Friday, April 29, 2011

Ashley’s Birthday and Easter Sunday

We traveled back from Austin and went straight to dinner with Ashley (my sweet, pregnant, sister-in-law) for her birthday. LOVE HER!




Benny, waiting patiently outside of Babe’s Chicken




The “tweedles” (affectionately named by Auntie Gen)---these two never stop talking. LIKE….NEVER! Its borderline ridiculous.

(Drew-blue, E- green)




“Y’all don’t believe a word my Mama says about me. I’m a darling little princess angel and would NEVER talk back to an adult. Nope. Uh-uh. Not this pretty face…(as she bats her eyelashes)” tsk, tsk.




Me and my Mama




Little Carter-man! He’s crazy. Kid can move faster than a fly.




Joe trying to entertain a restless crowd…




Wrapped around her finger--- just where she wants ‘em. (and right where he wants to be)

04 april 2011 256



Twin smiles. Me and Mr. E-bud (as he calls himself). Yes, if you ask him his name, he will tell you: “E-bud”

04 april 2011 257



Mr. Ben…the carbon copy (personality-wise) of my hubby. He’s gonna be a great catch one day, little ladies!

04 april 2011 260



Sweet Drew…sweet, quirky, ever-yapping Drew.

04 april 2011 267



Granna and Papa

04 april 2011 261



Mr. and Mrs. Wall (Ashley’s parents)

04 april 2011 262



My bro and his lovely bride.

04 april 2011 263



Their offspring---the most darling child in the entire world---Mr. Blue Eyes!

04 april 2011 264



Those crazy outlaws. Joe and Ash

04 april 2011 265



Back to Col and Ashley’s house for some cake and ice cream.

And this is the present we bought for Carter. I’m pretty sure my brother and Ashley wanted to kill us after about 5 minutes of listening to the music! Ben is testing it out.




“Uncle Col---don’t mess with me. I’m a crazy woman and I’m capable of anything…muahahaha” (creepy face much?)


Sidenote: Uncle Col loves to give Sav a hard time because she reminds him of a little pestering sister he once had a long, long time ago.

Winking smile



The Birthday Girl/Better half…and then my brother. Winking smile tee hee. jk, Col…kinda.




The crazies helping Aunt Ashley open her bday package.




And time for church on Sunday morning! Sure we were trying to make the brunch…but, alas- late again. Sav, Ethan, Ben, Drew

04 april 2011 277



We’ve learned to try to snap a family photo BEFORE we leave the house on Easter Sunday or we might not get one! (or a good one, at least)

04 april 2011 279-1



Stopping to “smell the roses”? or searching for eggs…it’s a toss up. (Sav, Carter, Drew, Ethan)




Ashely, Carter, and Collin




Savannah means business…like always, she is racking up the most eggs out of any child there. (Joe and I were throwing eggs out of her basket when she wasn’t looking…trying to make sure that other kiddos got a chance at hunting too!) She’s ruthless, folks.




And one last picture of the grandkiddos before Papa and Granna headed home. Ben, Ethan, Sav, and Andrew




Happy Birthday, Ashley!!! We love you so much. You truly are the sister I never had. And Dad, appreciate all of the picture taking, as always! We loved having you and Granna with us---and thanks for all of the Easter goodies! Love you.


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Ashley said...

You have such a beautidul family!!
and I'm totally jealous that you got to eat at Babe's. It's what I miss the most since we moved to CA.

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Ruthless Savi!! Love it!

Andrea said...

This may be weird to say, but I'm glad Savannah cut on her hair.... because, I absolutely LOVE her style! ;-) So cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

Suz- I have been following your blog since your babies were born. You don't know me, but I found out about you and your story through your friend Maureen from nursing school. I was wondering what the name of that toy is that you bought for your nephew. It looks like some sort of trampoline? Thanks for providing years of entertainment for me. You are an excellent writer.

Jess said...

Ben is seriously the cutest of all your kiddos. Love his grin!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are adorable!! :)
Is there a way to tell Ethan and Drew apart from the pictures? I can never, they look so much alike!

Liz said...

OMG, I love all of you guys!!! What a cute post! xoxo

Jessica said...

Love it! Looks like you guys had a great Easter! Your kiddos are absolutely adorable, but Save seriously cracks me up!

I have a question about sponsors/ads, would you mind getting in touch with me? I can't find your contact info anywhere on your page. Please & thank you! :)

King Quads said...

Happy Easter Steeces Cuties! Love the family pic -- you guys clean up pretty good ;)

Kelly said...

They are getting so big!! And adorable! I have a little girl (name McKenna Leigh who also has three brothers, one who is her twin and her oldest brother's name is Ethan) who is 3 and I'm convinced from reading your posts that she and Sav have the same personality and would be the best of friends!! Sorry for the run-on sentence! I laugh at so many similarities when reading your blog!! Love to hear your family adventures!!

QuatroMama said...

I love your holiday recaps, Suz. They are so YOU. Filled with family, smiles, and laughs...and bloopers too!
Miss you even more now!

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