Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Things to Check Out

The final questions of our Quadathon are wrapping up over at BabyBlogAddict.com. Funny stories and marriage advice. (They go hand-in-hand, right?)




Also- who could use some free Slim-Fast (Slim-fast prize pack valued at $100) ??? Especially before the swimsuit season hits hard! Head on over to my review and leave me a comment for your chance to win! There are less than 100 comments, so your chances are purdy good, folks!



One of my BFF’s, Casey Gerwer, is doing a big Mother’s Day Sale at Designedforbabies.com----go grab you some stuff before it is all gone! Won’t it feel nice to check “Mom’s present” off your to-do list?

DFB grandma



And stay tuned for more pics from the new big kid rooms!!! I LOOOOOOOOVE the bedding. It looks SO good in their rooms. We are almost all finished---waiting on Sav’s bed rails to come in.

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april said...

just curious, because we are moving our big boy to a big boy bed (full size bed)... where are you buying bed rails?

Suzanne said...

april!!!! so frustrated. we were supposed to have everything here by today- but the bed frame that i ordered will not work with our crib headboard and footboard.

so, i had to send it back. now, i have to find/order bed rails to hook into the headboard and footboard.

no one seems to know what in the heck i am talking about! grrr.

:) wow, that was one rant you weren't expecting, eh? lol. good luck with your new big boy!!!


april said...

suz, lol! thats to bad about your rails. i hate when you know EXACTLY what YOU are talking about and everyone else is like "what? does that exist", lol. Definitely update where you buy these rails, i assume they would fit most any full size bedframe...

btw- LOVE your blog. you inspire me and i think you and your husband are such awesome people/parents. you seem like someone i would instantly befriend:) i laughed out loud seriously on your "Savi-scissor-hands" post, and even made my husband read it;)

debi9kids said...

ooooh! Going to have to check out Casey;s store. My mom has 2 sets of twins and well as my twins for grandbabies... wonder if there is anything for that for Mother's Day...

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