was magical. We are so blessed to have you for parents/grandparents.

Love you,suz signature


Mona Baker said...

love the mommy face, if your eyebrows went any higher they'd disappear into your hairline, is it the higher you go the more trouble they're in? that's how it was for mine i think, oh well now you've dispelled those awful rumours that you use botox to stay so beautiful, happy new year

Jodi said...

Hi Suz, just catching up on your blog. The Christmas pictures are just precious. They are so adorable and I love watching them grow! So very amazing. I wanted to let you know how very heartbroken I am to hear about Sav's poor kidney. Can't even imagine :( I will be keeping her (and you guys) in my thoughts and prayers.

Girl Child said...

blamin the hubs for snapping the mommy-face pic?? hes IN the pic with u.. My middle name is Monk.. hehe

Misty said...

OMG LOVE the mommy face. We had 2 sets of those dolls that Sav got...... Let me know what you think!
Miss you tons & thinking of you & Sav.

Misty said...

I love coming here and reading all your updates. You are such a good writer! You make us that don't know you personally feel like we are the best of friends! I love watching the kids grow! I started reading your blog a couple months before you had them. I stayed up one night and went back and read from the begining. The kids are so adorable!! They are all getting so big! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your "family" :-) Sav will of course be in my thoughts and prayers!! May you have many many blessings in the coming year!!
In Christ,

QuatroMama said...

LOVE this recap, Suz. Congrats on becoming an Auntie again! So stinkin' exciting. Btw, could Carter be any more darling?

LOVED the mom look pic. I had a lot of mom look going the other night that I wrote about today... *deep breath*.

Love you.

Janessa said...

Great post! Glad you all had so much fun with your Waco family. Thanks for sharing!

andrea said...

Oh love the ChriStmaS picS! Your kidS are darling and groWing up Soo mUCH!!

Casey's trio said...

Suz~ The mommy face k.i.l.l.s me.....I have that look several times a day :) Love ya!!

Aiketa said...

Suz, I love the picture of you and your SIL hugging when you received the news!

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