Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Week 2011

Wow! Okay, yes…its been a while. We’ve been super busy with insurance and the detective working on our stolen burb. Doesn’t look promising, folks. Probably chopped up into pieces by now. State Farm will be meeting tomorrow to go over our case and determine the value of our suburban. We then will have to find a replacement car---and let me tell ya…we take GREAT CARE of our cars. It is absolutely depressing to research what we would be able to afford by way of suburban, to take the place of our AWESOME burb. But we absolutely do not want another car payment.

Thanks again, to the thoughtful dude who stole our car. Grrr.


Anyways…let it go, Suz…catching up. Here are some pics from my Birthday week during the first of May:

My girls: Teryn, Casey and I had a ladeeez night at Houston’s to celebrate my birthday and Casey’s bday coming up!  So refreshing and I love them so much.

05 may 2011 041-2

05 may 2011 040-1



That Friday, Joe took me out in downtown Fort Worth for a night of fun and quality time with me and my hubs!

05 may 2011 029-1_thumb_thumb



Rooftop bar at the Reata

05 may 2011 031-105 may 2011 034-1



Interrrrresting cowboy outside of the restrooms…hmmm

05 may 2011 035-1



We came back to our hotel room to find that they had arranged a sweet little birthday package while we were out.

05 may 2011 039-1


We had such a great time. Thank you for making my birthday so special, Joseeeef! I love you more than words. You are my best friend.



The morning of my bday, this is how I was greeted. Could there be anything better than waking up to this?!?!




After church we had cookie cake (my favorite!)…and these pictures are hilarious- because if you know anything about my father…you will know that my entire life is on videotape somewhere. Every birthday, every basketball/football/softball game, EVERYTHING!

This is a good example of how our bday pics go:

“Ok, Suzy- hold up your cake.”




“Okay now Joe, go stand by Suzy and her cake”




“Okay, Granna get over there too”

05 may 2011 046



“Now, Joe, would you mind taking a picture of me and Granna and Suz?”

05 may 2011 047


Isn’t he adorable? God love him. I know I do.



Here is sweet Benjamin- looking so grown up and handsome.




the Diva.




and I tell ya---these two little tweedles are looking more and more alike as they get older. (isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?!) Drew- blue. E- green.




Imagine that…they are in the same position with matching trucks.



It has been pretty neat to watch these two boys interacting lately. They are crazy fun and are always tackling each other, or chasing each other around the house giggling…together at all times, nonstop.


Having multiples is SOOOOO hard at times (especially with this age)…but I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. It is such an incredible thing to witness day in and day out. I love these children with all of my heart and it is such a blessing that they have each other.


I’m working on a post of all of my recent iphone pictures. I figure- what better way to catch you up on life than showing you what is in my phone?


Blessings, peeps!

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QuatroMama said...

Sweet times, Suz. Love the pictures from your dad's perspective - totally my mom. =)

People are saying Brooks and Clark are looking more alike than ever, and they just totally get each other. Sounds similar...

They are all such GORGEOUS kiddos!

Love ya!

Jessica said...

Looks like you had a GREAT birthday with your family & friends!

Sorry there have been no leads on your car. That stinks. Poo on the person who stole it!

Anonymous said...

Yes, QuatroMama,
I like the Dad's perspective also. It's always nice to have beautiful subjects. Also, Suz, I hope you and Joe find a great #2 vehicle..

Liz said...

Love it! I can hear your Dad saying all that...you guys crack me up with the cake pictures. I noticed it at Carter's party. Must be a Hoag thing! Love you all.

asplashofsunshine said...

OMG, your dad is rad! Yes I just said rad! :) Glad you had a fun birthday! Stinks about the suburban... you know it'll show up in pieces once you already have a replacement. Ughhhh, no fun.

Julie Walker said...

So sorry about the Burb! Mean people suck!

Please consider a Honda Odyssey. Van moms really are cool. The van is comfy and easy to get all the peeps in and out. And, much better gas mileage than the burb. You won't be sorry. Been driving mine, paid for, for 8 years, 150K plus miles, and still counting...
Good luck!

Nichole said...

Cute pictures! Sorry bout the burb! Sucks! Love that Sav had heels on when she said happy birthday to you! :oP

The Titsworth Family said...

Looks like you had a great week! I absolutely love reading your blog b/c it always makes me smile & laugh! That really stinks about the burb. I would have a hard time letting it go too!

Oh and you looked awesome in your red dress!

Brandy @ www.titsworthfamily.com

Anonymous said...

This may or may not help you out, but we were able to get the higher end value for our car when it got wrecked because we had our mechanic write a letter stating that prior to the wreck (and it sitting outside in a wrecker lot) ours looked and ran like brand new. We had just had some major preventative maintenance done and the mechanic was super in stating that the car was in top mechanical and physical shape. If you have a regular mechanic that you have a good relationship with you may see if they are able to do the same for you.

Barbara Manatee said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend! So fun that you got out for the night with your friends AND hubby! I was hoping my DH would plan something fun for us, but no such luck. oh well!

That cookie looks delicious!

Good luck with the new vehicle!

Grandma Honey said...

So are Drew and Ethan what they call mirror twins? So interesting.

12-arrows said...

Hang in there! Its sometimes hard to understand why God allows things to happen. He will direct you to the right vehicle, just keep looking up.

Anonymous said...

I am with Julie! Honda Odyssey all the way. It was the best purchase we ever made and it is great on gas. I got over the mini van stigma and was able to embrace being a mini-van driving mommy. I LOVE IT. And, they are cool looking enough to still feel like a hot mom ;)

hailey said...

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