Friday, April 15, 2011

No Girls Allowed!!!

Still a work in progress…moving slowly. Buying a little bit at a time so that maybe by the time they are 18, they will have a cool room. (because, yes- they WILL have the same bedding…not doing this again! hahaha)

04 april 2011 064

We have since put up white curtains in the small windows and we have a blackout curtain with a matching white curtain in the big window. It has always been SOOOO bright in this room!


The bedding is Junior Varsity from Pottery Barn (I’ve been in love with this pattern since it came out several years ago)

04 april 2011 073



The bunk bed is from Walmart- HIGH quality for the low price…and believe me, I researched!

04 april 2011 068



E-bud with his green pillow

04 april 2011 07504 april 2011 082



Andrew with his blue pillow

04 april 2011 07604 april 2011 083

(btw- check out E & A’s mirror image sleeping positions yet again…never gets old)



Ben and his red pillow---enjoying his top bunk!

04 april 2011 07704 april 2011 084

Ben has been put in charge of not letting anyone on his top bunk---especially smaller kids. And he takes his job VERY seriously, might I add.


These pictures were taken right before I had to wake them up…I repeat, WAKE THEM UP… from a 3+ hour nap- the very first time that they slept in their new beds! And look how bright it was in there! (Side note: These children must take after their narcoleptic father because it has to be completely dark and quiet in order for me to fall asleep.)


I am LOVING that naptime & bedtime aren’t so much of a struggle anymore. Especially with Savannah in her own room. We are hoping to get Savi’s bed rails for her headboard/footboard today and will set up her bed ASAP!

Sav’s stuff is adorable!!!


Once we get all of the big pieces together, I will start decorating and putting the finishing touches on their rooms. I cannot wait!


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Sandy Meiner said...

I've been reading your blog a long time. LOVE it! I've been looking for a blackout curtain that can go under white curtains. Please share what you did. Thanks, my e-mail is

Jen said...

Can't believe how big they are getting... such handsome boys!

Alissa said...

WOW, love the boys' room! Very cool bedding - they look so proud of themselves with their new big beds!
P.S. I hear you on needing total darkness and silence to sleep :o)

Marli and Memory said...

LOVE IT!! SO adorable and so...boyish! ;D Great job!


Steph said...

I so hear you on loving how much easier bedtime is with the new big kid beds. We transitioned last weekend as well and my kids LOVE their new big kid beds. We gave each of them their own cozy space and they are happy to go to sleep. I hope the novelty never wears off. You can see your picks on our blog -

QuatroMama said...

Looks like an awesome DUDE hang out! Love the bedding and I know your finishing touches will be stellar!
So grown up.

Jessica said...

Love the bedding! Makes me wish I had boys. :) And glad the boys are loving their room too!

Heather B. said...

SO SO SO Adorable!!!!! My kids have pottery barn bedding as well and they will probably take it to college with them unless they can buy their own!!! HAHAHA!! Can't wait to see Miss Sav's room!!

Bethe said...

Saw this news story this morning and thought of you! Family had two sets of identical twins - it's the top story on yahoo this morning.

Joy@WhenDoesDaddyComeHome said...

Both rooms look great! We have a similar bunkbed from Walmart (different ladder) and it's nice. Did have to tighten the bolts again recently so keep that little wrench thing handy!

Taylor and Turner Slade said...

Hey. I am a mother of twin boys. somehow I stumbled to your blog some time again and love it! Think we have a friend of a friend, but can't remember who. I feel like I know your children. What is the name of the bunk beds from walmart? online or in store? any advice on beds? i need to transition to bunk beds/big boy beds, but worry that our boys might be too young to be up top by age 3?? where do you get black out shade to go under white. Thanks, or

andrea said...

love their roomS! do you have a link to the bunk bedS?

Peta said...

Love it, the boys room is so adorable.
Love their bedding.

boysmum2 said...

I think we need a pottery barn here in New Zealand, gorgeous items.

Barbara Manatee said...

I LOVE that bedding and the colors!! Looks great!

April is Autism Awareness Month. I'm dedicating my blog all month long to Autism.

Lori said...

I, too, saved up for some Pottery Barn quilts when I transitioned my son into his bunk bed, and I just wanted to comment on how much I STILL love them over a year later (we went with the Madras, though I do love the Junior Varsity). You'll be so happy you paid for quality; they hold up so well through a wash/dry cycle. And honestly? I think they look even a little bit cuter -- more worn in -- afterwards. Enjoy!

Jennifer said...

This is the same bedding and colors of aiden's room!!! We re-did his room about 8 or so months ago?? and he loves his sports themed room and I love the bedding cause like other commenters have said it holds up well and I also love the tan color we chose for his walls as well. Have you been here since we re-did it? So funny that we picked the exact same things and YES aiden will be keeping his bedding till :)

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