Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Egg Huntin’ in Austin

We spent the first part of Easter weekend in Austin with Grampy, Grammy, Aunt Dani, and Uncle Dan and had an absolute blast!

Grammy and Savi

04 april 2011 154



Ethan and Danielson

04 april 2011 155



Grampy and Drew

04 april 2011 156



Dani and Benny

04 april 2011 157



The boys (Ben and Andrew) playing with their new Easter loot… all of the boys love to lay on the floor and play with their cars.

04 april 2011 177



The next morning we headed up to the country club for a little brunchin’, egg dippin’, and egg huntin’. (~ that’s me, trying to sound as “country” as possible)…

These next couple of pictures make my heart stop.


04 april 2011 182



But they did surprisingly well and managed to keep the dye to their eggs and hands only.

04 april 2011 184



The tweedles watching Mama work her magic. (E, A)

04 april 2011 186



Ben was great at it---so meticulous.

04 april 2011 192



Grampy took us out on the putting green for a little crash course in proper putting form.

04 april 2011 19304 april 2011 195



Our little munchkins. Drew, Sav, Ben, and Ethan

04 april 2011 200



Lined up and waiting patiently for the hunt to begin.

04 april 2011 20704 april 2011 209




Next we headed back to Grammy’s for a super fun Easter egg hunt of our own!04 april 2011 214



Dan snapped this awesome picture with Sav airborne. Greatness.

04 april 2011 217



Ben getting a little lift from Mommy to find a tricky egg

04 april 2011 239



…and the hunters exploring their loot!

04 april 2011 250


Thank you SO much Grammy and Grampy for a fun-filled Easter weekend with lots and lots and lots of goodies! We love you and appreciate you more than you could ever possibly know.

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(Easter Sunday pics coming soon!)


Jennifer said...

I love Savi's dress - but I'm amazed you still have your sanity after dying eggs!

Suzanne said...

lol jennifer! i was DYYYYYYYING inside!

amy said...

Love it!! They are just too precious for words! You are so blessed :)

Hope you had an awesome Easter!

Jan said...

I just have to say - you are doing something right! Look how well your kids already are still and waiting!!! For example, the golf shot, the egg hunt. I know that my two boys would NEVER have stood still long enough for a picture like that! Your kids have already developed a lot of self-control, which is a very necessary part of their future. Way to go, Suz and Joe! :)

Heather's House said...

What a fun time! I enjoy reading your blog! Your kiddos are precious. I loved Savi's dress. Too cute. :)


Nikki said...

I just started reading your blog. Love it!
We live north of Houston (Conroe) My sister went to A&M...but she's 100% a 2 percenter ; )

Barbara Manatee said...

Heck, i was scared to let the kids eat and look for eggs in their easter attire...I can't even imagine letting them dye eggs!! BRAVE mama!!! Looks like a fun weekend though!

April is Autism Awareness Month. I'm dedicating my blog all month to Autism.

Nichole said...

Love all the pictures! They are such cuties!

Kim said...

Great pictures!! They are getting so old! :O( I have followed your blog from the beginning, and it's amazing to see them grow!

The Luchettas said...

It is my goal as we raise our triplets to always look so organized and neat like your family does! I LOVE Sav's hair by the way!! Too cute!

The Murray Crew said...

Awww, Suz. They look so grown up this year compared to last.
Glad they are making such awesome memories to last a lifetime.
PS Sav looks sooooo innocent in her pics. It's hard to believe. =)

1happymommy said...

Super cute! I'm beyond impressed at how neatly they dyed their eggs!

Liz said...

What fun!!! Girl, I can't believe you did the dying eggs thing...I know how hard that was for you! I am the same way!!!

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